Biographies Of The Players HEP-HYM

HEPBURN, Katharine. B. New York City. Ed. Bryn Mawr College.

Made a successful appearance on the New York stage in The Warrior’s Husband (1931). Was taken to Hollywood in 1932 to play the daughter in A Bill of Divorcement (Radio). So brilliant was this, her first screen performance, that she was immediately signed on a five-year contract with Radio. It is an unusual contract, laying down that she need make only two pictures a year, during the summer. Her winters are given to the stage and to travel.

HERBERT, Holmes. B. Dublin. Fair hair, grey eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 11 in. Wt. 11 st. 11 lb. Ed. Nottingham High School, Rugby. M. Beryl Mercer ; 1 dau., Joan, b. 1920.

Entered motion pictures in 1917 in New York with Famous Players.

Played in : Madame X (M.G.M.), The Terror (Warner), His Lady (Warner), On Trial (Warner), Mr. Wu (M.G.M.), Thirteenth Chair (M.G.M.), Untamed (M.G.M.), Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (Para), The Single Sin (Tiffany), Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (Para), Daughter of the Dragon (Para), Shop Angel (Pathe), Miss Pinkerton (F.N.), Central Park (Warner).

HERBERT, Hugh. B. Binghampton, New York, 1887. Brown hair, grey-blue eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 10 in. Ed. Cornell University.

Has achieved success as actor and playwright and has written over 150 plays and sketches. Made his screen debut in one of his own stories, entitled Mind Your Business (Fox). Also wrote continuity and dialogue for The Great Gabbo (W.W. 1929);

Also Played in : Laugh and Get Rich (Radio), Travelling Husbands (Radio), Friends and Lovers (Radio), The Lost Squadron (Radio), Million Dollar Legs (Para), Goldie Gets Along (Radio).

HERS HOLT, Jean. B. Copenhagen, Denmark, July 12, 1886. Dark brown

hair, blue eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 11 in. Wt. 12 st. 12 lb. Ed. Grammar and high schools, Copenhagen.

Decided at eighteen to pursue a theatrical career. In 1915 was chosen by the Danish government to stage the Danish National Fair at the San Francisco Exhibition. Was there seen by the late Thomas Ince and given his first film role.

Played in : Four Horsemen of tJ.e

Apocalypse (M.G.), Tess of the Storm Country (U.A.), So Big (F.N.), Don Q, Son of Zorro (U.A.), Thirteen Washington Square (Univ), Stella Dallas (M.G.M.), Student Prince (M.G.M.), Greed (M.G.M.), A Soldier’s Plaything (Warner), Viennese Nights (M.G.M.), Daybreak (M.G.M.), Transatlantic (Fox), Abie’s t Irish Rose (Para),Private Lives (M.G.M.), Rise of Helga (M.G.M.), The Lullaby (M.G.M.), Emma (M.G.M.), Mamba (Tiffany), Phantom oj Paris (M.G.M.), Beast of the City (M.G.M.), Justice for Sale (M.G.M.), New Morals for Old (M.G.M.), Are you Listening? (M.G.M.), Unashamed (M.G.M.), Skyscraper Souls (M.G.M.), Grand Hold (M.G.M.), Hearts of Humanity (Majestic) Mask of Fu Manchu (M.G.M.), Flash (M.G.M.).

HEYBURN, Weldon. B. Washington, Greenish-grey eyes. Ht. 6 ft. Ed. public schools, Washington ; George Washington University ; the University of Alabama. M. Greta Nissen (film star), 1932.

Took his degree in law, but the stage beckoned before he had started to practise. Joined a stock company in Mass, and was soon playing leading parts on Broadway. Screen debut 1932.

Played in : Silent Witness (Fox),

Careless Lady (Fox), The Gay Caballero (Fox), Speak Easily (M.G.M.).

HIATT, Ruth. Real name, Ruth Redfern. B. Cripple Creek, Cal., Jan. 6, 1908. Blonde hair, blue eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 3 in. Wt. 8 st. 8 lb. Ed. San Diego High School.

