CHAPLIN, Charles

CHAPLIN, Charles. Full name Charles Spencer Chaplin. B. London, April 16, 1889. Dark brown hair, blue eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 6¾ in. Wt. 8 st. 10 lb. M. (1) Mildred Harris, 1918 ; div. 1920 ; (2)

Lita Grey ; two sons Charles and Sydney; div.

Was playing in Fred Karno’s company in America when he received an invitation to act in comedies for the old Keystone Company, which he accepted. Later he appeared in 12 pictures for the Essanay Company, 12 for Mutual Film Corporation, and 8 for First National. Began producing for United Artists in 1925 (See also under Important Film Personalities).

Also Played in : Caught in a Cabaret, Carmen (Essanay), The Tramp, The Floor Walker (Mutual), The Fireman (Mutual), The Pawnshop, A Dog’s Life (F N.), Shoulder Arms (F.N.), Sunny side (F.N), A Day’s Pleasure (F.N.), The Kid (F.N.)

The Idle Class (F.N.), Pay Day (F.N.), The Pilgrim (F.N.), The Gold Rush (U.A.), The Circus (U.A.), City Lights (U.A.),

CHASE, Charley. B. Baltimore, Maryland, Oct. 20th, 1893. Brown hair, blue eyes. Ht. 6 ft. Wt. 11 st. 1 lb. M. Bebe Eltinge.

Has been in pictures eighteen years, thirteen of which he has been with the Hal Roach Comedies (M.G.M.). From time to time he leaves the screen to tour in vaudeville, where he first gained his stage experience. He can play fourteen different musical instruments.

Played in : Modern Love (Univ),

You Can’t Buy Love (Univ), Stepping Out (M.G.M.), Leaping Love (M.G.M.), The Big Squawk (M.G.M.), Snappy Sneezer (M.G.M.), Crazy Fight (M.G.M.), The Real McCoy, Great Gobs (M.G.M.), Whispering Whoopee (M.G.M.), All Tied Up (M.G.M.), Fifty Million Husbands (M.G.M.), Fast Work (M.G.M.).

The world film encyclopedia, 1933

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