Biographies Of The Players GRI-HAR

GRIFFITH, Corinne. B. Texarkana, Arkansas, Nov. 24, 1S99. Brown

hair, hazel eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 6 in. \Vt.,

8 st. 6 lb. Ed. Sacred Heart Convent, New Orleans. M. twice : (1) William M. Campbell; div. ; (2) Walter Morosco. Screen debut with the Vitagraph

Company, then with First National, and recently with Paramount-British in London.

Also Played in : Black Oxen (F.N.), Single Wives (F.N.), Declasse (F.N.), The Marriage Whirl (F.N.), Infatuation (F.N.), Classified (F.N.), Mademoiselle Modiste (F.N.), Into Her Kingdom (F.N.), Syncopating Sue (F.N.), The Lady in Ermine (F.N.), Three Hours (F.N.), The Divine Lady (F.N.), Outcast (F.N.), Saturday's Children (F.N.), The Garden of Eden (U.A.). Prisoners (F.N.), Back Pay (F.N.), Lilies of the Field (F.N.), Lily Christine (Para-Brit).

GROSSMITH, George. B. London, May 11, 1S74. Ht. 5 ft. 11 in. Ed. University College School, London ; Paris. M. Gertrude Rudge. One dau. Ena Grossmith, musical comedy star. Son of theatrical people, made his first stage appearance in Haste to the Wedding, 1892. Following many years' theatrical experience, during which he had been actor, producer and manager, he made his film debut in America, 1930, in Women Everywhere (Fox). Is now a director of London Film Productions, Ltd., a company which he was instrumental in forming in 1931.

Also Played In : Service for Ladies (Para-Brit) Wedding Rehearsal (London Film Pro).

GROVE, Sybil. Real name, Sybil West-macott Wingrove. B. Teddington, England, Oct. 4, 1S91. Red-brown hair, brown eyes. Ht. 5 ft. in. Wt.

9 st. 6 lb. M. George Christopher Wingrove.

Has travelled extensively throughout the world, often with her own company. Spent six years on the London stage, after which she appeared in Hollywood and was soon after induced to take an interest in motion pictures. Has made several British films.

Played in : An Angel of Broadway (De Mille), My Friend From India (De Mille), The Gaucho (U.A.), His Private Life (Para), The Piano Xext Door, Satan and the Woman (Burton King), Someone to

Love (Para), Mother (Colorart), The Black Pearl (Carr), Prince of Diamonds (Col), Rynox (Ideal), Hotel Splendide (Jackson), C.O.D. (Jackson).

GULLIVER, Dorothy. B. Salt Lake City, Utah, Sept. 6. Brown hair, hazel eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 2 in. Wt. 11 st. 13 lb. Ed. Salt Lake City High School. M. Chester DeVito, June 1926. Like many other film stars in Hollywood, made her screen debut via a beauty contest, one of her earliest motion picture appearances being for Universal in Collegians (1929).

Also Played In : Honeymoon Flats (Univ), College Love (Univ), King of the Campus (Univ), Painted Faces (Tiffany), Troopers Three (Tiffany), Under Montana Skies (Tiffany), Mind Your Business (Pathe), Big Hearted (Pathe), Phantom of the West (Warner), The Fighting Marshall (Col), The Galloping Ghost (Ideal), Shadow of the Eagle (Ideal), The Scoop (Fan - Royer), Alias Panamint Jack (West Star), Last Frontier (Radio).

GWENN, Edmund. B. Glamorgan, Sept. 26, 1875. Ht. 5 ft. 6 in. M. Minnie Terry.

West End debut, at the Globe Theatre, 1899, in A Jealous Mistake. A long and varied experience of the stage and in British films followed this, covering a period of thirty years. Talkie uebut, IIow He Lied to her Husband (B.I.P.).

Also Played in : The Skin Game

(Granger, silent version), The Skin Game (B.I.P.), Hindle Wakes (Gau), Money for Nothing (B.I.P.), Condemned to Death (Twickenham), Frail Women (Twickenham), Love on Wheels (Gains), Tell Me To-night (Gau-Brit), Early to Bed (Gau-Brit).

HACKETT, Raymond. B. New York City, July 15, 1902. Brown hair, blue eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 10 in. Wt. 10 st. 8 lb. Ed. in New York and' Philadelphia. M. Myra Hampton.

