“Of course my boy, just don’t say anything about what has happened here,” he said,
“that we will do face to face when we get back okay?”
“Okay,” I said. I was up in a flash, dressed and full of a fast meal of fruit and cereal. Dad
handed me a funny looking phone that was twice as large as a normal cell phone and it
had a long flat folding aerial. Dad dialled and handed me the phone. I took it outside and
walked towards the sandy beach in the distance. I stopped when I felt I was far away
enough not to be heard. I didn’t want to be embarrassed in case I burst into tears after I
spoke to mom. I know that I had to keep it together on the phone, otherwise she would
be worried no end and probably work herself into a complete state.
I spoke to her for quite a while and after the first few tears it was easier to speak. I felt a
million times better afterwards and walked back to the cabin with a spring in my step. I
guess I just needed to hear my mom tell me she loved me and missed me. I felt the
colour yellow come out over
the phone when she spoke. Yellow was her favourite
When I got back into the cabin Kim and the others were having breakfast. George, Dad
and Molly were sharing a smile on the couch, looks like George was cracking jokes as
usual. Dad gave me a wink and I went to sit with my friends. I was feeling much better
so the smile I gave them was genuine. I had a few more pieces of fruit. The bond the
four of us had was so strong now there was no need to talk, we just looked at each
other with a great sense of
respect and knowing. Kim placed her hand on my arm, I felt
the tingle and the words “I like you” floated around her head. I mouthed the words “me
too” and winked. I felt so cheesy and so cool at the same time.
Kayla came over to us and announced in her more stern tone, “You have five days left
here before you go home. The details of your tasks will be handled by your guardians,”
she nodded over to Dad and them. “In the meantime,” she continued “you will need to