knew it I was lying down rubbing my eyes, trying not to pass out. It didn’t work. I drifted
off or passed out, not sure which one.
I remember patches of dreams. In one I was in a train that was moving very fast. It was
freezing cold and the other people in the train were dead still as if someone had pushed
pause. I was the only one moving. There was a terrible shaking that began and the
screeching sound of metal scraping on metal. The train crashed and I flew forward,
heading straight for the end of the cabin where a glass door was the only thing to stop
me. I flew into blackness.
In the next dream I remember running from huge flames. I was in some sort of forest
and I was trying to keep up with all the animals that were also fleeing from the heat of
the flames. I tripped over a tree root and couldn’t get up. I looked behind me and the
flames sped forward. I covered my face with my arms as the heat came. As quick as they
came they faded into blackness.
The next bit I remembered was that I was again under water, trying to get to someone
but I just couldn’t get there fast enough. My lungs were on fire and as the oxygen
burned up they felt like they were collapsing. I was terrified. I knew it was a dream, it
had to be, I wished my eyes open. I started to wake up but my body would not move. I
was so scared of going back to being drowned that I started to panic. I started to wiggle
my toes so that I could start my body moving. It was difficult but I eventually woke up. I
was exhausted from the effort.
I was in my bed. I stayed lying down keeping my eyes open. I could hear Dad on the
couch speaking to Kayla. It was morning.
“I’m just worried about him is all,” he was saying, ‘I didn’t know it would be like this.”