Essentially you are preventing yourself from causing yourself harm or
entering into
harmful situations,” and as quick as it came it left with the same flash of green.
I refocused my intention as best I could to state that I needed to better protect myself
from what could happen because I was scared and sad. I was barely even finished with
the mental words when a flurry of sound entered my head. It didn’t make any sense at
first, it simply sounded like a thousand voices speaking at the same time. Instinct told
me to keep focused on my intention. With this I felt a sea of words swell towards me
and then narrow so that I could hear them.
The voice was soft and calm but I knew, not sure how but I did, that the voice could be
very commanding when it needed to be. The words spoken were simple and very
It said“Being scared is a natural defence mechanism. For humans being scared says ‘be
aware there is danger ahead. This is how it should be. Know that you must be aware and
make the right choice for all concerned. Your choice will always be the right choice. If you
that you are scared you will only cause more situations to come about that will
keep the emotion around until you acknowledge it. The danger is that in these situations
you will become paralysed with fear and try even harder to deny it.
“Honour your feelings and be aware, it is that simple and it is that easy, only you can
make it difficult by being stubborn. Your purpose can be found in your actions. Your
actions can change the world for the better. Ask what it is you can do and I promise that
your life will be complete.
“As for your sadness, it is a statement that someone you are attached to in physical form
is no longer in physical form and you are mourning their departure. It is natural to do so
and it is a way to honour the life of that being, in
whatever form they are now in. When