“Oh that’s quite alright my boy,” Robert replied, “I love the inquisitive ones. It is normal
seaweed that grows around a power plant near the fault line deep within the Bering
Strait. We discovered it many years ago when our brethren who passed through the
area ate some of the fish in the waters and exhibited strange symptoms. After engaging
with some of our human counterparts and after a few too many autopsies we
discovered what was going on. You could say this is one of the miniscule usable side
effects from human pollution.” The effort of this explanation was visible on Robert and
although Kim had a mountain of questions I could see forming around her head, she
held back and allowed Robert to recede back onto his pillow.
“But you can get all this from Kayla here, she is always willing to impart such
information to eager listeners.” Kayla smiled a sad smile. “You four are here because I
wanted to tell you first-hand what is going to be happening and what your roles are
going to be in the events that unfold.” His tone was serious and commanding. With a
concerted effort he managed to slow the mist escaping from him. He took a deep breath.
“Mother earth has started to protect herself from the Human element a lot earlier than
we anticipated. In fact she is already in stage two where the decades of preparation are
now manifesting and dispersing toxic gatherings of the planets inhabitants.
“This is news that we could not put in the mainstream system because it would cause
unnecessary divisions and panic. I had to deliver a message to the General personally so
he could manage his resources. I also need to alert the groups of Pioneers that they are
being called to service now. You four are Pioneers. Pioneers we can trust.”
The four of us exchanged looks, a little puzzled, and in a bit of shock because we knew
what this meant. We all knew that we were not on a special camp for gifted children.
This was serious stuff and we were just kids so we were starting to get a little scared.