something. I tell you this, it is more, so much more than that. For now I want you to
listen to it, find the rhythm, the unique tune of each one,” Suriyan said.
I dove deeper. My brain was trying to remind me of my age. I got the feeling a part of
me was not happy with moving forward into my situation so quickly and with so much
enthusiasm. I was very happy to discover all this excitement and see where it went. I felt
that life, as scary as it now was, had a purpose that was so much bigger than games and
TV. I was attracted to it in a big way. I knew to not ignore my inner voice because if I did
it would just get louder. I merely stated my intention that for now this was my choice
and that was that. It took a couple of tries to get it right but after a short while I was
able to quieten myself and extend my focus further into the energy strings of my friends.
I started with Phil. His dark red colour was easy to dive into as
it was the most vivid and
inviting. I felt it with my own energy, I did not know how it all worked, I just did it. I
guessed it to be a kid thing. I just focused and waited. After a while I could still not hear
anything so I simply asked to please hear Phil’s tune. It seemed simple enough.
“Very good Matthew, your innocence and simplicity will serve you well in your learning,”
Suriyan said to me.
I listened harder to Phil’s energy, being careful not to strain. I could hear something. It
was very soft and
in the distance. It sounded like a guitar. It got louder the more I grew
in confidence that I was indeed hearing it. The sound was very pleasing. I could have
listened to it all day long.
Suriyan’s voice came through again, “you must all be careful not to get lost in the tune.
Listen to it and then move on. When you have heard everyone’s I will know and then I
can show you how to see and hear your own.”