speciality. For the four of us we remained behind in the cavern whilst the others went
out to do their work. We were again guided by Suriyan in our practice session. I would
love to say that it became easier with each connection but it seemed the opposite. It felt
harder, more difficult. Suriyan said it was our minds working against us, trying to tell us
that what we were experiencing and doing was not real and was practically impossible.
He assured us that in time we will lose our denial and it will
become easier. We needed
to keep our faith and persist.
That evening whilst lying in bed exhausted from the day’s activities I marvelled at how
much I felt I had grown up. I felt that I spoke differently and thought differently, I even
felt that my grasp of the English language had somehow improved in a huge way. Mom
always told me after I came back from Dad’s house just how much I had grown, or how
different I sounded. I always thought she was joking or that she just missed me a whole
lot and forgot what I looked and sounded like. I guess it is possible to change a lot in just
a week or so.
We spent two days focusing on this training and on the evening of the second day Phil
and John were playing chess in the dining area and as I watched them I realised
I was
seeing their words above their heads as they duked it out, with absolutely no effort. I
had a shining moment in my head as I remembered that during the day I was doing the
same thing and not really taking much notice of it. It had become second nature to me
and I was not so sensitive to it anymore. I didn’t know if this was good or bad, but it did
not matter. I was just glad it didn’t take so much effort anymore and that it felt natural.
I drifted off into a wonderfully uneventful evening except for the one dream where I
was drowning. Other than that, everything hugged my body like a warm cocoon of love
and I slept beautifully for what felt like forever. I woke up fresh as a daisy and very much
in the mood to see Kim.