Began stage career when four years of age. This remained uninterrupted until the offer of a part with Gloria Swanson in The Loves of Sunya (U.A. 1927) made him try the screen.

Also Played in : The Trial of Mary Dugan (M.G.M.), Madame X (M.G.M.), Not So Dumb (M.G.M.), Let Us Be Gay (M.G.M.), The Bishop Murder Case (M.G.M.), Our Blushing Brides (M.G.M.)

(HAI-HAL; Biographies of the Players

Footlights and Fools (F.N.), Numbered Men (F.N.), On Your Back (Fox), The Sea Wolf (Fox), The Cat Creeps (Univ), Seed (Univ).

HAINES, Robert T. B. Muncie, Indiana. Ed. University of Missouri. M. Mrs. William McDowell.

Began his stage career in Washington,

D.C. In 1911 ran his own company in New York. Later appeared in stage productions of Dope and The Donovan Affair.

Played in : The Capitol (Pathe),

Doss It Pay ? (Fox), The Governor’s Lady (Fox), The Lone Wolf (Pathd), Lew Tyler’s Wives (Preferred), Ladies of the Mob (Para), The First Kiss (Para), Ten Minutes, The Noose (F.N.), Dynamite (M.G.M.), Careers (F.N.), The Shannons of Broadway (Univ), The Girl in the Glass Cage (F.N.), The Victim, The Secret Agent, The Heart of New York (Warner).

HAINES, William. B. Staunton, Virginia, Jan. 1, 1900. Black hair, brown eyes. lit. 6 ft. Wt. 11 st. 11 lb. Ed. Staunton Military Academy.

Went to New York soon after leaving school ; was stopped in the street by a Goldwyn " scout ” and entered for a " new faces ” competition, which he won. Thence to Hollywood, with Eleanor Boardman, another winner. Film debut. Three Wise Fools (M.G.M., 1923).

Also Played in : Tower of Lies

(MG.M,), Mike (M.G.M.), Brown of Harvard (M.G.M.), Tell It to the Marines (M.G.M.), Little Journey (M.G.M.), Spring Fever (M.G.31.), Slide, Kelly, Slide (M.CRM.), West Point (M.G.M.), Telling the World (M.G.M.),* Excess Baggage (M.G.M.), Alias Jimmy Valentine (M.G.M.), The Duke Steps Out (M.G.M.), The Hollywood Review (M.G.M.), A Man’s Man (M.G.M.), Show People (M.G.M.), Speedway (M.G.3/1.), Navy Blues (M.G.M.), Easy Going (Artclass), The Girl Said No (M.G.M.), Way Out West (M.G.M.), Are You Listening ? (M.G.M.), Remote Control (M.G.M.), New Adventures of Get Rich Ouick Wallingford (M.G.M.), Tailor-Made Alan (M.G.M.), Dancing Partner (M.G.31.), The Smart Set (M.G.M.), Let’s Go (M.G.M.).

HALE, Alan. B. Washington, B.C., Feb. 10, 1S92. Ht. 6 ft. 2 in. Wt. 15 st. 10 lb. M. Gretchen Hartman (his leading lady in the Biograph days).

Went into the newspaper business as a boy of fourteen but gave it up for the stage. After five years’ experience, entered pictures and won a reputation for his portrayal of villainous roles. Became

a director in 1025 and has since acted in and directed many American films. His first film was The Cowboy and the Lady (Para, 1922).

Also Played in : Fighting Rev. Watts (Lubin), The Wise Fool (Para), The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (M.G.M.), The Dictator (Para), One Glorious Day (Para), Robin Hoed (U.A.), The Covered Wagon (Para), Black Oxen (F.N.), Hollywood (Para), Rolling Stones (Para), The Leopard Lady (Pathd), Skyscraper (Pathe), The Cop (Pathe), Power (Pathe), Sal of Singapore (Pathe), The Spieler (Pathe), The Leatherneck (Pathe), A Bachelor’s Secret, Red Hot Rhythm (Pathe), Sailor’s Holiday (Pathe) The Sap (Warner), Sea Ghost (Peerless), So Big (Warner), Gentleman For a Day (F.N.), The Rise of Helga (3.1.G.31). Night Angel (Para), Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm (Fox), Match King (Warner).

