eachopened onto a central garden area with a natural water feature in the middle. It
was very peaceful.
The words “It’s not only an infirmary my child, it is also where older Pelicans come to
pass on” echoed in my head. They came from Suriyan. He was nowhere to be seen. “You
are looking for the second building to your left,” He said. I told my friends and we
moved to the building.
It was a very simple structure that looked like it went two storeys up, all the other
buildings were only one storey. We walked in through the double doors which stood
open and were lined by two drawn lace curtains. There were three cot beds on either
side of the room and they had a real hospital feel to them. A set of wooden stairs in the
middle of the room went up to the top level. Kayla was standing halfway up the stairs. If
she could have she would have been standing with her wings on her hips, tapping one of
her feet.
“What took you so long?” she asked with a pelican smirk, “come upstairs, we’ve been
waiting for you”
We walked past the mosquito netted beds which were all occupied by silent and very
still Pelicans. I immediately wondered if they were dead, a chill ran down my spine. As
we ascended the stairs I heard a slight cough come from one of the cots and I breathed
a sigh of relief. Even thinking about death at this time was too much. I wasn’t prepared
for what lay waiting for us up the stairs.
Kayla was standing next to a cot in the corner where the Pelican we had
helped was
lying down with a drunken grin. There were two other Pelicans around him
administering different kinds of medicines and they were tapping his body. They had a
rhythm going and were moving up and down with purpose.