Was originally intended for a theatrical career, but after a very brief experience in that direction, entered motion pictures, to which she has devoted her whole attention since 1923.

Played in : Smith Family Comedies, The Missing Link (Warner), Shanghai Road (Warner), Night Work (Pathe), Grass Skirts, Camera Shy (Educ), Honk Your Horn (Educ), The Beauties (Pathd), Carnival Revue (Pathe); Some Babies (Pathe), Sunset Trail (Univ).

HICKS, Seymour. B. St. Helicr,

(HIL-HOL) Biographies of the Players

Jersey, Jan. 30, 1871. M- Ellaline Terriss.

Although for many years one of the leading figures on the London stage, it is only recently that he has bi ought his talent to the screen. Most of his pictures have been under the B.I.P. banner.

Played In : The Love Habit (B.I.P.), Glamour (B.I.P.), Money For Nothing (B.I.P.), Sleeping Partners (Sageen Pro), The Catch of the Season.

HILL, Josephine. B. San Francisco. Light hair, blue eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 2 in. Began her career in Westerns in 1916, after having played on the American stage.

Played in : West of Cheyenne (Syndicate), The Kid From Arizona (Cosmos), Wild West Whoopee (Allied).

HOBART, Rose. Real name, Rose Kefer. B. New York City. Brown hair, blue eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 4-^ in. Wt. 8 st. 3 lb. Ed. Ivnox-on-the-Hudson ; Highland Hall, Pennsylvania; Chatham Episcopal Institute, Virginia. M. William Mason Grosvenor, Jun., Oct. 1932.

As a child went to Paris to study for a musical career but at fifteen changed her mind and went on the stage. Was given a film contract by Universal and was lent to play opposite Charles Farrell in Liliom (Fox, 1930).

Also Played in : Chances (F.N.),

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (Para), Scandal For Sale (Univ), A Lady Surrenders (Univ), East of Borneo (Univ), Compromised (F.N.), We Three (F.N.).

HOBBES, Halliwell. B. Stratford-on-Avon, Nov. 16, 1877. Ed. Stratford. M. Naneie B. Marsland,

Made his stage debut with F. R. Benson’s Shakespearean company at Glasgow, 1S98, and later toured the West Indies with the same company. Also toured South Africa and Australia, and played in New York and on the London stage. Made his screen debut in fealousy (Para).

Also Played in : Grumpy (Para), The Bachelor Father (M.G.M.), The Menace (Col), Platinum Blonde (Col), Charley's Aunt (Col), Lovers Courageous (M.G.M.), Forbidden (Col), Dr. jekyll and Mr. Hyde (Para), Devil’s Lottery (Fox), Man About Town (Fox), Week-Ends Only (Fox), Six Hours to Live (Fox).

HOBBS, J ack. B. London, Sept. 28, 1893. Dark hair, blue-grey eyes. M. Margaret Wadd, June, 1923.

First stage appearance was as the Unicorn in Alice in Wonderland, in the London production. 1906. Toured in

America and Canada, and has since achieved considerable fame in London, both on the stage and in films.

Played in : Tom Brown’s Schooldays

(Windsor), The Lady Clare (British Actors), The Face at the Window (British Actors), Inheritance (British Actors), The Shuttle of Life (British Actors), The Call of Youth (Famous-Players-Lasky-British), The Eleventh Commandment (Gau), The Happy Ending (Gau-Brit), All of A Tremble, Dr. Josser, K.C. (B.I.P.), Mischief (B. & D.), Love Lies (B.I.P.), Love Race (B.I.P.), Josser Joins the Navy (B.I.P.), The Last Coupon (B.I.P.), Josser in the Army (B.I.P.), His Wife's Mother (B.I.P.).

