where the seaweed was. She dug the sand out until she could see the seaweed and
poured a clear liquid over it that came out of a small plastic tub she was carrying. Then
she lit a match and threw it on the seaweed. A big fire ball erupted from the hole and
the seaweed burnt. After the flames were out Kayla replaced the sand in the hole and
proceeded to urinate on the sand. She made her way back to us.
“I am not even going to ask what you two were doing out here.” She shot Kim and I a
scornful look. “However, the fact that you were out here probably saved his life.”
“Who is he?” Kim asked.
“Good question. How did he sound when he spoke to you?” Kayla asked.
“Like one of those characters in a British movie” I said.
“Well then, it is clear he has come from a clan very far from here. His accent suggests he
is from Europe. He has a very important message, one that was obviously not meant for
mainstream distribution, something important enough to require a personal messenger.
We will have to wait and see what he has to say.”
Kayla looked concerned by the whole
“What’s the matter Kayla? We can see this is troubling you,” Kim said
She hesitated. “Well, the last time we received a personal messenger it was on the back
of some very bad news. I am worried this time it will be the same. In fact I know this
time it will be the same” she replied. “Anyway, you two go back to the cabin. Get some
breakfast. And until we know what is going on, don’t tell anyone else what happened