Biographies Of The Players COS-DEE

COSTELLO, Helene. B. New York City, 1903. Daughter of Maurice Costello, the famous star. Brown hair, brown eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 2 in. Ed. Lady-cliff-on-the-Hudson, New York. M Lowell Sherman, 1930 ; div., 1932. Was well-known as a child screen star. Made her debut at the age of six, and appeared in several films, together with her younger sister, Dolores.

Also Played in : Don Juan (Warner), Good Time Charlie (Warner), Husbands for Rent (Warner), Fortune Hunter (Warner), Lights of New York (Warner), Heart of Maryland (Warner), Broncho Buster (Univ), In Old Kentucky (M.G.M.), Broken Barriers (M.G.M.), The Fatal Warning, IVhen Dreams Come True (Ray art).

COURTNEIDGE, Cicely. B. Sydney,

N.S.W. April 1st, 1S93. M- Jack Hulbert.

First appearance on the stage in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, 1901. Appeared almost continuously since then. Was given a first screen opportunity by Walter Forde in The Ghost Train (Gains),


Also Played in : Jack’s the Boy

(Gains), Happy Ever After (Gau-Brit).

CRAMER, Richard. B. Bryan, Ohio, July 3, 1S89. Brown hair, grey eyes. Ht. 6 ft. Wt. 15 st. Ed. Ohio State University.

Achieved considerable success as a stage star, having played for ten years on Broadway. Made his film debut in 192S.

Played in: Hell's Island (Col),

American Tragedy (Para, banned in Britain), Air Police (WAV.), Dancing Dynamite (Talmadge), The Air Patrol (Univ), In Line of Duty (Mono), Hell Bent for ’Frisco (WAV.), Is There Justice ? (WAV,) Strange Love of Molly Lowain (F.N.), Pack Up Your Troubles (M.G.M.).

(CRA-CUM) Biographies of the Players

CRANE, Phyllis. Real name Francis. B. Calgary, Alta., Aug. 7, 1912. Blonde hair, hazel eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 2 in. Wt. 7 st. 9 lb. Ed. private schools.

Began her stage career at the early age of seven in vaudeville, and later became a member of a stock company in Seattle and Vancouver. Her screen experience includes ingenue and comedienne leads.

Pi.ayed in : Stolen Kisses (Warner), Coquette (U.A.), College Life (M.G.M.), Ticklish Business (White), Forward Pass (F.N.), The Doll Shop (M.G.M.), The Girl Said No (M.G.M.), College Lovers (F.N.), Hot and How (Educ), Hold the Babies (Pathe), Possessed (M.G.M ). The following " Hollywood Girl ” Comedies : Three Hollywood Girls, Crashing Hollywood, The Lure of Hollywood, Queenie of Hollywood. The following “ Mermaid ” Comedies : Keep Laughing, It's a Cinch.

CRAWFORD, Joan. Real Name, Billie Cassin. B. San Antonio, Texas, March 23, 1908. Auburn hair, blue eyes.

Ht. 5 ft. 4 in. M. Douglas Fairbanks jun. June 3, 1929.

Has fought harder for her success than most people in that very hard-fighting place, Hollywood. Brought up in an unhappy and impoverished household, Joan always kept before her an ambition to succeed as a dancer. Spent some years as a servant-pupil at a convent school, but eventually ran away. Worked for a time in a store, until she had saved enough money to live while looking for a job on the stage. Self-confidence and good fortune at last landed her in the chorus of a musical show. It was then she made her first change of name and was known for some time on the comedy stage as Lucille le Sueur. Failed to pass her first screen test, but later was given another opportunity followed by a part in Pretty Ladies (M.G.M. 1925). Visited Britain, 1932, with her husband.