HOEY, Dennis. B. London, March 30, 1893. Light brown hair, grey eyes. Ht. 6 ft. 2 in. Wt. 13 st. 7 lb. Ed. Great Yarmouth ; Brighton. M. Josephine Marta Hoey, June, 1931. Stage debut, 1920. Has appeared in pantomime, grand opera and musical comedy, as well as in straight parts. Visited America and South Africa. Figured prominently in Chit Chin Chow, Desert Song, Hassan and Hamlet. Broke into films 1931, and has appeared in many B.I.P. successes.

Played in : Tell England (B.I.F.)

Love Lies (B.I.P.), Man from Chicago (B.I.P.), Verdict of the Sea (B.I.P.), Never Trouble Trouble (B.I.P.), Baroud (Rex Ingram), Life Goes On (Para-Brit), Maid of the Mountains (B.I.P.), Good Companions (Gau-Brit).

HOLMES, Phillips. B. Grand Rapids, Michigan, July 22, 1909. Blond hair, blue eyes. Ht. 6 ft. Wt. 11 st. 1 lb. Ed. Grand Rapids, Princeton ; Trinity College, Cambridge ; also in Paris. Made his film debut without any stage experience, one of his earliest films being Varsity (Para, 192S).

Also Played in : Stairs of Sand (Para), Return of Sherlock Holmes (Para), Pointed Heels (Para), Only the Brave (Para), Paramount on Parade (Para), The Devil’s Holiday (Para), Her Man (Radio), The Criminal Code (Col), Stolen Heaven (Para), American Tragedy (Para, not shown in Britain), Grumpy (Para), Her Dilemma (Para), The Man I Killed (Para), Two Kinds of Women (Para), Justice for Sale (M.G.M.), Seventy Thousand Witnesses (Para), State Fair (Fox), Rockabye (Radio).

HOLT, Jack. B. Winchester, Virginia, May 31, 18SS. Dark brown hair and eyes. Ht. 6 ft. Wt. 12 st. 12 lb. Ed New York public schools;

Biographies of the Players (HOP-HOR)

Virginia Military Institute. Married; I son.

Before going on the stage had a romantic career as civil engineer, rancher and copper prospector. His ability as a rider earned him his first parts in films, being cast as a Western hero in a series of films, the most noteworthy being Zane Grey’s The Light of Western Stars (Para, 1925).

Also Played in : Wild Horse Mesa

(Para.) The Enchanted Hill (Para), The Thundering Herd (Para), Wanderer of the Wasteland (Para), Submarine (Col), The Vanishing Pioneer (Para), The Water Hole (Para), Avalanche (Para), Sunset Pass (Para), The Donovan Affair (Col), Father and Son (Col), Flight (Col), Vengeance (Col), Border Legion (Para), Behind the Mask (Col), Maker of Men (Col), The Squealer (Col), Dangerous Affair (Col), The Last Parade (Col), Fifty Fathoms Deep (Col), Subway Express (Col), Dirigible (Col), White Shoulders (Radio), War Correspondent (Col), The Last Man (Col), This Sporting Age (Col), Plain-clothes Alan (Col).

HOPKINS, Miriam. B. Bainbridge, Georgia. Silver blonde hair, blue eyes. Ht. 5 ft. Wt. 7 st. 2 lb. М. Austin Parker ; div ; one adopted child. Began her career as a chorus girl, and then made her screen debut with Paramount in Fast and Loose, (1930.) Was with Ann Harding in Holiday (Pathe).

Also Played in : Smiling Lieutenant (Para), The Hours Between (Para), The World and the Flesh (Para), Two Kinds of Women (Para), Dancers in the Dark (Para), Dr. Jekyll and Air. Hyde (Para), Honest Finder (Para).

HOPPER, Hedda. Real name, Elda Furry. B. Hallidaysburg, June 2, Dark brown hair, green eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 7 in. Wt. 8 st. 13 lb. Ed. Pittsburg Girls’ Seminary; Carter’s Conservatory of Music. M. De Wolf Hopper ; div. ; 1 son.

