“Geographical information mainly and how many people live in specific areas, but I am
firstly your Guardian, and father of course. We also gathered a lot of information on
pollution and the affect it was having
on certain areas around the world. I guess all the
information we have gathered over the years has allowed for us to now know when
things will start changing.” His reply was filled with a fear, something I had never
experienced from Dad nor expected.
“Why are you afraid Dad?”
He paused. “Because you are a Pioneer my boy. You are the ones who will be first on the
scene, it’s not the safest job in the world.” He paused again. “Your mother is going to kill
me.” We sat in silence for a bit listening to the crickets chirping away in the background.
“Have there been many Pioneers Dad?” I broke the silence with another question.
“I don’t know if there have been many my boy,” he said, “but I do know that a few have
been active in my lifetime. The history of our
country made it that a great leader was
needed when the political climate changed. The leader who assumed the role was the
result of the efforts of amongst others, those Pioneers.”
“You don’t mean Nelson Mandela?” I asked in astonishment.
“Yip, the one and only” he smiled.
I was all of a sudden awe struck, to be in the same company as those who helped one of
the greatest leaders in the history of the world was an honour that brought a lump to
my throat. The role we had to play now became very real and I
felt the full weight of it
descend upon me like a ton of bricks. I sank back into the couch and felt dizzy. Before I