Also Played in : Sally, Irene and

Mary (M.G.M.), Paris (M.G.M.), Tramp, Tramp, Tramp (F.N.), Understanding Heart (M.G.M.), Winners of the Wilderness (M.G.M.), Taxi Dancer (M.G.M.), Twelve Miles Out (M.G.M.), The Unknown (M.G.M.), Screen Fever (M.G.M.), Eternal Youth, Rose-Marie (M.G.M.), Four Walls (M.G.M.), Our Dancing Daughters (M.G.M.), Untamed (M.G.M.), Dance, Fools, Dance (M.G.M.), Our Blushing Brides (M.G.M.), This Modern Age (M.G.M.), Laughing Sinners (M.G.M.), Montana Moon (M.G.M.), Hollywood Review (M.G.M.), Our iModern Maidens (M.G.M.), Dream of Love (M.G.M.), The Duke Steps Out (M.G.M.), Within the Law

(M.G.M.), Grand Hotel (M.G.M.), Letty Lynton (M.G.M.), Rain (Col).

CRAWFORD, Kathryn. Real name, Kathryn Crawford Moran. B. Wellsboro, Pa., Oct. 5, 1908. Brown hair, grey eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 2 in. Wt. 8 st. 3 lb. Ed. New Jersey, New York, I.os Angeles, Chicago. M. Wesley Ruggles ; div.

At one time was a shop assistant who studied singing and eventually went into musical comedy. She was singing in Los Angeles in Hit the Deck when she received her first movie contract.

Played in : The Kid’s Clever

(Univ), The Concentratin’ Kid (Univ), Safety in Numbers (Para), Emma (M.G.M.), Happy Landing (M.G.M.), Grand Hotel (M.G.M), New Morals For Old (M.G.M.).

CREWS, Laura Hope. B. San Francisco, 18S0. Ed. San Francisco.

Made her stage debut as a child of four and, after completing her education, launched forth into a brilliant theatrical career. London stage debut in 1909.

Played in : Charming Sinners (Para), New IMorals for Old (M.G.M.), Rockabye (Radio).

CROMWELL, Richard. Real name Roy Radabaugh. B. Los Angeles, Cal., Jan. 8, 1910. Light-brown hair, grey-blue eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 10 in. Wt. 10 st. 8 lb. Ed. Long Beach High School; Chouinard Art School.

Achieved fame as an artist by making masks of famous actresses and painting panels for their houses. Owns a small art store on Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood. After doing a couple of days’ work as an extra in The King of Jazz (Univ, 1930), he decided to take up the screen as a career. One outstanding film is To!able David (Col, 1930).

Also Played in : Fifty Fathoms Deep (Col), Shanghaied Love (Col), Maker op Men (Col), Emma (M.G.M.), Tom Brown of Culver (Univ), Strange Love of Molly Louvain (F.N.), Are These Our Children ? (Radio), That’s my Boy (Col).

CUMMINGS, Constance. B. Seattle, Washington. Ed. Washington.

Studied dancing and voice culture during her school days and, on the completion of her education, went straight to New York to make a bid for fame. Appeared in many successful productions. Gave a brilliant screen performance in The Criminal Code (Col, 1931). Was selected as a Wampas Baby Star, 1931.

Biographies of the Players (CUR-DAN)

Also Played in : The Last Parade

(Col), Lover Come Back (Col), The Guilty Generation (Col), Travelling Husbands (Radio), Behind the Mask (Col), The Big Timer (Col), Attorney for the Defence (Col), Movie Crazy (Para), American Madness (Col), The Last Man (Col), Night after Night (Para).

CURRIE, Clive. B. Birmmgham, March 26, 1877. Light-brown hair, blue-grey eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 8 in. Wt. n st. 6 lb. Ed. Latymer School, London.

Earlier in his career was articled to a firm of chartered accountants. First stage appearance walking on in The Sign of the Cross, Lyric Theatre, 1896. Toured the provinces with his own Shakespearean company. Was at the Old Vic and appeared with such celebrities as Sir Herbert Tree and H. B. Irving. Founder of the Repertory Players and the Interlude Players.

Played in : Good Night Vienna (B.& D.), Money Means'Nothing (Para-Brit).

CUSTER, Вов. B. Frankfort, Kentucky, Oct. 18, 1898. Dark brown hair, hazel eyes. Ht. 6 ft.

Once known as Raymond Anthony Glenn. Was an engineer, then a cowboy. Finally he became a Western star.

