you deny this you will only cause more situations to come about that will force you to
face your sadness. Not facing it will cause the sadness to turn into inconsolable grief.
“Honour your feelings and mourn the loss of your brethren, say goodbye, it is that simple
and it is that easy, only you can make it difficult by being stubborn. Your freedom can be
found in your understanding. Those who have passed on are more alive than they ever
were in physical form. Mourn their loss, but call on them at any time and they will be by
your side if only you let them.”
The words spoke to my core and I knew them to be true for me. My eyes were closed
while I listened. I heard many voices saying the words at the same time, they were
young and old, a chorus of knowledge that I was compelled to listen to and knew to be
true. I looked at the others. Kim had her eyes open, John and Phil were both still
listening to the chorus.
“Did you hear the part about being sad?” I asked Kim. She looked silently at me, puzzled
by the question.
“I didn’t hear anything about sadness Matt,” she replied. “I only heard about how trying
to control things that are beyond a person’s control will only deepen denial.” I looked
puzzled now, my brow creased.
“We heard about how we can call on animals that have passed on to help us, hah, who
knew?” said John with a smile.
“It appears we have all heard different things,” I said. We looked over at Kayla.
She waited a few moments before the spoke. “You all heard what you needed to hear.
Each of you struggles with unique human and earthly conditions every day. The