Biographies Of The Players HAR-HEN

HARDING, Ann. B. Fort Sam Houston, Texas. Aug. 17. Blonde hair, blue-grey eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 2 in. Wt.

7 st. 8 lb. M. Harry Bannister 1927 ; dau., Jane ; div. 1932.

Boasts many accomplishments, among them flying, writing, and gardening. Had long experience on the stage before accepting a Pathe contract, which gave her the feminine lead in Paris Bound


Also Played In: Her Private Affair (Pathe), War and Women (Patlm), Holiday (Pathe), Condemned (U.A.), The Girl of the Golden West (F.X.), East Lynne (Fox), Devotion (Pathe), Prestige (Radio), The Greater Love (Radio), Westward Passage (Radio), Just a Woman (Radio), Conquerors (Radio), Animal Kingdom (Radio).

HARDWICKE, Cedric. B. Lye, Stourbridge, Worcs., Feb. 19, 1893. Ed. Bridgnorth School, Salop. M. Helena I’ickard.

First appeared on the stage at the Lyceum Theatre in 1912, during the run of The Monk and the Woman. His tours include the provinces, South Africa and Rhodesia. Famous for his work in Shakespearean and modern plays and for his brilliant characterization. Will long be remembered as King Magnus in Shaw’s play The Applecart. Made his screen debut in Dreyfus (B.I.P., 1931).

Also Played in : Rome Express


HARDY, Oliver. Full name, Oliver Norvelle Hardy. B. Atlanta, Georgia, Jan. 18, 1S92. Black hair, brown eyes. Ht. 6 ft. 1 in. Wt. 20 st. 4 lb. Ed. University of Georgia. M. Myrtle E. Reeves.

This popular comedian, one of the

.Laurel and Hardy team, might have been golf champion, had he devoted as much attention to that sport as he does to the screen. Records show that he has Avon no fewer than twenty-four cups and two gold medals. Has had a long and varied experience on the stage and in two-reel comedies. Now under long-term contract with Roach. Visited England, July, 1932.

Played In : The Rogue Song (M.G.M.), Berth Marks (M.G.M.), They Go Boom (M.G.M.), Angora Love (M.G.M.), Men o' War (M.G.M.), Night Owls (M.G.M.), Perfect Day (M.G.M.), Bacon Grabbers (M.G.M.), Hoosegow (M.G.M.), Blotto (M.G.M.), The Brats(M.G.M.), Below Zero (M.G.M.), Hay Wire (M.G.M.), Beau Chumps (M.G.M.), Come Clean (M.G.M.), County Hospital (M.G.M.), The Chimp (M.G.M.), Helpmates (M.G.M.), Jail Birds (M.G.M.), The Chiselers (M.G.M.), Our Wife (M.G.M.), The Laurel and Hardy Murder Case (M.G.M.), One Good Turn (M.G.M.), Any Old Port (M.G.M.), Another Fine Mess (M.G.M.), Pardon Us (M.G.M.), Be Big (M.G.M.), Chickens Come Home (M.G.M.), Laughing Gravy (M.G.M.), Pack Up Your Troubles (M.G.M.), Their First Mistake (M.G.M.).

HARDY, Sam. B. New Haven, Conn.

Brown hair and eyes. Ht. 6 ft. Wt.

13 st. 8 lb. Ed. Yale University,

M. Betty Scott.

Started his career as a boy on the American stage and, after twenty-three years’ experience, entered films in 1917, and played in The Savage (Bluebird).

Also Played In : Great Deception (F.N.), Prince of Tempters (F.N.), Bluebeard’s Seven Wives (F.N.), When Love Grows Cold (Radio), High Hat (F.N.), Perfect Sap (F.N.), Orchids and Ermine (F.N.), Broadway Nights (F.N.), Life of Riley (F.N.), Texas Steel, Burning Up Broadway (Pathd), Turn Back The Hours (Gotham), Big Noise (F.N.), Diamond Handcuffs (M.G.M.), Butter and Egg Man (F.N.), Night Bird (Univ), Outcast (F.N.),Gfwe and Take (Univ), Little Old New York (Cosmo), Get Rich Quick Wallingford (Cosmo), On With The Show (Warner), Dear Vivien (Para Christie), Big News (Pathe), Acquitted (Col), Mexicali Rose (Col), A Alan’s Man (M.G.M.), Burning Up (Para), True to the Navy (Para), Reno (W.W.), Song of the West (Warner), The Millionaire (Warner), Annabelle’s Affairs (Fox), June Moon (Para), The Gay Nineties (M.G.M.), Magnificent Lies (Para), Peach O’Reno (Radio), Dark Horse (Warner), Make Ale A Star (Para), Phantom of Crestwood (Radio), Goldie Gets Along (Radio).

