easier to have your string wrapped.” I made sure I kept very still and I could feel Phil and
John calm down as well.
It felt like forever before I heard Kim sigh. It felt even longer before I heard her voice
again. It felt good to hear her.
“Why is everyone so quiet, I’ve been waiting ages for you to say something.” We all
burst out laughing, she had it and she was holding it like a champion. I felt that now
familiar warm feeling rise up from my toes and flow through my entire body and out the
back of my neck. I was warm and tingly all over. This girl had me completely head over
heels for her.
“Congratulations my children, you have all successfully connected to each other in the
space where the colour you have come to know exists. I want you all to describe how
you are feeling, we will start with you Kim,” said Suriyan.
“Well I am relieved actually. I was a little worried I was not going to be able to hold it for
longer than a couple of seconds. It feels like a 3D picture, once I got it I sort of
remembered it almost, if that makes sense. Now I know how to do it and how it feels I
am confident it will be easier next time. Thank you Suriyan, this is beautiful.” Kim’s voice
was everywhere and crystal clear. I could even see the features on her face when she
“And you Phil?” asked Suriyan.
“Much like Kim just said, I am also relieved, but that’s because I was worried John would
get it and I wouldn’t, and I didn’t want to have to smack him around for being better.”
There was laughter all round.