Played in : Code of the West (Para), The Valley of Bravery (Radio), The Dead Line (Radio), The Dude Cowboy (Action),’ Streak (Radio), Bulldog Pluck (Radio), Galloping Thunder (Radio), The Last Round Up (Syndicate), The Fighting Terror (Syndicate), The Oklahoma Kid (Syndicate), 'Arizona Days (Radio), Law of the Mounted (Syndicate), Parting of the Trails (Syndicate), O'Malley Rides Alone (Syndicate), Covered Wagon Trails (Syndicate), Riders of the Rio Grande (Syndicate), Riders of the North (Syndicate), Under Texas Skies (Syndicate), Quick-Trigger Lee (Big Four), Scarlet Brand (Big Four), Mark of the Spur (Big Four), Vultures of the Law (Equity).

DADE, Frances. B. Philadelphia, Pa., Feb. 14, 1910. Blue eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 5 in. Wt. 7 st. 12 lb.

Began her career by touring America and Canada with stock companies. Film debut, Grumpy (Para).

Also Played in : Raffles (U.A.), Dra-ctila (Univ), blather’s Millions (Univ), Seed (Univ), Daughter of the Dragon (Para), Pleasure (Artclass).

DAGOVER, I лl. Real name, Lilitts

Daghofer. B. Madioen, Java, in Dutch East Indies, 1894. Dark-bnrwn hair, greenish-brown eyes. M. three times ; (З) J- Witt; 1 daughter.

Made her first stage appearance at the age of 12. Following a successful career in European stage plays and pictures, went to Hollywood under contract to Warner's.

Played in : The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (Decla), Destiny (Dccla Bioskop), Tartuffe the Hypocrite (U.F.A.), Elizabeth of Austria (Tobis), Woman from Monte Carlo (F.N.), The White Devil (U.F.A.), Congress Dances (U.F.A.), Between Worlds (Weiss Bros.), Discord. (Pathe), Beyond the Wall (State Rights), Love IMakes Us Blind (U.F.A.), Two Brothers (U.F.A.), Hungarian Rhapsody (Para).

DAMITA, Lili. B. Paris, France, July 10, 1907. Blonde hair, deep brown eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 6 in. Ed. at convents in Lisbon, Portugal, Spain and Greece.

Began her career by dancing at the Opera de Paris. Succeeded Mistinguette, the famous dancer, as the star at the Casino de Paris revue. Later, toured Europe with a company of players organized by her mother. Screen debut for the Felner Company in Berlin. Samuel Goldwyn, on a visit to that city, saw her, signed her up on a long-term contract and dispatched her to Hollywood. American film debut, The Rescue (U.A., 1928).

'Also Played in : The Bridge of San Luis Rey (M.G.M.), The Cock-eyed World (Fox), The Woman Between (R.K.O.), Friends and Lovers (R.K.O.), Fighting Caravans (Para), Madame Julie (R.K.O.), This is the Night (Para), Goldie Gets Along (Radio), The Match King (F.N.).

DANE, Karl. Real name Karl Daen. B. Copenhagen, Denmark, Oct. 12, 1886. Brown hair, blue eyes. Fit. 6 ft. 3J in. Wt. 14 st. 9 lb. Ed. Copenhagen.

Made his first appearance at the age of 14 in a theatre at Copenhagen owned by his father, and has since werked on stage and screen alternately. His first film was My Four Years in Germany (State Rights, 1918).

Also Played in : Big Parade (M.G.M.), La Boheme (M.G.M.). The Scarlet Letter (M.G.M.), The Red Mill (M.G.M).,

(DAN-DAV) Biographies of the Players

Rookies (M.G.M.), Сг>сш Rookies (M.G.M.), Brotherly Love (M.G.M.), Ail At Sea (M.G.M ), China Bound (M.G.M.), Alias Jimmy Valentine (M.G.M.), Speedway (M.G.M.), Navy Blues (M.G.M.), The Trail of '98 (M.G.M.), The Duke Steps Out (M.G.M.), The Big House (M.G.M.), Speak Easily (M.G.M.).

DANIELS, Bebe. B. Dallas, Texas, Jan. 14, 1901. Black hair, brown eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 3 in. Wt. 8 st. Ed. Sacred Heart Convent, Los Angeles. M. Ben Lyon, Jan. 14, 1930 ; one daughter, Barbara, b. Sept. 9, 1931.