(HAR) Biographies of the Players

HARE, Lumsden. B. Cashel, Ireland, Oct. 2, 1S75. Ed. London. M. Selene Johnson.

As a boy was seized with the desire to travel, and became a sailor. After making four voyages round the world, he decided to take up acting. Stage debut, London, in a Bernard Shaw play. Made his screen debut in 1916, as Kitty Gordon’s leading man in As In A Looking-Glass (World). Has also'directed Fox pictures.

Also Played In : Moriarty (Goldwyn), King of the Khyber Rifles (Fox), The Black Watch (Fox), Girls Gone Wild (Fox), Masquerade (Fox), Salute (Fox), A Sky Hawk (Fox), Crazy That Way (Fox), So This is London (Fox), Scotland Yard. (Fox), Always Good-bye (Fox), Svengali (Warner), Charlie Chan Carries On (Fox), Under Suspicion (Fox), The Road to Singapore (Warner), Arrowsmith (U.A.), The Silent Witness (Fox), Devil's Lottery (Fox).

HARE, John Robertson. B. London.

Dec. 17, 1891. Dark hair; dark eyes.

Ht. 5 ft 5¾ in. Wt. 9 st 7 lb. M.

Rene Vivian; dau. Diana.

Studied for the stage under Cairns James, making his first appearance in The Bear Leaders in the provinces, 1911. Is known to cinema-goers for his performances in the Walls-Lynn comedies.

Outstanding Productions : Rookery Nook (B. & D.), Tons of Money (B. & D.), A Night Like This (B. & D.), Thark (B. 8c D.).

HARKER, Gordon. B. London, Aug.

7, 1885. Fair hair, hazel eyes. Ht.

5 ft. 9 in. Wt. 10 st. 7 lb. Ed.

Ramsey Grammar School, Isle of Man.

Although he has become famous for his impersonations of Cockney characters, in real life resembles much more the quiet unassuming business man. Has been a familiar figure on the London stage since 1903. when he made his first appearance in Much Ado About Nothing. One of liis outstanding performances on the screen was in The Calendar (Gains-B.L. 1931). All his films have been made in Britain.

Also Played In : The Ringer (Gains), Love on Wheels (Gains), Whiteface (Gains), The Frightened Lady (Gains), The Professional Guest (George King), The Star Reporter (Fox), Condemned to Death (Twickenham),The “ W” Plan (Burlington), The Squeaker (B.L.), The Stronger Sex (Gains), Shadows (B.I.P.), The Ring (B.I.P.), The Farmer's Wife (B.I.P.),

Champagne (B.I.P.), The Crooked Billet (Gains), Sport of Kings (Gains), Escape (А.Т.Р.), Return of the Rat (Gains), Rome Express (Gau-Brit), A Kingdom for Five and Six (Gains). .

HARLAN, Kenneth. B. Boston, Mass., July 26, 1895. Brown hair, blue eyes. Ht. 6 ft. 1 in. Wt. 13 st. 3 lb. Ed. St. Francis High School, Brooklyn, N.Y ; Fordham University, New York City. M. (1) Salome Jane Harlan; div. ; (2) Flo Hart; div.; (3) Marie Prevost, October, 1924 ; (4) Doris Booth.

Stage debut at the age of seven with Julia Arthur in More Than Queen. Many years with stock companies followed this, until in 1917 he began his screen career with the Triangle Co., playing in Betsy’s Burglar.