At eighteen ran away from her school and went to New York, where she began her career in the musical comedy chorus. For several seasons was well known as a dramatic actress and prima donna. Screen debut in 1921, playing lead in The Battle of Hearts (Fox).

Also Played in -.Aloriarty (Goldwyn), Zander The Great (M.G.), The Last of Airs. Chevney (M.G.M.), His Glorious Night (M.G.M.), Let Us Be Gay (M.G.M.), Our Blushing Brides (M.G.M.), The Divorcee (M.G.M I, Shipmates (M.G.M.), War Nurse (M.G.M.), The Easiest Way (M.G.M.), The Prodigal (M.G.M.), Alen Call It Love (M.G.M.), Strangers May Kiss (M.G.M.),

A Tailor Alade Alan (M.G.M.), West of Broadway (M.G.M.), Rebound (Radio), The Alystary Train (Continental), The Common Law (Radio), Virtuous Wives, Sherlock Holmes (First Division), Don Juan (Warner), Children of Divorce (Para), Alona Lisa, Companionate Alarriage (F.N.), Girls Gone Wild (Fox), Ilis Glorious Night (M.G.M.), Half Alarriage (Radio), Song of Kentucky (Fox), High Society Blues (Fox), Such Alen Are Dangerous (Fox), Holiday (Radio), Giving In (M.G.M.) Happy Landing (M.G.M.), Good Sport (Fox), The Silent Voice (Warner), Night World (Univ), As You Desire Ale (M.G.M.), Speak Easily (M.G.M.), Skyscraper Souls (M.G.M.), Downstairs (M.G.M.).

HOPTON, Russell. B. New York City, Feb. 18, 1900. Brown hair, blue eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 11 in. Wt. 11 st. 6 lb. Ed. New York Agricultural College.

After graduating from school he worked for a year as a film salesman. He then became property man and rose to the position of assistant film director. Fie was on the stage for two years and finally entered films, making his debut in Call cf the Flesh (M.G.M. 1930).

Also Played in : College Lovers (F.N.), Min and Bill (M.G.M.), The Big Timer (Col), Derelict (Para), Law and Order (Univ), Street Scene (U.A.), Reckless Living (Univ), Arrowsmith (U.A.), Discarded Lovers (Tower), Radio Patrol (Univ), Tom Brown of Culver (Univ), Night World (Univ), Fast Companions (Univ), Back Street (Univ), Airmail (Univ), Famous Ferguson Case (F.N.), The Drifter (Kent), Once in a Lifetime (Univ), Dance, Fools, Dance (M G M ).

HORN, Camilla. B. Frankfort, Germany, April 25, 1908. Blonde hair, hazel eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 5 in. Wt. 8 st. 8 lb. Ed. Frankfort, Germany ; Switzerland. M. Klaus Geerz ; div. 1930.

Started as a dancer on the stage and afterwards became a small-part player in Berlin studios. Her first leading part was Marguerite in Faust (U.F.A. 1926), the film in which Emil Jannings played Mcphistopheles. Some time later she went to Hollywood to play opposite John Barrymore in Tempest (U.A.). Came to England to play in The Return of Raffles (Nettlefold, 1932).

Also Played in : A Street in Algiers (U.F.A.), Nemesis (German), Happy Vineyard (Fleck), King of the Mountains, Eternal Love (U.A.).

HORTON, Edward Everett. B. Brooklyn, N.Y, Brown hair, hazel eyes.

(HOW-HUG) Biographies of the Players.

lit. 5 ft. ii in. Ed. Columbia University. After a long, successful stage career including seasons in Gilbert and Sullivan operas, he made his screen debut in Buggies of Red Gap (Para, 1923), followed by many silent films. Played in The Terror (Warner), the first sound film shown in Britain.