Began her career on the stage when four years of age, and at seven was already playing an important part in A Common Enemy. Screen debut with Selig Polyscope Company, and was Harold Lloyd's leading lady at thirteen, their earliest films together being The Lonesome Luke comedies.

Also Played in : Senorita (Para),

Monsieur Beaucaire (Para), Volcano (Para), She’s a Sheik (Para), Swim, Girl, Swim (Para), Rio Rita (R.K.O.), Dixiana (R.K.O.), Love Comes Along (R.K.O.), Reaching for the Moon (U.A.), My Past (Warner), Honour of the Family (Warner), The Maltese Falcon (Warner), Lawful Larceny (R.K.O.), Silver Dollar (Warner).

D’ARCY, Roy. Real name Roy F. Guisti. B. San Francisco, Cal., Feb. 10, 1894. Dark brown hair, blue-grey eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 11 in. Wt. 11 st. 6 lb. Ed. Teichman’s Gymnasium, Leipzig, Germany; University of Jena, Germany. M. Mrs. L. Rhinock-Duffy, 1926 ; div. ; re-married 1929.

On leaving college he went to live. in South America, where he spent his time ranching and accompanying explorers into the Brazilian jungle. Started his stage career in New York, and later played in Los Angeles, where Erich Von Stroheim secured him for the role of Crown Prince in The Merry Widow (M.G.M., 1925), King of the Khyber Rifles (Fox). He has since achieved fame in attractive villain roles.

Also Played in : Graustark (F.N.),

Beverly of Graustark (M.G.M.), Grey Hat (M.G.M.), La Boheme (M.G.M.), The Temptress (M.G.M.), On Ze Boulevard (M.G.M.), Buttons (M.G.M.), Valencia (M.G.M.), Bardelys the Magnificent (M.G.M.), His Night (M.G.M.), Stolen Kisses (Warner), Beware of Blondes (Col), Trelawney of the Wells (M.G.M.), The Last Warning (Univ), Girls Gone Wild (Fox), Woman from Hell (Fox), The Black Watch (Fox), Romance (M.G.M.), Love Bound (Peerless), The Gay Buckaroo (Allied'). File No. 113 (Allied), Dis

carded Lovers (Tower), The Shadow of the Eagle (Ideal), Love Bound (New World), From Broadway to Cheyenne (Mono), Sherlock Holmes (Fox).

DARRO, Frankie. B. Chicago, Dec. 22, 1918.

Screen debut when five years of age in Judgment of the Storm (Radio, 1924), in which he appeared with his father.

Also Played in : Judgment of the

Hills (Ideal), The Circus Kid (Ideal), The Desert Pirate (Radio), So Big (F.N. Silent), Idaho Red (Ideal), Pride of Pawnee (R.K.O.), Little Micky Grogan (Radio), When the Law Rides (Radio), Trail of the Horse Thieves (Ideal), The Lightning Warrior (Ideal), Hearts and Spangles (Gotham), Blaze of Glory (W.W.), The Mad Genius (Warner), The Rainbow Man (Para), Old Greaiheart (Radio), So Big (F.N.), The Flesh and the Devil (M.G.M.), Smashing Through (Equity), Amateur Daddy (Fox), Three on a Match (Warner).

DARROW, John. Real name, Harry Simpson. B. New York City, July 17, 1907. Brown hair, brown eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 11 in. Wt. 11 st. 11 lb. Ed. high school in New York City.

Was a popular juvenile lead on the New York stage before making his debut in films, 1929. One of his best-known performances occurred in Hell’s Angels (U.A., 1930).

Also Played in : High School Hero (Fox), The Racket (Para), Prep and Pep (Fox), The Argyle Case (Warner), Cheer Up and Smile (Fox), Second Chances (Chesterfield), Forbidden Company (Chesterfield), Dream Mother (Chesterfield), Vacation Loves (Mack Sennett), Everything’s Rosie (Radio), Girls Gone Wild (Fox), Top of the Bill (Radio), The Lady Refuses (Radio), Fanny Foley Herself (Radio), The Bargain (F.N.), Alias Mary Smith (Mayfair), All American (Univ).

