“What are Pioneers exactly?” asked Kim.
Kayla replied. “Basically all of you here and the rest of our allies are split into various
categories, some of these you know as you have sensed them in their various groups.
You will all be located around areas where you will be needed to assist with easing the
burden for some, and saving others.” There was a long pause as Kayla looked each one
of us in the
eye and held our gaze for a minute or so. She was looking at our feelings, I
could feel her probing and searching. I let her go as deep as she wanted, I think we all
“I am not going to lie to you. You are
just kids and this is a lot to bear even for
the adults.
However, it is going to happen whether you are involved or not. You will face the pain of
seeing your people suffer the consequences of their actions as a collective. No one is
forcing you to do this and we are certainly not asking you to grow
up and act like adults,
that’s actually the last thing we want.
“Your lives will change for sure, one way or another. You can go back and become what
your societies want to make of you. You can go back and maybe, just maybe you will be
far away from the
chaos that it won’t affect you directly and you can ignore it and make
it someone else’s responsibility.
“What we are offering you is the choice to be part of the change. To be part of those
who are there to do the work that needs to be done. To lay the foundation for a new
generation who will lead the world to a way that works for each and every inhabitant
and not just a select few of one species. Hopefully your people will see that what is
experienced by one, the collective will also experience. You may
pollute as individuals,
but we all experience the effects as a whole.