Also Pi.ayed in : La Boheme

(M.G.), Toast of the Legion (F.N.), Six-Cylinder Love (Fox), The Front Page (U.A.), Reaching for the Moon (U.A.), Age for Love (U.A.), But the Flesh is Weak (M.G.M.), Smart Woman (Radio), Holiday (Pathe), Once a Gentleman (W. & F.), The Roar of the Dragon (Radio), Thieves and Lovers (Para).

HOWARD, Leslie. B. London, April 3. '1893. Blond hair, brown eyes. Ht. 6 ft. Wt. lost. 5 lb Ed. Dulwich. M. Ruth Evelyn Martin ; 1 son,

Ronald ; 1 dau. Leslie.

Was a bank clerk until war was declared and he joined up. On being discharged, made his stage debut as T°rry in Peg 0' My Heart. Created a sensation in New York by his performance m Her Cardboard Lover. Wrote and produced Tell Me the Truth (1928). Was marked for important screen roles after his successful performance in Outward Bound (Warner). Returned to England for a short period in 1931 to play with Elizabeth Allan in Service for Ladies (Para-Brit).

Also Played in : Never the Twain

Shall Meet (M.G.M.), Daughter of Luxury (M.G.M.), A Free Soul (M.G.M.), Devotion (Patl^), Animal Kingdom (Radio), Smiling Through (M.G.M.).

HOWARD, Sydney. B. Yeadon, August, 7, 1S84. dark hair, blue eyes, Ht, 5 ft. 8£ in. Wt. 12 st. Ed. Yeadon, near Leeds. M. Dora White ; 1 dau. Wendy.

Formerly employed in a paper merchant’s business. First appearance on the stage in 1912. Ranked as a leading comedian after his performance in Hit the Deck (1927). Screen debut, Splinters (B. & D., 1930).

Also Played in : Up For the Cup

(B & D.), Splinters in the Navy (Twickenham), The Mayor’s Nest (B. & D.), Almost a Divorce (B. & D.), Up For the Derby (B. & D.), French Leave, Tilly of Bloomsbury (Sterling), It’s a King (B. & D.).

HOWES, Basil. B. Bristol, Dec. 19, 1901. Ed. Clifton, Bristol.

Went from an architect’s office to the stage, making his first appearance at Leicester, 1922. London stage debut,

June, 1923. First film, The New Hotel (P.D.C ), 1932.

HOWES, Bobby. B. Chelsea, Aug 4, 1895. M. Patricia Malone; one son, b. 1924, one dau. b. 1930.

Made his stage debut in variety in 1909. Later appeared in musical comedy and eventually turned his attention to the screen, playing lead in Third Time Lucky (Gains, 1931).

Also Played in : Guns of Loos (silent) (Stoll), Lord Babs (Gains), For the Love of Mike (B.I.P.).

HOWLAND, Jobyna. B. Indianapolis. . Ht. 6 ft. Wt. 11 st. 6 lb. Ed. Denver, Col.

A well-known comedienne who has played in many successful productions on the American and English stage. Is one of the tallest film actresses.

Played in : Honey (Para), Dixiana (Radio), Hook, Line and Sinker (Radio), The Cuckoos (Radio), Jenny Lind (M G.M.), The Virtuous Sin (Para), Stepping Sisters (Fox), Cast Iron (Para), Once in a Lifetime (Univ), Silver Dollar (Warner),

HUDSON, Rochelle. B. Claremore, Okla., March 6, 1914. Black hair, grey eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 3 in. Wt. 7 st. 9 lb. Ed. High School, Claremore; Oklahoma City ; and by private tutor.

Entered films two years ago without previous stage experience. The following year was chosen as a Wampas Baby Star and given a long-term contract.

Played in : Beyond the Rockies

(Radio), Hell’s Highway (Radio), Top of the Bill (Radio), Mysteries of the French Police (Radio)

HUGHES, Lloyd. B. Bisbee, Arizona. Oct. 21, 1899. Brown hair, grey eyes, Ht. 6 ft. Wt. 11 st. 1 lb. Ed. Polytechnic High School. M. Gloria Hope, June, 1921, one son, b. 1932.