HALE, Louise Closser. B. Chicago, 111., Oct. 13, 1872. Ed. Indianapolis; American Academy of Dramatic Art. M. Walter Hale.

Has written many short stories and dramatic sketches. Author of Her Soul and Her Body, the book which she eventually dramatized. Achieved considerable success on the American stage ; visited London in 1907 in the stage play, Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch. Some of her best film work was in Daddy Long Legs (Fox, 1931).

Also Played in : Letty Lynion

(31.G.31.), Devotion (Pathe), Platinum Blonde (Col), Rebound (Pathe), The Silent Voice (Warner), Shanghai Express (Para), New Morals for Old (31.G.31.), Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm (Fox), Movie Crazy (Para), Rasputin (31.G.31.).

HALE, Sonnie. Real name, John Robert Hale 3Ionro. B. London, 3Iay 1, 1902. Light brown hair. Ed. Beaumont College, Old Windsor. M. (1) Evelyn Laye ; div. Jan., 1931 ; (2) Jessie

3Iatthews, 1931.

Is well known on the musical comedy stage. 3Iade his first appearance in London, 1921, in the chorus of Fun of the Fair. His sister is Binnie Hale, famous revue star. 3Iade his screen debut in Happy Ever After (Gau-U.F.A., 1932).

Also Played in : Tell Ale To-night

(Gau-Brit), Early to Bed (Gau-U.F.A.).

HALL, Evelyn. B. Harrogate, Yorks, Dec. 24. 3Iedium brown hair, dark blue eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 6 in. Wt. 9 st. 3 lb.

Biographies of the Players (HAL-HAM)

Ed. Bristol High School. M. Charles King.

Gained her first theatrical experience with the Stratford-on-Avon players. Later became associated with the Benson

Company and Haldeman Company. Going to Hollywood, became an instant success, first on the stage and later in motion pictures.

Played in : Men of Steel (F.N.),

My Best Girl (U.A.), Hell’s Angels (U.A.), The Divine Lady (F.N.), She Goes to Wav (U.A.), Children of the Ritz (F.N.),

Nobody’s Children (Fox), Pomander Walk, Return of Dr. Fu Manchu (Para),

Captain of the Guard (Univ), William and Mary (M.G.M.), Widow Man (M.G.M.), Alexander Hamilton (Warner), Lovers Courageous (M.G.M.).

HALL, J ames. Real name, James Brown. B. Dallas, Texas, Oct. 22, 1900. Brown hair, brown eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 11 in. Wt. 11 st. 4 lb. Ed. Dallas, Texas.

Ran away from home at the age of fourteen to pursue his theatrical ambitions. Appeared with “ Kismet ” Hall, then with the Everywoman Company. Earliest films, The College Flirt (Para, 1926), and Stranded in Paris (Para, 1926).

Also Played In : Hotel Imperial (Para), Love’s Greatest Mistake (Para), Ritzy (Para), Senorita (Para), Rolled Stockings (Para), Swim, Girl, Swim (Para), Fifty-Fifty Girl (Para), Just Married (Para), Four Sons (Fox), The Fleet’s In (Para), The Canary Murder Case (Para), Hell’s Angels (U.A.), Smiling Irish Eyes (F.N.), The Case of Lena Smith (Para), Saturday Night Kid (Para), This is Heaven (U.A.), Dangerous Nan McGrew (Para), Paramount on Parade (Para), Divorce Among Friends (Warner), Maybe It’s Love (Warner), Let’s Go Native (Para), Sporting Chance (Peerless), Mother’s Millions (Univ), Millie (Radio), The Good Bad Girl (Col), The Lightning Flyer (Col).

HALL, Ruth. Real name, Ruth Hall Ibanez. B. Jacksonville, Florida, 1912. Ht. 5 ft. 3 in. Wt. 7 st. 10 lb. Brown hair and eyes.

Is a relation of Vicente Blasco Ibanez, the famous author who wrote The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Made her screen debut in Hell Harbour, when the company was on vacation in her home town. Afterwards went to Hollywood. Started as an extra and gradually worked her way to stardom.

