I eventually found a way that worked for me and with an amazing amount of effort I
wrapped my string around those of my friends. I felt the sweat drip down my face. Once
I had wrapped each individual string the rest happened naturally. It struck me that in
order for this to work all of us needed to be very still. I wondered what Kim was doing.
“I am trying
to concentrate!” she exclaimed as if sitting right next to me. It made me
jump. I opened my eyes and looked for her, she was not there. “I can barely keep the
strings wrapped, it’s a lot harder and I don’t like it, now keep quiet,” Kim instructed. I
closed my eyes again, everything was still in place. I knew that Kim’s voice was in my
head. We were all dialled into each other. I wondered, on purpose, what Phil and John
were doing.
“We just playing with our new toy here!” said Phil.
“Yeah, it’s amazing, we were checking out the scenery in each other’s heads,” came
John’s voice.
“It will be more in depth for the two of you as you are brothers and you have a
connection that gives you permission to enter deeper into each other’s minds and not
just merely communicate. Don’t try it with anyone else or you will end up with a virtual
brain black eye,” said Suriyan.
I did my best to not wonder about Kim but it was difficult because she was the only who
seemed to be struggling. “Can we help each other to wrap our energy or is it an
individual thing?” I asked Suriyan.
“To all of you I say this, you cannot do this for each other. You have to do the wrapping
yourself. The only thing you can do to help is hold yourself very still so that it can be