Started as an assistant in a film laboratory but one day got the chance to appear as an extra. From crowd player he rose to leading man.

Played in : Tess of the Storm Country (U.A.), The Lost World (F.N.), Sally (F.N.), The Sea Hawk (F.N.), The Mysterious Island (]\I.G.31.), Where East is East (M.G.M ), Heart to Heart (F.N.), No Place to Go (F.N.), The Stolen Bride (F.N.), An Affair of the Follies (F.N.), Acquitted (Col), Love Comes Along (Radio), Hello, Sister (W.W.), Big Boy (Warner), Moby Dick (Warner), Hell Bound (Tiffany), Drums of Jeopardy (Tiffany), Sky Raiders (Col), Unwanted (Col), Air Eagles (Darmour), The

Biographies of the Players (HUL-HUM)

Deceiver (Col), Private Scandal (Pathc), Lady of the Lake, Case of Lady Camber 'Lhe Miracle Man (Para). (B.I.P.).

HULBERT, Claude. B. London, Dec. 25, 1901. P. Dr. H. H. Hulbert and Lily Mary Hinchcliffe. Brother of Jack Hulbert. Fair hair, blue ej'es. Ht. 5 ft. 10 in. \Yt. и st. 2 lb. Ed. Caius College, Cambridge. M. Enid Trevor ; dau. b. 1927.

Was a member of Cambridge University Footlights Dramatic Club, and with this company appeared at the Strand Theatre, June 18, 1920. First experience of the professional stage at the Alhambra, Bradford. One of his earliest appearances on the screen was made for Hitchcock in Champagne (1929). Is also a popular wireless entertainer.

Also Played in : A Night Like This (B. Sc D.), Thark (B. & D.), The Mayor’s Nest (B. & D.), Up for the Derby (B. & D.), Let Me Explain, Dear (B.I.P.).

HULBERT, Jack. B. Ely, Cambs, April 24, 1892. Brother of Claude

Hulbert. Ed. Westminster School; Caius College, Cambridge. M. Cicely Courtneidge.

Gave a clear indication of his ambitions by taking part in every possible theatrical and concert entertainment given at his university. First stage appearance, New Theatre, Cambridge, 1911. Has recently taken part in a number of film productions, notable among them being Jack’s The Boy (Gains, 1932).

Also Played in : The Ghost Train

(Gains), Elstree Calling (B.I.P.), Sunshine Susie (Gains), Love on Wheels (Gains), Happy Ever After (Gau-Brit).

HUME, Benita. B. London, 1906. Brown hair and eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 5 in. Wt. 7st. 9 lb. Ed. Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. M. Eric Siepman, June 1926; div. 1931.

Stage debut as Miska in the revival of Kismet, New Oxford, April, 1925. Screen debut, The Happy Ending (1925).

Also Played in : The Flying Fool

(B.I.P.), Balaclava (Gains), The Light Woman (Gains), Clue of the New Pin (B.L.), Escape (A.T.P.), Lloneymoon Adventure (A.T.P.), Happy Ending (Gau-Brit sound version), High Treason (Gau), Symphony in Two Flats (Gains), Constant Nymph (Gains), House of the Arrow (Twickenham), South Sea Bubble (Gains), The Wrecker (Gains), Diamond Cut Diamond (Eric Hakim), Help Yourself (W.B.-F.N.), Women Who Play (Para-Brit), Service for Ladies (Para-Brit), Men of Steel (Langham), Sally Bishop (B.L.),

HUME, Marjorie. B. Yarmouth, Jan. 27, 1900. Dark brown hair and eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 6 in.

For some years she studied painting but gave it up to become an actress. Is well-known on stage and screen. Made her film debut in Her Greatest Performance (Ideal), with the late Ellen Terry.

