Biographies Of The Players INC-KEN

INCE, John. Full name, John Edwards Ince. B. New York City. Grey hair, blue eyes. Ht. 5 ft. io| in. Wt. 13 st. 3 lb. Ed. Trinity Chapel, New York City. Married.

Was on the American stage from 1SS8 to 1913, then as director, producer and actor in motion pictures.

Played in : Lawful Larceny (Radio), Hot Curves (Tiffany), Moby Dick (Warner), Little Ccesar (F.N.), Children of Dreams (Warner), Mounted Fury (WAV.), Is There Justice ? (WAV.), Passport to Paradise (Mayfair). The Scoop (Royer), Young Blood (Like), No Living Witness (Mayfair).

INCE, Ralph. B. Boston, Mass., 1SS7. M. (1) Lucille Lee Stewart ; div. ; (2) Lucilla Mendez, 192G.

Stage career began with Richard Mansfield Company in The College Widow. Screen career began as actor and director for the old Vitagraph Company.

Played in: Not for Publication (Radio), Shanghaied (Radio), Chicago After Midnight (Radio), Bigger Than Barman's (Radio), Wall Street (Col), Gentleman's Fate (M.G.M.), Little Ccssar (F.N.), Hell-Bound. (Tiffany), Star Witness (Warner), Men of Chance (Radio), Numbered Men (F.N.), Law and Order (Univ), The Dove (Radio), Exposed (Radio), Law of the Sea (Mono), County Fair (Mono), The Mouthpiece (Warner), The Big Gamble (Pathe), The Lost Squadron (Radio), Cardigan’s Last Case (Radio), The Tenderfoot (F. N.), Guilty as Charged (Para), The Gorilla Ship (Like), You Said a Mouthful (Warner).

IRVINE, Robin. B. Ireland, M. Ursula Jeans, May, 1931.

Was playing on the London stage in the Christmas production of Peter Pan when Alfred Hitchcock gave him a part in Easy Virtue. (Gains, 1928).

Also Played in : Downhill (Gains), Keepers of Youth (B.I.P.), Land of Hope and Glory (Glory Films), Confetti (F.N.), Isle of Lost Ships (German), The Rising Generation (Neo-Art), A Knight in London (Ludwig Blattner), Above Rubies (Col).

IRVING, George. B. New York,

Grey hair, grey eyes. Ht. 6 ft. Wt. Wt. 12 st. 4 lb. Ed. College of City of New York; American Academy of Dramatic Art. M. Katherine .Gilman ; two daughters, Katherine and Dorothy. Entered motion pictures in 1913 ; became noted director, but after a time returned to acting.

Also Played in : Wanderer of the

Wasteland (Para), The Goose Hangs High (Para), Craig’s Wife (Pathe), Moran of the Marines (Para), Godless Girl (Pathe), The Dance of Life (Para), Thunderbolt (Para), Paris Bound (Radio), Coquette (U.A.), For Sale (F.N.), Son of the Gods (F.N.). Last Performance (Univ), Young Eagles (Para), Young Desire (Univ), The Naughty Flirt (F.N.), Ladies of the Big House (Para). An American Tragedy (Para, not shown in Britain), A Free Soul (M.G.M.), Daughter of Luxury (M.G.M.), The Runaround (Radio), Shipmates (M.G.M.), Touchdown (Para), 'Cisco Kid (Fox), Wicked (Fox), Craft (Whirlwind), The Star Witness (Warner), The Divorcee (M.G.M.), Confessions of a Co-Ed (Para), Her Dilemma (Para), Playing the Game (Para), Reputation (Radio), Man I Killed (Para), Vanishing Frontier (Para), Modern Madness (Chesterfield).

JANIS, Elsie. Real name, Bierbaucr. B. Columbus, Franklin, Ohio, March 16, 18S9. M. Gilbert Wilson.