Also Played In : Local Boy Makes Good (F.N.), ЛIonkcy Business (Para), Eastside (Warner), Her Majesty Love (F.N.), Miss Pinkerton (Warner), Heart

of New York (Warner), Gentleman for a Day (F.N.), Blessed Event (F.N.), Ride Him Cowboy (Leon Schlcssinger), The Eagle's Shadow (Tiffany), Kid from Spain (U.A.)

HALLIDAY, John. B. Brooklyn, N.Y. Sept.14,1886. Ed.CambridgeUniversity. After extensive stage experience in America, entered films and rose to stardom in the old Lubin film company. Came to England, 1932, to play in Gloria Swanson’s first British film production, Perfect U %tderstanding.

Also Played In : Married in Haste (Radio), Once a Sinner (Fox), Fifty Million Frenchmen (Warner), Millie (Radio), The Ruling Voice (F.N.), Recaptured Love (Warner), Scarlet Pages (F.N.), Smart Woman (Radio), Bird of Paradise (Radio), Captain Applejack (Warner), Father’s Son (F.N.), Men of Chance (Radio), Impatient Maiden (Univ), Week-Ends Only (Fox), Are These Our Children ? (Radio).

HAMILTON, Hale. Real name : Hale Rice Hamilton. B. Fort Madison, Iowa, Feb. 28, 1883. Brown hair, grey eyes. Ht. 6 ft. Wt. 13 st. 3 lb. Ed. Shattuck Military School; University of Kansas. M. (1) Jane Oaker ; dissolved ; (2) Maude Myrtle Tanne-hill; dissolved ; (3) Grace La Rue. Achieved great success during twenty-four years on the American and English stage. London stage debut, 1913, in Get Rich Quick Wallingford. Went into management at the Queen’s Theatre, London, the same year. Returned to America and eventually entered pictures, in which he has been for over ten years.

Played In : Listen, Lady (Col),

Good Intentions (Fox), Common Clay (Fox), Paid (M.G.M.), Dance, Fools, Dance (M.G.M.), Rebound (Pathe), New Adventures of Get Rich Quick Wallingford (M.G.M.), Love Affair (Col), The Champ (M.G.M.), Cuban Love Song (M.G.M.), Strangers May Kiss (M.G.M.), Within the Law (M.G.M.), Rise of Helga (M.G.M.), A Successful Calamity (Warner), Those we Love (Tiffany). Three on a Match (Warner),

HAMILTON, Lloyd. B. Oakland, California, Aug. 19, 1891. Brown hair, blue eyes. Ht. 6 ft. Wt. 13 st. 13 lb. Ed. Franklin High School; Oakland Polytechnic.

Has had a varied stage experience, starting as a super and eventually playing leading rolesin drama andmusical comedy. Launched forth on his screen career in 1914 and has since worked for several of the American film companies, winning tame as a comedian

(HAM-HAR) Biographies of the Players

Played In : A Twilight Baby, A SelfMade Failure (F.N.), Are You There? (Fox), His Darker Self, Up a Tree (Educ), No Privacy (Educ), An Apple A Day (Educ).

HAMILTON, Neil. Full name, James Neil Hamilton. B. Lynn, Mass., Sept, g, 1899. Brown hair, brown eyes. Ht. 5 ft, 11 in. Wt. 11 st. 1 lb. Ed. West Haven High School, Connecticut. M. Elsa Whitmer, Nov. 1922; adopted dau Patricia Louise.

Began career on the stage, playing in numerous shows before being signed up by D. W. Griffith to play the role of John White in White Rose (U.A., 1923).

