well and started to cry too. All four of us emitted a series of colours that carried the
news of today and the events of the past few days out into the open.
At first I was embarrassed but after a bit it was a fantastic experience as I felt like I was
cleaning out a lot of stuff inside me. John, Phil and I cried ourselves dry but Kim was still
crying. The three of us stood by her as she let out more than we were capable of. Once
she was done we all four joined hands in a circle more out of instinct than anything else.
We closed our eyes and reached out to one
another as a group. Once we were all
synchronised I opened my eyes and to my surprise we were all omitting the same colour,
a deep emerald green.
We grabbed our chairs and moved back to the bed. Kayla was standing at the foot of the
bed with her head bowed low, swaying from side to side. We exchanged looks as we
realised the lack of purple mist emanating from Robert and Kayla’s actions meant that
he had indeed passed on. We stood around the bed and listened as Kayla hummed a
beautiful tune that was fit to carry anyone’s soul to wherever it needed to go. She was
surrounded in a pink tube of light that was beginning to stretch out and surround each
of us. It felt warm and protective.
“Our entire way of communicating with the wider world and the deeper life force within
it is based on frequency. All the colour you see is information carried around on a
specific frequency. It is information in many forms.” Kayla said.
“Sometimes we vibrate at a frequency that is common to all living things and sometimes
in a frequency that only some living things are able to, or have learned to tune into.”
She swayed some more and hummed a little more of her song. The pink light grew
stronger and deeper in colour. I could see that the others saw it or felt it as well.