“The colour you see is so much more than just colour and as Pioneers you need to learn
how to listen to the colour that is there. Firstly it will allow you to see who in your
immediate vicinity is on the same frequency and secondly you will be able to get the
information you need from it. It’s the same as listening to the radio, except you are the
radio and there are so many different stations for you to tune into that if you don’t
know how, all you pick up is static.” The pink tubes that had formed around all of us
stretched up through the ceiling and down through the floor. I reached out to touch the
colour and it merely extended with my outstretched arm.
“I want you all to be still in your minds now, close your eyes. I want you to feel the
colour, you will see it as bright pink. This is a protective layering and it carries within it a
protective force and a series of instructions for any situation that will help protect you
and will show you how to protect yourself.
“What you need to do is firstly acknowledge that you are emotionally fragile and
affected by the passing of our brother Robert. Then set the intention that you need to
protect yourself from the negative emotions inside you that are based on fear. Do you
understand?” Kayla asked.
We all nodded in unison. I closed my eyes and gave myself the acknowledgement that
the unexpected news of us being Pioneers and the passing of Robert had left me both
scared and sad. I sat with the feelings for a few moments and then set my intention of
wanting protection from being scared and sad. I felt rather silly because I set the
intention to a tube of colour that surrounded me, and also that I thought I didn’t really
need protection from the feelings.
The sound of Suriyan’s voice echoed in my head with a flash of green. “It’s not the
feelings you need to protect yourself from, those are tools you use, it’s the often
misguided actions that come out of the emotion that you need to protect yourself from.