“What are they doing?” I asked
“Keeping the pain at bay so he can speak to you,” she paused, “he has about two hours
before he passes on. We are doing everything we can to make the transition as painless
as possible.” Kayla’s words depressed me, but from the minute I heard Suriyan’s voice
earlier in the garden I knew the mysterious Pelican from the beach, was dying. “His
name is Robert Earlsham,” Kayla said, “try to make it quick, he is very weak.”
“Oh nonsense,” coughed Robert, he even coughed in a formal tone. “I am perfectly
capable of engaging with my friends here before I shuffle on.” Robert managed to sit up
a bit and summon up the strength to look like he only had a minor cold. We all saw
straight through it.
“Well let’s get to it then. Firstly let me thank you both for
your assistance earlier today,
you managed to prolong my stay here enough for me to deliver the message I needed to.
You unknowingly put yourselves in danger and for that I will make sure we look over you
from the other side.” Robert smiled. There was a slow purple mist coming off him, he
was letting go.
“Um........if you don’t mind me asking Robert, what was the stuff Kayla made Matthew
bury?” Kim asked.
Robert looked at Kayla, she gave him a nod. “The seaweed that was in my mouth is a
little known trick we Pelicans use in dire circumstances that helps us travel long
distances and push past the pain or exhaustion we may feel. It’s unfortunately very toxic
to us in the long term and we can only do about three trips before it kills us. This was my
third time,” Robert explained with a wink. The mist was increasing.
“Where does it come from?” Kim couldn’t help herself. I nudged her in the ribs.