Also Played In : America (U.A.), Isn’t Life Wonderful ? (U.A.), The Fourth Commandment (Cabanne), Л1ап and Woman (F.P.), Side Show of Life (Para), Street of Forgotten Mien (Para), Little French Girl (Para), New Brooms (Para), The Splendid Crime (Para), Desert Gold (Para), Beau Geste (Para), Diplomacy (Para), The Great Gatsby (Para), The Music Master (Fox), The Joy Girl (Fox), Within the Law (Univ), Mother Machree (Fox), Don't Marry (Fox), Grip of the Yukon (Univ), Ten Modern Commandments (Para) Something Always Happens (Para), The Patriot (Para), Hot News (Para), Take Me Home (Para) Three Week Ends (Para), Why Be Good? (F.N.), Dangerous Woman (Para), Darkened Rooms (Para), The Busybody (Para), Mysterious Dr. Fu Manchu (Para), Studio Murder Case (Para), Whai a Night (Para), Return of Dr. Fu Manchu (Para), Dawn Patrol (F.N.), Widow From Chicago (F.N.), Ladies Mlust Play (Col), The Cat Creeps (Univ) Ex-Flame (Liberty), The Spy (Fox), Command Performance (Tiffany), Strangers Mlay Kiss (M.G.M.), Laughing Sinners (M.G.M.), The Great-Lover (M.G.M.), This Modern Age (M G.M.), The Lullaby (M.G.M.), Tarzan, The Ape Man (M.G.M.), The Wet Parade (M.G.MI.), Are You Listening ? (M.G.M.), Woman in Room 13 (Fox), Two Against The World (Warner). What Price Hollywood ? (Radio), Payment Deferred (M.G.M.), Animal Kingdom (Radio).

HAMMOND, Kay. Real name, Standing. Daughter of Lady Standing.

Stage, experience includes appearances in Evergreen and Nine Till Six. Went to Germany and made several films there. British screen debut in A Night in Montmartre (Gains, 1931).

Also Played in : Children of Chance (F.N.), Out of the Blue (B.I.P.), Fascination (B.I.P.), Nine Till Six (A.R.P.), The Third String (Gau-Brit), Carnival

(B. & D.), Almost a Divorce (B. & D.), Chance of a Night-time (B. &D.), Money Mleans Nothing (Para-Brit), Sally Bishop (B.L.)

HAMMOND, Virginia. Fair hair, blue eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 6 in.

Several years on the stage preceded her film debut in The Hand Invisible (World, 1919).

Also Played In : Anybody’s Woman (Para), Forbidden Adventure. (Para), No One Man (Para), The Rich Are Always With Us (Warner), The Cabin in the Cotton (Warner).

HAMPTON, Louise. B. Stockport. Ed. Newport, Mon.

Began her stage career in Manchester, 1881. Has toured Australia and Egypt, and won outstanding recognition in this country. Will long be remembered for the brilliant performance she gave in Nine Till Six (A.R.P., 1932), her first film.

HANNEN, Nicholas. B. London. May 1, 1871. Fair hair, blue eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 8 in. Ed. Radley ; Heidelberg ; Rouen; Sir Edwin Lutyens’ pupil in architecture. M. Muriel Victoria Mor-land; 2 dau., Hermoine, b. 1913.

June, b. 1918.

Before going on the stage he was an architect. Made his stage dёbut in London 1910. Was a member of the Glasgow, Repertory Theatre. Went to America in 1915 to piay in New York. Later joined the Army and on being demobilized in 1919 was awarded the O.B.E. Resumed his acting and shouldered the responsibility of stage producer. Made his screen debut in F.P. 1 (U.F.A., 1932).

HANNEN, Peter. B. London, iyoS. Ed. Radley; Trinity College, Cambridge. D. 1932.

On leaving college he studied for the Bar but before he passed his examinations he had decided to act for a living. For twelve months he was under contract to the B.B.C. He made his stage debut in London in Somerset Maugham's play, The Circle. He was a fine athlete and for three years in succession rowed in his college eight at Henley. Made his screen debut in A Honeymoon Adventure (A.R.P., 1932). Fell ill and died, 1932 Also Played in : Water Gypsies


HARBORD, Carl. B. Salcombe, Devon. Fair hair, grey eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 8 in. Ed. Devon; Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.

Biographies of the Players (HAR)

At 16 he became a schoolmaster with no particular taste for the job. Eventually he tired of this, and left to become a student at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. He toured in repertory, playing elderly parts, and has also played in London. Made his screen debut in Bolibar (B.I.F., 1927), but will long be remembered for his brilliant performance in Tell England (B.I.F., 1930), the film which established him as a star.

Also Played in : Hours of Loneliness (Carlton), The Hate Ship (B.I.P.), Such Is the Law (Stoll), Fascination (B.I.P.), Strictly Business (B.I.P.), Dance Pretty Lady (B.I.P.). Priscilla the Rake (Sound City).

The world film encyclopedia, 1933

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