information you heard is directed at the things you need help with now.” Kayla’s words
sank in and each of us slowly nodded in agreement, it made sense.
“When you are in dire need of this type of help you must focus on your emotions to get
access to the light, then ask the light on how to deal with what is in front of you, got it?”
she asked. We nodded, I sort of got it. When in trouble look at how I feel and then ask
the colour for help, simple.
“Good, now come closer and say goodbye to Robert,” she instructed. We went to the
edge of the cot and looked at the peaceful body of Robert. I was all cried out but Kim
still had a few tears to shed. We all said goodbye out loud and as we did so the pink
colour lifted and was replaced with plain white light that was just a little brighter than
“Let’s go outside so that they can take Roberts body to be buried.” We followed Kayla
downstairs where, in the garden, Suriyan was waiting for us.
“Welcome my children, my pioneers, you are loved and your arrival and presence has
come at the perfect time, as it always would. Come sit by me in this wondrous garden so
we can discuss your tasks as they lay ahead and the training you will need to further
undergo.” He spoke in a jovial tone that immediately lifted our spirits. We stood in front
of him taking in how beautiful and peaceful the garden was. I was immediately taken
back to the peaceful way I was with Suriyan
during my first lesson.
“There is something I want to show each of you, as part of your training. There are four
benches in this garden, go and find one and sit there with your eyes closed and your
mind clear,” he instructed. We looked at each other quickly and then went off in search
of a bench. Phil and John raced off as if it were a competition. Kim and I were a little less
obvious but I did feel the same way. We came to a bench at the same time and I took