Also Played in : Finders Keepers

(Univ), The Flame of the Yukon (Pathe), The Hoodlum (Goldwyn), The Penalty (Preferred), Twinkletoes (F.N.), The Virginian (Preferred), The Broken Wing (Preferred), Dangerous Business (F.N.), Mamma’s Affair (F.N.), Lessons in Love (F.N.),4 The Sap (Warner), Bobbed Hair (Warner), Paradise Island (Tiffany), Under Montana Skies (Tiffany), Fingerprints (Univ), Shadow of the Eagle (Ideal). The Widow in Scarlet (Mayfair).

HARLOW, J ean. B. Kansas City,

March 3, 1911. Platinum blonde hair, blue eyes. Ht 5 ft. 2^ in. Wt. 7 st. 12 lb. Ed. Barstow School, Kansas City ; Ferrvhall, Lake Forest. M. (1) Charles F. McGrew, 1927 ; div. 1930 ; (2) Paul Bern, 1932 ; he d. Sept. 5. 1932-

Her only stage experience was derived from amateur dramatics at school. Known as the “ original platinum blonde,” her first professional experience was as Howard Hughes’ leading lady in Hell’s Angels (U.A., 1930).

Also Played In : The Saturday Night Kid (Para), Secret Six (M.G.M.), The Iron Man (Univ), Goldie (Fox), Platinum Blonde (Col), Three Wise Girls (Col), Beast of the City (M.G.M.), Blonde Baby (Col), Red-Headed Woman (M.G.M.), Enemies of the Public (Warner), Red Dust (M.G.M.).

HARVEY, Lilian. B. London, Jan. 19, 1907. Fair hair, blue eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 6 in. Wt. 8 st. 3 lb.

While on a visit to Germany, the war broke out and she was compelled to remain there, eventually achieving success as a

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GRACIE FIELDS in Looking on the Bright. Side


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Biographies of the Players (HAR-HAY)

dancer on the Berlin stage. After her appearance in Congress Dances (U.F.A.) Fox signed her up on a year’s contract.

Also Played In : Thou Shalt Not Steal (U.F.A.), Her Dark Spot (U.F.A.) A Knight in London (Ludwig Blattner), The Love Waltz (U.F.A.),The Temporary Widow (U.F.A.), When You Give Your Heart Away (U.F.A.), Nie Wieder Liebe (U.F.A.) Happy Ever After (Gau-U.F.A.), Quick (U.F.A.), Three Men from the Tankstelle (U.F.A.).

HARVEY, Morris. B. London, Sept. 25. 1877. Grey hair, hazel eyes. Ht, 5 ft. 7 in. Wt. 14 st. 8 lb. Ed. London and Ascot. M. Mai Bacon. ■

Made his stage debut in London, 1901, as a comedian and mimic, and for many years was an outstanding figure on the English and American stage.

Played in : The Man front Chicago (B.I.P.), Sunshine Susie (Gains), Down Our Street (Para-Brit).

HATTON, Raymond. B. Red Oak, Iowa, July 7, 1892. Brown hair,

blue eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 7 in. Wt. 10 st. Ed. Red Oak, Iowa.

On leaving school joined a repertory company. Achieved considerable success in character roles. Made his film debut as a comedian for Mack Sennett.

Played in: At Bay (Pathe), Affairs of Anatole (Para), Pink Gods (Para), Salvage (Jury’s), Man’s] Laughter (Вага.), The Thundering Herd (Вата), Big Brothers (Para), Three Wise Fools (Samuel Goldwyn), The Hunchback of Notre Dame (Univ), The Barefoot Boy (Col), Cornered (Warner), Mine with the Iron Door (Principal), Silence (Pathe), Behind the Front (Para), Forlorn River (Para), We’re In The Navy Now (Para), Fashions For Women (Para), Fireman, Save My Child (Para), Now We’re In The Air (Para), Wife Savers (Para), The Big Killing (Para), Partners in Crime (Para), Trent's Last Case (Fox), The Mighty (Para), Office Scandal (Pathe), Murder on the Roof (Col), Road to Paradise (F.N.), Hell’s Heroes (Univ), Dear Vivien (Para), Silver Horde (Radio), Pineapples (Univ), The White Man (M.G.M.), The Lion and The Lamb (Col), Honeymoon Lane (Para), Law and Order (Univ), Arrowsmith (U.A.), Polly of the Circus (M.G.M.), The Challenge (F.N.), Divorce a La Mode (Sennett), Stranger in Town (Warner), Drifting Souls (Tower), The Vanishing Frontier (Para), Alias Mary Smith (Mayfair), Long Loop Laramie (Col), The Fourth Horseman (Univ), Tom’s in Town (UnivL