An accomplished composer, playwright, and actress ; has toured extensively in America and this country, where she is equally popular. Wrote the story of Close Harmony, in which Buddy Rogers and Nancy Carroll starred for Paramount. Played in : Vitaphone Shorts (Warner).

JANNEY, Leon. B. Ogden, Utah, April 1, 1917. Ed. public schools of Hollywood ; Hollywood Professional School.

An accomplished boy actor who has appeared in the course of his short career in 45 pictures, excluding two-reelers. Had his name changed for a time to “ Leon Ramon,” and was immediately given the part of Abie in Abie’s Irish Rose. Para, 1929. Reverted to his original name. It is as “ Leon Janney ” that he has earned his present popularity.

Also Played in : Old Dutch, The Wind (M.G.M.), Our Gang (M.G.M.), Courage (Warner), Handful of Clouds (Warner), Old English (Warner), The Sin Flood (F.N.), Father’s Son (F.N.), Penrod and Sam (F.N.), Their Mad Moment (Fox), Son of Mine (Mono).

JANNEY, William. Full name William Preston Janney. B. New York City, Feb. 15, 1908. Dark brown hair, brown eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 10 in. Wt. 10 st. 5 lb. Ed. New York; Hollywood.

(JAN-JOH) Biographies of the Players

Following brief experience on the stage, entered motion-pictures in Dec., 1928.

Played in : Salute (Fox), Coquette

(U.A.), Mexicali Rose (Col), Dawn Patrol (F.N.), The Right of Way (F.N.), Young Desire (Univ), Those Who Dance (Warner), The Girl Said No (M.G.M.), Shooting Straight (Radio), The Pay Off (Radio), Cimarron (Radio), Girls Demand Excitement (Fox), Meet the Wife (Col), The Silent Voice (Warner), The Mouthpiece (Warner), Two Seconds (Warner), A Successful Calamity (Warner). Wild Horse Stampede (Col), I am a Fugitive (Warner), Ironmaster (Allied).

JANNINGS, Emil. B. Brooklyn, New York, July 26, 1886. Light brown hair, brown eyes. Ht. 6 ft. Wt. 14 st. 4 lb. Ed. Zurich, Switzerland; Gorlitz. M. four times ; (4) Gussie HoII.

Taken to Germany by his parents when ten years of age. Made his first stage appearance at the Gorlitz Theatre and later with a roving stock company, visiting different towns in Germany and travelling in wagons. Ernst Lubitsch persuaded him to take an interest in motion pictures in 1915. Divided his time between the stage and studio Then abandoned theatricals entirely for a screen career. Played the principal role in Vaudeville (Para, 1926), the film which brought world-wide fame to those who took part in it—among them Dupont, the director, Warwick Ward and Lya de Putti.

Also Played in : Waxworks (Viking), Quo Vadis (F.N.), Du Barry, Woman of Passion (German), Deception (U.F.A.), The Loves of Pharaoh (U.F.A.), Peter the Great (U.F.A.), Faust (U.F.A.), The Last Laugh (U.F.A.), The Way of All Flesh (Para), Street of Sin (Para), The Last Command (Para), The Patriot (Para), Sins 0} the Fathers (Para), Betrayal (Para), Fighting the White Slave Traffic (Berta Pictures), Bine Angel (U.F.A.), Der Grosse Tenor (U.F.A.), The Tempest (U.F.A.).

JEANS, Ursula. Real name, McMinn. B. Simla, India, May 5, 1906. Fair hair, blue eyes. Ed. London; Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. M. Robin Irvine, May 1931.

Stage debut, Cobra, 1925. Screen debut, with Henry Edwards and Miles Mander in The Fake (Neo-Art), 1927. Was chosen after a world-wide search, to play one of the principal parts in Cavalcade for Fox.

Also Played in : Flying Fool (B.I.P.), The Crooked Lady (Eric Hakim), Once Bitten (Twickenham), The Barton Mystery (Fara-Brit), Cavalcade (Fox).

JEAYES Allan. B. Finchley, Jan. 19, 1S85. Ed. Merchant Taylors’ School. M. Frances Hamerton.

