his sunglasses off slowly and with a warm smile stared deeper into my eyes than he had
ever done. I could see a single tear roll down his left check.
“Do you remember when your sister was born and I came to Mozambique on a fishing
holiday?” he asked me. I nodded silently. I remembered that trip, Dad came back
looking a little worse for wear.
“And do you remember after mommy and I got divorced I went on a trip for three weeks
to Europe?” Again I nodded.
“Well I didn’t exactly go to Europe, I came here, again. And my trip to Mozambique was
not a fishing trip exactly. I came here to this place, on my own. I don’t expect you to
think this is a big deal but I need to say it because of what you are about to see and
The tear was gone and he was beaming from ear to ear in what seemed to be a child like
glee. I was a little taken aback to say the least, Dad had always been somewhat of an
eccentric character and these moments were not uncommon with him. In fact mom
sometimes thought he had some sort of mental condition that caused him to have his
head in the clouds, which in turn led to oxygen starvation for his brain.
“What you are about to see was shown to me when I was your age by Grandpa, and was
shown to him by his father when he was your age and so on. It is a magical thing that
only a small percentage of people in the whole world have ever had the privilege of
seeing.” He took his hand off my shoulder and got out the car. I followed suit and moved
to the front of the car.
Standing right in front of us were the two Pelican’s we had seen earlier. I looked at Dad,
he looked at me and smiled.