“Would you like to find out” said a familiar voice behind us.
PART 1: Chapter 8
“Dad!” I exclaimed. He was standing there with George and who I could only assume
was Aunt Molly. We all stood up and accepted some long overdue affection. The
guardians of most of the people at dinner had arrived and there was a lot of commotion
and the place was buzzing with energy.
“You lot will be receiving some personal instruction on your specific talents from
tomorrow,” George said. I could tell that he had a similar gift to that of mine. We smiled
at each other when we realised. George had a humorous way of changing his words mid
sentence to throw you off. It was like banging your funny bone, annoyingly ticklishly
frustrating. “It takes time to get it right, but when you do it can really upset the Pelicans,
especially the bossy ones.” George’s words echoed in my head , they were a luminous
playful green. I liked this man.
Aunt Molly was a little more serious as she delivered the news they had come to deliver,
“Kayla asked us to let you know that the Pelican rescued by Kim and Matthew earlier
has woken up. She has asked that you please join her in the infirmary as soon as
possible so you can to hear what he has to say.” We started moving before she even
finished talking.
“Easy there tiger” said Dad, “you need to know where the infirmary is and you also need
to know that we have been briefed about what is going on, so if you have any questions
afterwards we will be in your cabin.” We all nodded impatiently. The infirmary was
behind the large hill that was the background to the cabins. We all walked to our cabins
and then the four of us followed a hidden path from behind the cabin area. The
infirmary was not as huge as I thought it would be. It was such a huge word for what
was an otherwise small
structure. There were six square wooden buildings that