Was formerly engaged in farming but, tiring of this, turned to the stage. Appeared for the first time on the professional stage at Folkestone, in The School for Scandal, 1906. Apart in The Ghost Train (Gains, 1932) induced him to devote part of his time to motion pictures.

Also Played in : Above Rubies (Pugh), Stranglehold (W.B.-F.N.), The Impassive Footman (A.R.P.).

JENNINGS, De Witt. Full name, De Witt Clarke Jennings. B. Cameron, Mo., June 21, 1879. Dark hair,

hazel eyes. Ht. 6 ft. Wt. 12 st. 12 lb. M. Ethel Conroy ; 3 children.

Was first attracted by a theatrical career, but later, in 1920, joined films.

Played in : McFadden’s Flats (F.N.), Name the Man (M.G.M.), The Great Mail Robbery (Radio), Home Made (Burroughs), The Night Flyer (Pathe), Marry the Girl (Sterling), The Unbroken Purple, Within the Law (F.N.), The Perfect Alibi (U.A.), Through Different Eyes (Fox), Movietone Follies (Fox), Big Trail (Fox), The White Man (M.G.M.), Min and Bill (M.G.M.), Seven Keys to Baldpate (Radio), Arrownnith (U.A.), Alibi (Univ), Trial of Mary Dugan (M.G.M.), The Valiant (Fox), The Crash (F.N.), Seven Footprints to Satan (F.N.), Red Hot Speed (Univ), In the Next Room (F.N.), The Captain of the Guard (Univ), Night Ride (Univ), Those Who Dance (Warner), The Derelict (Para), The Deceiver (Col), Caught Plastered (Radio), Arrow-smith (U.A.), A Dangerous Affair (Col), Dancers in the Dark (Para), Movie Crazy (Para), Central Park (Warner), Tess of the Storm Country (Fox), Employees’ Entrance (Warner).

JERROLD, Mary. Real name Allen. B. London Dec. 4, 1877. Auburn hair, blue eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 3 ins. Wt. 9 st. Ed. Gower Street School. M. Hubert Harben ; 2 children, Philip and Joan. London stage debut, 1896, as Prudence Dering in Mary Pennington, Spinster. Toured extensively in this country and in America before turning her attention to motion pictures. Early screen role in The “ W ” Plan (Burlington, 1930).

Also Played in : Alibi (Twickenham), The Sport of Kings (Gains), The Shadow Between (B.I.P.), The Blind Spot (W.B.-F.N.), The Last Coupon (B.I.P.), Perfect Understanding (Swanson).


JOHNSON. Helen. B. New York City.

Biographies of the Players (JOH-JOR)

io 7

Blonde hair, green eyes. lit. 5 ft. 5 in. Wt. 8 st. 8 lb. Ed. Flushing High School; Skidmore College.

Her early stage days were spent in repertory with New Playwrights and in vaudeville acts with Sessue Hayakawa (1930). Is a talented sculptress and, were she not an actress, could turn to art for a livelihood. Film debut 1930.

Played in : Children of Pleasure

(M.G.M.), The Divorcee (M.G.M.), Soldiers and Women (Col), Sin Takes a Holiday (Pathe), It Pays to Advertise (Para).

JOHNSON, Kay. B. Mt. Vernon, New York. Blonde hair, blue eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 4 in. Ed. Drew Academy; American Academy of Dramatic Art. M. (1) Reginald Denny ; one dau ; div.; (2) John Cromwell, Oct., 1928.

Following stage experience, made her film debut in Dynamite for Cecil de Mille (M.G.M., 1929).

Also Played in : This Mad World

(M.G.M.), American Madness (Col), Thirteen Women (Radio), Ship From Shanghai (M.G.M.), Madame Satan (M.G.M.), Single Sin (Tiffany).