Also Played in : Doing His Bit (Ideal), The Keeper of the Door (Stoll), The Duchess of Seven Dials (London), Lady Tetley’s Decree (London), The Swindler (Stoll), Scarlet Kiss (Goodwins), The Great Day (Famous-Lasky), The Call of Youth (Famous-Lasky), Kitty Tailleur (Granger-Binger), Bluff (Hardy), A Prince of Lovers (Gau), Island of Despair, Love and the Whirlwind (Alliance), Silent Evidence, (Gau), Simonne Everard, M’Lord of the White Road (Davidson), Two Little Vagabonds, Squire of Long Hadley (Stoll), King of the Castle (Stoll), Wonderful Wooing (Stoll), A Colombo Night (Stoll), This Marriage Business (Gau), Afterwards (Bushey), A Romance of Riches, The Triumph cf the Scarlet Pimpernel (B. & D.), Young Woodley (B.I.P.), Lord Richard in the Pantry (Twickenham), Deadlock (G. King), Betrayal (U.A.-Brit).

HUMPHREY, William. B. Chicopee Falls, Mass., Jan. 2, 1874. Dark brown and grey hair, dark grey eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 8 in. Wt. 11 st. 11 lb. M. Berthe Sotenberg. ,

Following extensive experience on the stage, during which he had toured in most parts of America, Canada and the West Indies, made his film debut with the Vitagraph Company in Brooklyn, New York. He then played in Napoleon. Also produced in the early days of films.

Also Played in : The Social Code

(Metro), Scaramouclie (Metro), Rouged Lips (M.G.M.), Beau Brummcl (Warner), Abraham Lincoln (F.N.), Lone Night m Rome (M.G.M.), The Arizona Express (Fox), Dangerous Innocence (Univ), Dru-silla With a Million (Radio), The Unholy Three (M.G.M.), Three Wise Crooks (Radio), The Sky Pilot (F.N.), Lady Robinhood (Radio), Stella Dallas (U.A.), The Phantom of the Opera (Univ), O. Henry Stories (Vita), The Volga Boatman (РаШё), The Silent Lover (F.N.), The Danger Girl (Pathe), The Actress (M.G.M.), The Godless Girl (Ра№ё), Trelawney of the Wells (M.G.M.), Salvation Sal, The Sky Call, Men of the Dawn, Devil May Care (M.G.M.).

(HUN-HYM) Biographies of the Players

HUNTER, Ian. B. Kenilworth, near Cape Town, South Africa, June 13, 1900. Brown hair, grey eyes. Ht. 6 ft. Wt. 13 st. 6 lb Ed. St. Andrew's College, Grahamstown, Cape Colony. 31. Catherine Casha Pringle Came to England in 1917. Joined the army and served in France. Had a walking-on part in Jack 0’ Jingles, Sept. 4, 1919. A few years later made his film debut in British films. Downhill (Gains 1927) and Escape (A.T.P. 1930), are among the best known.

Also Played in : Easy Virtue (Gains), His House in Order (Gau), Ring (B.I.P.), Cape Forlorn (B.I.P.), Sally in Our Alley (A.R.P.), Valley of Ghosts (B.L.), The Sign of Four (A.R.P.), The Water Gypsies (A.R.P.), Marry Me (Gains), There goes the Bride (Gains-B.L), Man from Toronto (Gains).

HUSTON, Walter. B. Toronto, Ontario,' April 6, 1884. Brown hair, hazel eyes. Ht. 6 ft. Wt. 12 st. 12 lb. M. (1) Bayonne Whipple, 1915; div. Oct., I93i; (2) Ninette Sunderland, Nov., 1931.

Studied electrical engineering, but, on qualifying, was tempted to join a travelling show. Seven years of hard wo к and indifferent luck followed. Turned again to electrical engineering. Like all true artists, however, he could not tor long remain away from the stage, and a second venture proved more successful, leading him to a Paramount contract—a big part in Gentlemen of the Press (1929). ,

Also Played in : Lady Lies (Para),

Virginian (Para), Bad Man (F.N.), Abraham Lincoln (U.A.), Criminal Code (Col), Star Witness (Warner), The Ruling Voice (F.N.), Law and Order (Univ), Woman from Monte Carlo (F.N.), A House Divided (Univ), Beast of the City (M.G.M.), Wet Parade (M.GDI.), Justice For Sale (M G.M.), American Madness (Col), Rain (Col), Kongo (31.GDI.).

