practice what you have learnt, so you will re-join your group as of this morning and in
the evenings you will meet me back in the garden to practice strengthening your
connection to each other, we will be pushing quite hard, so get ready for a few long
days. Meet me on the beach in fifteen minutes.”
She left swiftly and we had very little
time to clean up, get ready and say goodbye. Dad came over and gave me a big hug told
me he would see me in a couple of days but if I needed him all I had to do was call and
he would come. That made me feel safe, which was very important at the moment.
The others said goodbye and we cleaned up our sleeping areas. Kim must have already
done hers because she sat on the couch with her bag and waited for us. I noticed that
we were all emanating a thin purple mist over and above our normal colours. It was new
and I got the feeling it was a direct result of the previous night. I trusted my feelings.
We got down to the beach and the rest of the groups were waiting there. Some of the
others came up to us and asked what had been happening as there had been a lot of
rumours floating around. It turns out that everyone had been assigned tasks and specific
groups. There were, amongst others, Protectors and Negotiators and Helpers, it was
really great to see how proud everyone was
of their selection. When Phil mentioned
that we were Pioneers the news spread like wildfire. We were suddenly the centre of
attention and it was becoming slightly uncomfortable for us, thank goodness the
Pelican’s came in and saved us as we were ushered off to the cavern.
For the rest of that day we again practised all the things we had learned over the past
week. We had to locate each other but this time we were moving around and the
Pelicans were doing their best to distract us. It was very difficult but with practice we all
learned how to concentrate harder and focus on the task at hand.
In the afternoon we were split into our allocations, Helpers, Protectors and the like. In
our groups we practiced what it was we had learned that was specific to our area of