E.V.Zemtsovsky. Sports cardiology

E.V.Zemtsovsky. Sports cardiology

The monograph deals with the problems involving the study and evaluation of the impact of regular physical and psychoemotional loadings upon cardiovascular systemtCVS) in the course of sports activity. The monograph considers principal regularities of the development of CVS stable adaptation to physical trainings and physiological shifts that arise in response to various motor activity. Developing the views of AG.Dembo of the danger of excessive physical loadings to organism, which should be taken to mean the loadings surpassing adaptive reserves of the organism, the author has put to comprehensive analysis the possible causes and mechanism of the transition of physiological sporting heart to pathological state.

Detailed consideration is given to the problems of functional diagnostics and possibilities of tapping up-to-date instrumentation methods of investigation to evaluate physiological shifts in the course of long-term adaptation to physical loads and detection of prepathological conditions and CVS pathological changes stemmed from physical and psychoemotional stress. New ingenious approaches to the principles of conducting and interpretation of a number of functional and diagnostic methods and test have been proposed.

Special attention has been given to clinical problems of sports cardiology. In the section devoted to the analysis of CVS diseases in the course of sports activity, detailed consideration has been given to the causes of cardiac pathology development in athletes. New interpretation has been given to current data on myocardial dystrophy due to physical overstresses(secondary cardiomyopathy), new classification of this condition has been suggested and the points of its prevention and treatment are discussed.

Special section deals with new data on cardiac arrhythmias in practically healthy young individuals, including athletes, the methods of their diagnostics and clinical estimation as well as their treatment are discussed. Consideration has been given to the role of anomalies of cardiac valvular apparatus in adaptation disorder to physical loads and to main causes of sudden deaths in the course of sports activity.

The monograph addresses to cardiologists, sporting and industrial physiologists, specialists engaged in sports, military, transport and aviation medicine.

Спортивная кардиология, Земцовский Э.В., 1995

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