“Actually,” came John’s voice, “he is giddy with excitement, as am I. This is totally mind-
blowingly awesome!” he exclaimed.
“Good, Good. How about you Matthew?” he asked again.
I paused, considering my answer. “Well,” I said, “I am feeling ready and very unsurprised,
which surprises me. Part of me feels like I should have known this, that I probably did
but I forgot. The rest of me is ready for action.” My answer was as honest and open as I
could muster.
“Excellent. All of you. Excellent,” he said. “Now what I want you to understand is that
the distance between you makes no difference. If you are ten metres away from each
other of ten thousand, it doesn’t matter.”
Huh? Surely this was not the case. Surely distance made a difference, surely.
“You mean we could do this no matter where we are in the world?” Kim interjected.
“Indeed,” Suriyan continued, “It is more strenuous to find each other and wrap your
energy the further away you are because of the noise of the rest of the world, but the
short answer is
“Can we do it with animals?” the twins asked at the same time.
“That is something you will have to discover yourselves boys.” I sensed the excitement
in the twins who took Suriyan’s words as a confirmation.
“You will not have realised it but a lot of time has passed since we began our exercise. It
is time for you to retire to your lodgings.” I immediately started to resist, I didn’t want to