“Tomorrow will be your last full day here.” His words were factual and we became very
quiet. “You will say your goodbyes and then your guardians will prepare you for your
road ahead. The days that follow will be filled with change for you, as you know, and
some of it may even scare you. Remember all that you have learnt and learn all that you
have remembered, the rest is up to fate.” He said it with a smile. “That which you are to
achieve you will do so naturally, trust yourselves and your guardians, it is why you were
chosen. Now go have dinner with your friends, I will see you tomorrow evening to say
He jumped up and swooped off before any of us could say anything. We were all
puzzled as to what our tasks would be but the truth was I was glad not to know because
if I did the anticipation would kill me. We discussed what Suriyan meant about learning
what we remembered whilst we walked back to the beach for dinner. We were all very
hungry. It seemed that Kim had cheered up a little now that she had a puzzle to figure
out. It made me smile.
“I think what he was trying to say is that we always knew how to do what we do, we just
forgot that we knew. I know that we remember we need to keep learning what we have
remembered, even when we get back home or wherever it is we are going to go.” I
could see her face light up as she realised that she may have solved the small riddle. A
moment later I saw the realisation that she had solved it so quickly and now had nothing
else to solve. Her forehead crinkled and she almost looked like she was sulking. I made a
mental note to get her a
puzzle book as a gift when I had the chance. Her reasoning was
sound though and we all made a pact to keep in touch when we parted ways, as often
as we could.
We got to the beach for dinner and it looked like there was a bit of a party going on.
After a couple of enquiries it turned out that everyone had received the news that
tomorrow was the last day on the island and whilst many of us were sad a lot of us were