I had indeed learnt a lot of things. I did not resist what Suriyan was saying, instead I
searched for the meaning in his words. I asked for help to understand what he meant.
That was all I focused on and nothing else.
“An object that is on one side of the planet that is connected to an object on the other
side of the planet instantly experiences what the object it is connected to is
experiencing. It can chose to dial in and out of the connection whenever it wants. It
does not have to travel to the location of the other
object, ask it what happened and
then come back.” This concept floated around in my head for a bit, I could not
understand fully what was being said but I just went with it anyway.
“I see you need a bit of practical work for me to embed the meaning within you. Clear
your minds and find your connection to your group,” he instructed.
I did as Suriyan asked. It was a lot quicker and a lot easier every time I did it. I could feel
our group. The general feeling was after dinner fatigue with an undercurrent of
excitement and wonder. I could also sense on the outskirts other groups, they were like
cars passing by on a busy road. “Now I want you to search for each other, find your
strings and hold onto them.”
In the same manner as we had learnt earlier. I searched for Kim, Phil and John by
mentally calling out their names. Immediately I found three energy strings, one green,
one red and one orange. I knew the green one to be that of Kim. I held my focus on the
energy strings. Kim’s was straight and still, the red and orange ones of John and Phil
were a little more wild and all over the place, it was very difficult to hold onto them. It
was not as easy as holding the groups one.
“Good, you have found each other. Now I want you to listen to the connections. So far
you have interpreted it as one dimensional in that it is a way of finding someone or