“Not even Phil and John?” Kim asked.
“Hmmmmmm...........................okay, Phil and John yes, but no one else you understand?”
it was more of a statement than a question. We hurried back to the cabin and found Phil
and John eating breakfast at the small round table on the deck. We took up our seats
and dished up some food.
“Where have you two lovebirds been hmmmmmm?” John asked with a wicked smile.
Phil offered up an attempted wolf whistle but his half chewed banana prevented it from
coming out properly. It made us laugh. We explained in detail to them what had
happened, they were riveted from the beginning.
“So he didn’t say anything about what he was here for before he passed out?” Phil
“Nope” I replied.
“And we have no idea where he is currently?” asked John
“Well we know his is in the infirmary but we have no idea where that is or how big it is”
Kim replied, almost as if she was planning something. We all looked at her with
enquiring eyes. “What? I’m just saying, you know, in case we wanted to go there and
visit, is all.”
We finished our breakfast and after a little lounging around we got the now familiar call
that our group was to assemble once again on the beach. I met up with Dad for a quick
hello, he had heard about what had happened on the beach and told me that they were
busy questioning the Pelican who had since recovered enough to talk. His name was
Robert Earlsham, a funny name I thought, but a fitting one nonetheless.