stop. “You can keep practising later but I need you to experience the feeling of
disconnecting from each other,” his tone was serious.
“It is important that you remove your wrapping slowly and completely. Think of it as a
sticker you are trying to remove from a book. If you peel it off too fast it will tear and
leave parts of it behind. You do not want to leave
any of your energy behind in this way,
it is not good for either of you.”
I did as instructed. It was harder than it sounded, but with some patience I managed to
unwrap completely and pull back. The whole experience was totally wicked. Suriyan
spoke once
“You may practice as much as you like here, but out in the world I suggest you only use
your connection when you really need it.” He had a slight smirk and smile to his tone.
“Now come here so that I may see you off.”
I returned to where Suriyan was and Kim and the twins joined. Kayla was there. Suriyan
expressed his satisfaction at our progress once again and said good night. It was quite
late when Kayla escorted us back to our cabins. Dad was waiting for me and the twin’s
Aunt was sitting on the
veranda sipping a cup of tea waiting for them. George must have
been at Kim’s bungalow waiting for her. It was so great to see Dad and as soon as the
twins went out to their Aunt I ran into Dads arms and gave him the biggest hug I could.
The tears were back and when he asked me what was wrong I told him about Robert
and what the whole experience was like.
Dad listened to me without a word but his face said it all. I could see his concern for me,
he hated it when I was in any sort of discomfort but he always told me that it never
meant he didn’t want me to not speak to him was about it. The way he explained it to
me was that I needed to hurt sometimes to learn or feel something. So he did what he