I responded with a simple yes and completed the tasks set out for me. The seaweed had
an acidic smell to it that made my eyes and nose burn. Kim returned just as I was
scrubbing the seaweed off my hands with sand and seawater.
“What are you doing?” she asked puzzled by my behaviour.
“It’s a long story” I answered. “Is he still twitching?”
“No, I think he is coming around.” Kim lifted his head a little and his beak opened. She
poured the water in and he gulped it down in one single swallow. His head went limp.
“He’s out again” Kim called back.
I knelt beside them and looked at him, he looked like he the removal of the seaweed
and addition of the water had made a huge difference. There was a series of flutters
behind us. Kayla had arrived with two other pelican’s. They were carrying a small
stretcher between them. They loaded the pelican up and carried him off.
“Where are you taking him?” I asked.
“He will go to the infirmary where he will receive treatment. Once he is better we will
hear what he has to say.” Kayla came up real close to me and rubbed her beak up and
down my sides and up and down my hands. “Hmmmmm, looks like you didn’t get too
much on you. Where did you bury it?” she asked me.
I pointed out where I buried it. I had marked it with two large stones I had found on the
“Good, thank you. Rub this all over your hands and arms.” Kayla handed me a small tube
of some type of cream. I did as she asked without question. She moved over to the spot