Her words pierced a part of me that I never knew existed, it hurt a whole hell of a lot. I
kept my composure as best I could.
“I don’t know exactly what it is we are going to be doing but I do know that it is very
important. You’re probably right.” I said the words but I didn’t mean them. What I
wanted to do was spend as much time with Kim as I possibly could, I wished I could
spend forever with her. Perhaps she was right, perhaps we would have distracted each
other. It didn’t make it hurt any less. This sucked. We sat there for a few more minutes,
she had taken her hand off my leg. I could sense that she too was not entirely happy
with what had just happened, this at least gave me some hope. In fact it made me want
to get what we were supposed to be doing done so we could
distract each other.
“You lot better get ready, you have another big day ahead of you,” came Kayla’s voice
from behind me. She put her feathery hand on my shoulder and I could feel her. Her
heart was very strong and it gave me extra strength. I turned to her and smiled. Kayla
smiled back.
Within ten minutes we were dressed and standing on the main beach again being
ushered off to our training for the day. It was much harder to focus for me and I knew it
was the
same for Kim. At midday whilst we were having lunch Suriyan pulled the four of
us to the side and gave instructions to meet him in the forest where he first gave me my
instruction on being still. After we ate we made our way to the humid clearing where
Suriyan was waiting. There were four grass mats arranged in a circle around him and he
motioned for us to take a seat. For the rest of that afternoon we practiced being still
and at one with our surroundings. It did make me feel a lot better and I was very
grateful for it. We capped the session off with another connection which was only
marginally easier than the day before. As we finished and compared our experiences
Suriyan spoke.