I listened to my sound. Soft at first but then louder and louder until it was in the middle
of my head, just between my eyes below my forehead. I expected to hear an instrument
but I was surprised to find a very melodic humming. It was in a deeper version of my
own voice, but it was definitely my own voice. I was fascinated at the sound but as
Suriyan said, I was not lost in it. In fact it gave me energy and I also felt a lot of pride in
the sound. I loved it and felt a deep appreciation and love for myself. It was a great
moment. I wondered what my friends were feeling as they heard their own sounds,
their own souls. Tears rolled down my cheeks and a smile parked itself firmly on my lips.
This was a wow moment indeed.
“Well done my children. You have learnt today what many adults spend a lifetime
searching for. You have achieved it because you never looked for it. Enjoy this moment
because in this sound of your soul you can live in happiness anytime and anywhere. I
will give you a few moments more and then we will complete our last activity.” Suriyan’s
voice was soothing and soft and very respectful as if we were his equals and not
students or children.
I sat in happiness just listening. It was like this for a few moments more before Suriyan’s
voice came through once more.
“Now feeling the group as a whole, holding your friends strings and listening to your
souls sound, I want you to flatten your string and wrap it around the three strings of
your friends. This may take a few attempts. It takes practice, skill and precision to
master it.”
I tried it and found my string flattened out quite easy but the wrapping was difficult. As
soon as a hole appeared I would have to start over again. I found I had to apply an equal
amount of focus and I struggled for what felt like forever. It was like trying to solve one
of those impossible brainteasers we had to do in school. I hated those things.