HAUPT, Ulrich. B. Prussia, Aug. 8, 1887. Dark brown hair, brown eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 11 in. Wt. 12 st. 2 lb. Ed. Prussia and Berlin. Married; 2 sons, b. 1917 and 1924.

Has had a long and varied theatrical career as actor, owner, manager and producer. Played in several Berlin theatres, then went to Petrograd ; returned to Berlin and eventually became owner of a theatre there. Went to U.S.A. in 1909 to play leading roles in the German theatres. Was given control of the Government Theatre in Berlin in 1911, a position which he retained until 1919, when he was induced to make yet another journey to U.S.A. to entertain German audiences there. Began film-making with the old Essanay Company, and made his Hollywood debut in 1927.

Played in : The Tempest (У.А.),

Captain Swagger (Pathe), The Rogue

Song (M.G.M.), The Far' Call (Fox), Frozen Justice (Fox), The Iron Mask (U A.), Madame X (M.G.M.), The Greene Murder Case (Para), The Wonder of

Women (M.G.M.), The Bad One (U.A.),

Dubarry, Woman of Passion (U.A.),

Unholy Garden (U.A.), Morocco (Para).

HAVER, Phyllis. B. Douglas, Kan.

Jan. 6, 1899. Blonde hair, blue eyes.

Ht. 5 ft. 4¾ in. Wt. 8 st. 12 lb. Ed.

Manual Arts High School, Los Angeles.

M. William Seeman, April 24, 1929.

Began her screen career as a member of Mack Sennett’s now famous Bathing Beauties. Was later claimed by Paramount, for whom she has since appeared in many successful productions.

Played in : So Big(F.N.), The Temple of Venus (Fox), The Christian (Goldwyn), Don Juan (Warner), New Brooms (Para), Up in Mabel’s Room (Metro), The Nervous Wreck (Metro), No Control (Metro), The Little Adventuress (Metro), The Rejuvenation of Aunt Mary (Metro), What Price Glory ? (Fox), The Wise Wife (Pathe), The Fighting Eagle (Pathe), Chicago (Pathe), Tenth Avenue (Pathe), The Battle of the Sexes (U.A.), Sal of Singapore (Pathe), The Shady Lady (Pathe), The Office Scandal (Pathe), The Way of All Flesh (Para), Thunder (M.G.M.).

HAYAKAWA, Sessue. B. Tokyo, Japan, June 10, 1889. Black hair, black eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 7-J in. M. Tsuri Aoki.

Was educated for the Japanese Navy but chose to be an actor instead.

(HAY-HEN) Biographies of the Players

well-known in Japanese versions of Shakespeare’s plays. Made an outstanding success as Othello. His screen debut was in The Typhoon (Para, 1914), after which he played in many Oriental roles. Appeared in a sketch together with his wife at the London Coliseum in 1923, when he also made a British picture. Left the screen for a time and appeared in vaudeville, but made a “ come-back ” in Daughter of the Dragon (Para, 1931).

Also Played in : The Man Who Laughed Last, A Secret Sin (Para), Honourable Friend (Para), The Cheat (Lasky), Loyalty (Bernstein).

HAYDON, Julie. Real name, Donella Donaldson. B. Oak Park, Illinois. Blonde hair. Ed. Gordon School for Girls, Hollywood.

While still at school she showed remarkable ability as an actress and scored her first success in the title role of her school’s presentation of Cinderella. On leaving school, she became professionally interested in acting, and has many successful performances to her credit.

Played in : TheGreatMeadowQsl.ONl.), The Beast of the City (M.G.M.), Westward Passage (Radio), Thirteen Women (Radio), Come on, Danger (Radio), Conquerors (Radio).

