Our group was once again whisked off to the cavern we had been in the day before.
Kayla was nowhere in sight but a small plumpy looking Pelican took her place and she
was very good at barking instructions. “I don’t care how connected you all are! There is
no replacement for a good old fashioned booming voice! Now let’s get going, move
We were all in the cavern in record time perspiring in the heat. I was glad to be out of
the sun. The day was built around the same concept as before of following our group
connection. Some of us were sent outside at different times during the day and we all
practiced locating each other. I practiced what I had learnt the day before about being
still and calm. I had my thoughts retreat and I listened to the rhythm of the group and
felt our group consciousness. It was easier and easier the more I did it and it felt like the
most natural thing in the world. Time flew by and before I knew it we were all herded
back by our plumpy pelican to have dinner.
We were all in an upbeat mood when we were served with another delicious spread.
The novelty of what was happening overshadowed the seriousness of everything, for
now. We were also feeling other groups around the dinner table. Each group had a
unique frequency that distinguished it from others, it was slight, but strong enough to
feel. Our group was one of service, we all felt it. Each group had its own sort of
One group consisted purely of big strong muscular teenage boys who were protectors.
Another group of younger very unassuming but exceptionally closely connected and
small individuals were helpers for
the sick and injured. There was a transport group and
a couple of other combined groups. But ours was the one we focused on and the four of
us were deep in discussion as to what it was we would be doing when the time came