always did, he listened and made me a cup of tea. Dad never asked questions unless it
was totally necessary, I really liked that.
After our cup of tea and some comforting words and lots of love he asked me a question.
PART 1: Chapter 9
“So, after Robert passed, or before, what did he want to tell you guys?” the question
was snuck in very smoothly but I could see Dads colour was getting deeper and brighter.
I could see he was excited, or scared, to hear the answer. It was difficult to tell which
I took a deep breath, let out a huge sigh and then slowly took another sip of tea. I could
see Dad getting more and more impatient. I loved playing with him like this. After a few
more sighs he couldn’t take it anymore and he pounced on me and his quick hands got
me right under my armpits. I let out a squeal that startled the twins, but when they saw
what was happening they let out a loud laugh and turned back to their Aunt.
I eventually yielded and let everything out about us being Pioneers and the exercise
with us wrapping our energies and dialling into each other. It all came out in one huge
excited blob of information that only Dad would have been able to understand. The
words couldn’t come out fast enough. My thoughts were all over the room and my mind
was racing excitedly. When I finished Dad had tears in his eyes. He gave me huge hug.
“I am Recon and a Guardian, most of my generation are. We have been gathering
information for many years in preparation for the day everything came to a head. I
thought we would have had more time than this.” Dad said with worry in
his voice.
“What kind of information Dad?”