HUTH, Harold. B. Huddersfield, Yorks, Jan. 20, 1894. Dark hair, brown eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 10 in. Ed. Dover College. Was for many years associated with the motor industry in this country, until his cousin, Roland Pertwee, took him to the Gainsborough Studios, Islington, on a sight-seeing tour. Decided tie would become a film actor, which he promptly did, his first part being that of an officer in One of the Best (Gains, 1927).

Also Played in : Downstream

(Carlton), The Outsider (Cinema House) Triumph of the Scarlet Pimpernel.

Bracelets (Gau-Brit), A Honeymoon Adventure (A.R.P.), Hours of Loneliness (Carlton), Guilt (Fogwell), McGlusky the Sea Rover (B.I.P.), Flying Squad (B.L.), The First Mrs. Fraser (Sterling), Aren't We AllP (Para-Brit), Rome Express (Gains), Sally Bishop (B.L.).

HYAMS, Leila. B. New York City,

May 1, 1906. Blonde hair, green eyes.

Ht. 5 ft. 4.> in. Wt. 8 st. 8 lb. Ed.

Clark’s School; Alenn School, New

York City. M. Phil Berg, Nov., 1927.

Her first theatrical experience was with her parents for five years. Later she toured with Wm. Collier, Sen. Film debut. The Kick Off (Excellent, 1925).

Also Played in : Alias Jimmy

Valentine (M.G.M.), Crimson City (Warner), White Pants Willie (F.N.), One Round Hogan (Warner), The Wizard (Fox), Honour Bound (Fox), Our Dancing Daughters (M.G.M.), Summer Bachelor (Fox), The Brute (Warner), Bush - Leaguer (Warner), Branded Sombrero (Fox), Land of the Silver Fox (Warner), The Far Call (Fox), Idle Rich (31.GDI.), Wonder of Women (M.G.M.), Masquerade (Fox), Spite Marriage (M.GDI.), Thirteenth Chair (M.GDI.), Their Own Desire (M.GDI.), Father's Day (M.GDI.), The Big House (M.GDI.), Bishop Murder Case (M.GDI.), The Girl Said No (M.GDI.), Richest Man in the World (M.GDI.), Flirting Widow (F.N.), Sweethearts and Wives (F.N.), Sins of the Children (M GDI ), Surrender (Fox), Freaks (M.GDI , not shown in Britain), Men Call it Love (M.GDI ), New Adventure of Get Rich Quick Walhngton (M.GDI.), Way Out West (M.GDI t, Gentleman's Fate (M.GDI.), Stepping Out (M.GDI.), Phantom of Paris (M.GDI.), Love in the Rough (M.GDI.), Way for a Sailor ( M.GDI. ), Mad Masquerade (31.GDI.), Big Broadcast (Para).

HYMER, Warren. B. New York, Feb

25, 1906. Black hair, black eyes. Ht.

6 ft. Ed. Yale University.

Started his career as a circus artist, doing aerial acts and performing with lions. Appeared in London and New York. Made his screen debut in Speakeasy (Fox, 1929).

Also Played in : Men Call it Love (31.GDI.), Charlie Chan Carries On (Fox), The Unholy Garden (U.A.), Goldie (Fox), M wietone Follies (Fox), Seas Beneath (Fox), The Spider (Fox), Love is a Racket (Warner), One Way Passage (Warnerl, Hold 'Em Jail (Radio), Night Mayor (Col), Madison Square Garden (Para), 20,000 Years in Sing Sing (Warner).

Biographies of the Players (INC-JAN)

The world film encyclopedia, 1933

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