Dad wasted little time getting his shirt and shoes off, grabbing a towel from the back
seat and racing
off to the water shouting “last one in has to drive home!”. What was I to
do, I couldn’t drive so I ran as fast as I could shoes and all towards the water. Luckily Dad
stumbled a few times so I managed to get to the water just before he did, I was quite
The temperature of the water was pleasant to say the least, it was warm but not too
warm so as not to be refreshing. I sat in the water and took off my shoes and shirt and
tossed them far enough on shore so as not to be dragged back into the water. Although
there was barely any wave action at all. We swam for about half an hour splashing each
other with the warm salt water and talking about how beautiful this place was. Dad was
always big on gratitude and so we both gave thanks for where we were and what we
were doing. He did keep saying to hold on to my hat, I aint seen nothing yet though. This
excited me greatly.
When we were done we walked back to the Jeep and about a hundred metres out I saw
what looked like two huge birds perched on either open door. They were white
feathered creatures with huge beaks, Pelicans I believe. I slowed so as not to startle
them. I was looking forward to encountering some wildlife and saw this as my first
opportunity. Dad on the other hand actually sped up and got to the car before I did. He
stood in front of the great birds and performed what looked like a slight bow to each
one and I swear it looked as if each bird bowed their heads in response or
Dad turned to me and smiled “looks like we have a
couple of escorts my boy” he
laughed. With that both birds flew up majestically into the air and circled above the car.
We threw our towels and what not onto the backseat and clambered in. Dad started up
the Jeep and proceeded up the beach towards the densely vegetated point. I turned to