“Both choices each have their own dangers, it’s up to each of you to decide who you are
and what you want to do,” Kayla wrapped up her little speech. Robert looked up at her
and smiled
in approval.
“Surely we will not be the only Pioneers?” asked Phil.
“Of course not my dear boy,” said Robert. “There are more than a thousand of you
globally. You have all been marked since birth as potential Pioneers. You all have a
specific mind-set and way about you that allows for you to Pioneer in a unique way
according to different circumstances. Just look at your different skills and you will know
this.” We all nodded in acknowledgment.
“Essentially since Robert has given us the news he has you four are the first lot of
Pioneers to be put on the fast track training, so to speak. The general has already
arranged that the other Pioneer guardians are informed and preparations are made
accordingly,” said Kayla.
She added, “are you four still with us on this explanation? It is a lot to take in and you all
look a little wide eyed. Why don’t you get some chairs from against the wall over there
and sit down.” My legs were feeling a little week and an overwhelming feeling of
homesickness came over me. I really wanted to see mom and Caitlin. I could feel the
lump in my throat start to form. I was just about to do what I normally did and withdraw
when Kim put her hand on mine as I reached for a chair. She could sense my distress. I
did not want to look at her because I knew what would happen. She tightened her grip.
I noticed Phil and John had stopped moving too. They were looking at each other quietly.
I couldn’t resist her any longer. I looked into her eyes and immediately the tears started
to flow. I saw in between stinging teary blinks that she too was crying. We hugged and
let it all out. It was a lot of emotion that came flooding out. Phil and John embraced as