DAVENPORT, A. Bromley. B. Oct. 29, 1867, Baginton, Warwickshire. Grey hair. Ht. 5 ft. 10 in. Ed. Eton. M. Adelaide Marie Burdillat, Aug. 1921. Stage debut, Siberia, 1S92. Almost continually on the stage throughout the whole of this century. Is well known also in British studios where he often plays character roles. Screen debut in The Great Gay Road (Broadwest).

Also Played in : Persistent Lovers

(George Clark), The Bigamist (George Clark), Boy IVoodburn (George Clark), For Fortune (George Clark), Maid of the Silver Sea (George Clark), Horace (Temple), Running Water (Stoll), Sally

Biographies of the Players (DAY-DA'S/

Bishop (Stoll), Fox Farm (George Clark), Starlit Garden (George Clark), Bonnie Prince Charlie (Gau), What the Butler Saw (Gau), Physician (Gau), Glad Eye (Gau), Glorious Youth (F.N.), Blue Peter (Brit Filmcraft), The Flight Commander (B.I.P.), Spangles (Brit Filmcraft), The American Prisoner (B.I.P.), Too Many Crooks (George King), Captivation (Ideal), Glamour (B.I.P.), Mischief (B. & D.), Flat No. 9 (Twickenham), When London Sleeps (Twickenham), Mr. Bill the Conqueror (B.I.P.), Money Means Nothing (Para-Brit), Return of Raffles (W. P.-Nettle-fold), Self-Made Lady (G. King).

DAVIES, Marion. Real name, Marion Douras. B. New York City, Jan. 3, 1900. Golden hair, bine eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 4^ in. Wt. 8 st. 8 lb. Ed. Convent of the Sacred Heart, Hastings, New York.

One of the few girls who stepped straight out of a convent into a dancing troupe in an American production of Chu Chin Chow, 1916. Thence to the screen, where, without very much difficulty, she rose to the top of her profession. Screen debut, Runaway Romany (Pathe, 1918). Is now reputed to be one of Hollywood's wealthiest actresses.

Also Played in : April Folly (Lasky), Restless Sex (Lasky), Yolanda (M.G.), When Knighthood was in Flower (Cosmo), Little Old New York (Cosmo), Beverly of Graustark (M.G.M.), Tilly the Toiler (M.G.M.), Quality Street (M.G.M.), The Fair Co-Ed (M'.G.M.), The Patsy (M.G.M.), Cardboard Lover (M.G.M.), The Hollywood Revue (M.G.M.), Marianne (M.G.M.), Show People (M.G.M.), Zander the Great (M.G.), Not So Dumb (M.G.M.), Bachelor Father (M.G.M.), It's A Wise Child (M.G.M.), Daughter of Luxury (M.G.M.), Polly of the Circus (M.G.M.), The Gay Nineties (M.G.M.), Blondie of the Follies (M.G.M.).

DAVIS, Bette. Real name, Ruth Elizabeth. B. Lowell, Mass., April 5, 1908. Blonde hair, blue eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 3 in. Wt. 7 st. 10 lb. Ed. Cushing Academy, Ashburnham, Mass. M. Harmon O. Nelson, Jnr., 1932.

Following extensive experience of the stage, made her film debut in Dec., 1930, one of her earliest pictures being Bad. Sister (Univ, 1931).

Also Played in : Seed (Univ), Waterloo Bridge (Univ), Juvenile Court, The Menace (Col), The Silent Voice (Warner), So Big (Warner), Hell's House (Allied), Crowd Roars (Warner), The Dark Horse (Warner), Old Greatheart (Radio), The Rich are Always With Us (F.N.),

Cabin in the Cotton (Warner), Three on a Match (Warner), Silver Dollar (Warner), Twenty Thousand Years in Sing Sing (Warner).

D’AVRIL, Y ola. B. Lille, France, April 8, 1907. Brown hair, grey-blue eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 5 in. Wt. 8 st. 8 lb. Ed. Sacred Heart Convent, Paris ; Lycee Michot, Paris. INI. Edward Ward, Oct. 15, 1930; div. Aug., 1931. Received her stage training in Paris, Lisbon, Barcelona and Brussels, touring with a comedy called Paris d' A muse. Later danced in Canada for about six months. Screen debut in the crowds with Paramount.