HAYES, Helen. Real name, Helen Hayes Brown. B. Washington, D.C., Oct. 10, 1901. Blonde hair, blue eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 1 in. Wt. 7 st. 2 lb. Ed. at convent in Washington. M. Charles MacArthur; dau., 1930.

Varied stage experience preceded her film debut in The Lullaby (M.G.M., 1931), in which she won great praise for her first screen performance.

Also Played in : Arrowsmith (U.A.), Farewell to Arms (Para).

HEATHERLEY, Clifford. B. Preston, Lancs, Oct. 8, 18S8. Son of Dr. Hugh Lamb (of Guy’s Hospital). Brown hair, grey-green eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 8 in. Ed. Preston Grammar School ; privately. M. Ada Edith Wells, 1913.

Descended from an old French Huguenot family (De Vezian of Languedoc). Before going to the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art was a clerk in an accountant’s office. Stage debut, His Majesty’s Theatre, Feb., 1909. Was for a time manager of the Queen’s Theatre, London. Screen debut, Henry VIII (1910).

Also Played in : Ble< k House (Ideal), Mademoiselle from Arm.nacres (Gau),

Roses of Picardy (Gains), Sea Urchin (Gains), Rollin’ Road (Gains), Boa,-j dicea, King’s Highway (Stoll), Constant Nymph (Gains), Passing of Mr. Quin (Cattermoul), Glamour (B.I.P.), The Love Habit (B.I.P.), The Compulsory Husband (B.I.P.), The “ W ” Plan (Burlington), A Symphony in Two Flats (Gains), Brother Alfred (B.I.P.), Fires of Fate (B.I.P.), Help Yourself (W.B.-F.N.), A Letter of Warning (W.B.-F.N.), Good Night Vienna (B. & D.), Indiscretions of Eve (B.I.P.), After the Ball (Gau-Brit).

HELM, Brigitte. B. Germany, 1908. Fair hair, blue eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 6 in. At the ?.ge of sixteen she gained worldwide fame in the brilliant German film, Metropolis (U.F.A., 1924). After a successful career in German studios, came to London to play in British films. Will be remembered in the leading role of the British film Blue Danube (B. & D. 1932).

Also Played in : Loves of Jeanne

Ney (U.F.A.), At the Edge of the World (U.F.A.), L’Atlantide (Pabst).

HELMORE, Thomas. B. Kensington, London, Jan. 4, 1904. Fair hair, green eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 11 in. Ed. Tonbridge School.

Began his career in an accountant’s office, but was soon disillusioned about, the attraction of figures. This change of taste led him to the stage, where, after a short while he joined Henry Edwards’ company in The Flag Lieutenant. Film debut, 1924.

Played in : House of Unrest (Assoc Pic Pro), My Wife’s Family (B.I.P.), The Shadow Between (B.I.P.), Blind Spot (W.B.-F.N.), The King's Cup (B. & D.), Above Rubies (Pugh), House Opposite (B.I.P.), The Barton Mystery (Para-Brit).

HENRY, Charlotte V. B. 1915. Dark hair. •

Made a sensational stage debut at the age of fourteen, when she was chosen to play opposite Junior Durkin in Courage. Screen debut the film version of the same play (Warner, 1930).

Also Played in : Huckleberry Finn (Para), Arrowsmith (U.A.), Forbidden (Col), Lena Rivers (Tiffany), Rebecca oj Sunnybrook Farm (Fox).

HENSON, Leslie. B. London, Aug. 3, 1891. Dark hair and eyes. Ed. Emmanuel School, London, M. (1) Madge Saunders ; (2) Gladys Gunn. Although formerly engaged in business

Biographies of the Players (HEP-HIG)

in the City, soon discovered that he had an aptitude for theatricals, and after a brief period of study at Cairns James’ School of Dramatic Art, made his first appearance on the stage with Louis Rihlls Concert Party. Is now as popular on the screen as he is on the stage. Film debut Alf’s Button (Hepworth, 1920).

Also Played in : A Warm Corner (Gains), The Sport of Kings (Gains).

The world film encyclopedia, 1933

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