one look at her and without knowing why, offered her the bench and walked off in
search of my own.
The garden was deceptively large and with a lot of winding paths and large trees. Once I
was in and around the trees it seemed as if the garden grew and I felt like I was in a very
peaceful maze. I came across Phil who was already sitting with his eyes closed and
smiling. There was a small blue bird sitting on his shoulder chirping away in his ear. John
was not too far away, also sitting with his eyes closed, but a little more serious than his
I felt I was never going to find the fourth bench, but
just as I was about to ask for help I
spotted it behind a large coconut tree that covered a corner of one of the buildings.
There was a nice natural water feature next to it. I took my seat on the bench and took a
look at all the greenery around me. It immediately put me in a peaceful place. I sat
comfortably remembering what Suriyan had taught me about being still. I closed my
eyes and cleared my mind. I waited.
Suriyan’s voice came through very clearly. “All four of you can hear me. I want you to
everything you have been taught about distance.” I had no idea what he was
talking about.
“You have been taught about distance as the world understands it and as it relates to
the time it takes for an object to travel from point to point. There is so much more to
the world than you know, as you have undoubtedly seen over the past few days. There
are a great deal of things that travel a lot faster than you can ever imagine. There are
also things that don’t have to travel because they are always connected. This is what I
want you to focus your attention on now.” I could have sworn I heard Kim clear her
throat as if she was about to ask a question. I did not hear her though so I assumed it
was my imagination. I concentrated on Suriyan’s words.