Played in : Orchids, Valley of Ghosts,

She Goes to War (U.A.), Hot for Paris (Fox), Shanghai Lady (Univ), All Quiet on the Western Front (Univ), The Right of Way (F.N.), Those Three French Girls (M.G.M.), Common Law (Pathe), Cock of the Ait (Col), Sky Devils (U.A.), Beauty and the Boss (Warner), Passport to Hell (Fox), The Man from Yesterday (Para), A Parisian Romance (Allied), Revolt (Warner), The Bad One (U.A.).

DAY, Alice. B. Colorado Springs, Col., Nov. 7, 1905. Brown hair, blue eyes. Ed. Salt Lake City.

In 1922 she moved with her family to Los Angeles, where she made her screen debut as a Mack Sennett bathing beauty. Is sister to Marceline Day.

Played in : Little Johnny Jones

(Warner), Woman on the Jury (F.N.), Secreto (F.N.), Waiter from the Rite (Para), Night Life (Tiffany), Smart Set (M.G.M.), Phyllis of Ihe Follies (Univ), Red Hot Speed (Univ.), Times Square (Gotham), Skin Deep (Warner), Is Everybody Happy? (Warner), The Melody Man (Col), Love and Kisses, The Love Racket (F.N.), Little Johnny Jones (F.N ), The Gorilla (F.N.), In the Next Room (F.N.), Hot Curves (Tiffany), Viennese Nights (Warner), Ladies in Love (Chesterfield), Two-Fisted Law (Col).

DAY, Marceline. B. Colorado Springs, April 24, 1908. Medium brown hair, blue-grey eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 3 in. Wt. 7 st. 71b. Ed. Venice, Cal. High School. M. Arthur J. Klein, April, 1931.

Has been leading woman for Harry Langdon, Stan Laurel, Charley Chase, Hoot Gibson, William Desmond, Edwin Cobb, Robert Fraser and others. Also appeared with John Barrymore in The Beloved Rogue (U.A., 1927).

Also Played in : White Outlaw (Univ), The Big City (M.G.M.), The Wild Party

(DE B-DEL) Biographies of the Players

(Para), The One Woman Idea (Fox), Trent’s Last Case (Fox), Temple Tower (Tiffany), Sunny Skies (Tiffany), The Barrier (M.G.M.), The Mad Parade (Para), The Sky Raiders (Col), Fightin’ Mad (Tiffany), Texas Sheriff (Col), Train Mystery (Continental), Arm of the Law (Mono), The Fighting Fool (Col), From Broadway to Cheyenne (Mono).

DE BRULIER, Nigel. Black hair,

brown eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 8 in. Wt.

9 st. 2 lb.

Has done extensive screen work in Hollywood, playing with Pioneer, Fox, Allied, Selznick, M.G.M. and Warner.

Played in : The Beloved Rogue (U.A.), The Gaucho (U.A.), Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (M.G.), The Three Musketeers (U.A.), Salome (U.A.), Hunchback of Notre Dame (Univ), The Romance of a Queen (M.G.), Rupert of Hentzau (M.G.), Ben Hur (M.G.M.), Don Juan (Warner), Two Lovers (U .A.), Lovesof an Actress(Para),TheDivine Sinner (Rayart), Me. Gangster (Fox), Wings (Para), The Wnccl of Life (Para), The Iron Mask (U.A.), Noah’s Ark (Warner), Green Goddess (Warner), Golden Dawn (Warner), Moby Dick (Warner), Son of India (M.G.M.), Miss Pinkerton (F.N.), Thru’ Different Eyes (Fox).

DEE, Frances. B. Los Angeles, Nov.

26. Brown hair, blue eyes. Ht.

5 ft. 3 in. Wt. 7 st. 9 lb. Ed. University of Chicago.

First work on the screen was for Fox. A very successful performance in a small part in Follow Thru’ gained for her a Paramount contract, 1930.

Also Played in : Playboy of Paris (Para), Along Came Youth (Para), Caught (Para), June Moon (Para), An American Tragedy (Para, not shown in this country), Rich Alan’s Folly (Para), Nice Women (Univ), The Reckless Age (Para), Sky Bride (Para), Strange Case of Clara Deane (Para), Love is a Racket (F.N.), Night of June 13 (Para).

The world film encyclopedia, 1933

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