JOLSON, Al. Real name, Asa Yoelson. B. St. Petersburg (now Leningrad), Russia, May 26, 1886. Black hair, brown eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 8 in-. M. three times : (i) Alma Osborne Carlton ; (2) Ethel

Delmar, 1922; div. 1926; (3) Ruby Keeler, Sept. 21, 1928.

Was intended by his Jewish parents to become a cantor in a synagogue. This was used as a theme in the story of The Jazz Singer (Warner, 1927). Began his career with a circus, was promoted to cafe entertainer, then formed a vaudeville act with his brother. Is now recognized as the greatest black-faced singer in America.

Also Played in : The Singing Fool

(Warner), Say It With Songs (Warner), Mammy (Warner), Sons 0’ Guns (U.A.), Big Boy (Warner), The New Yorker. (U.A.)

JONES, Charles (Buck). B. Vincennes, Indiana, Dec. 4, 1889. Brown hair, grey eyes. Ht. <3 ft. Wt. 12 st. 5 lb. Ed. at Indianapolis. M. Odille Osborne ; one dau. Maxine.

Spent his young days as a trick rider in a Wild West show before his appearance in films. Has seen active service in the Philippines, also in France during the Great War. Engaged by Fox after the Armistice and soon he was making a great success in Western pictures.

Played in : The Dawn Trail (Fox),

Desert Vengeance (Fox), The Fighting Sheriff (Col), Branded Sombrero (Fox), The Texas Ranger (Fox), The Avenger (Fox), Riders of the Purple Sage (Fox), One Man Trail (Fox), To a Finish (Fox), Bar Nothing (Fox), Riding Speed (Fox), Roughshod (Fox), Fast Mail (Fox), Trooper O’Neill (Fox), West of Chicago (Fox), Bells of San Juan (Fox), Boss of Camp 4 (Fox), Footlight Ranger (Fox), Snowdrift (Fox), Eleventh Hour (Fox), Hell’s Hole (Fox), Skidproof (Fox), Secondhand Love (Fox), Big Dan (Fox), Cupid’s Fireman (Fox), Not a Drum Was Heard (Fox), Vagabond Trail (Fox), Circus Cowboy (Fox), Western Luck (Fox), Against All Odds (Fox), Desert Outlaw (Fox), Winner Take All (Fox), Man Who Played Square (Fox), Arizona Romeo (Fox), Gold and the Girl (Fox), Trail Rider (Fox), Hearts and Spurs (Fox), Timbei Wolf (Fox), Durand of the Bad Lands (Fox), The Desert's Price (Fox), The Cowboy and the Countess (Fox), Fighting Buckaroo (Fox), A Man Four Square (Fox), Flying Horseman (Fox), Gentle Cyclone (Fox), Desert Valley (Fox), War Horse (Fox), Good as Gold (Fox), Hills of Peril (Fox), Whispering Sage (Fox), Chained Lightning (Fox), Black Jack (Fox), Blood Will Tell (Fox), Branded (Col), Border Law (Col), The Range Feud (Col), High Speed (Col), One Man Law (Col), South of the Rio Grande (Col), Born to Trouble (Col), Ridin' For Justice (Col), The Deadline (Col), The White Eagle (Col), McKenna of the Mounted (Col), The Sundown Rider (Col), Reckless Romante (Col).

JORDAN, Dorothy. B. Clarksville,

Tennessee, Aug. 9, 1910. Brown hair,

blue eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 2 in. Wt. 7 st.

4 lb. Ed. Clarksville High School ;

South University of Memphis, Tennessee.

Began her career in the chorus of the Capitol Theatre, New York. Achieved principal parts in musical comedies, and in 1929 made her film debut in Black Magic (Fox),

Also Played in : The Taming of the Shrew (U.A.), Tailor-made Man (M.G.M.), Young Sinners (Fox), Shipmates (M.G.M.), Devil-May-Care (M.G.M.), In Gay Madrid (M.G.M.), The Derelicts (M.G.M.), Spring Fever (M.G.M.), Call of the Flesh (M.G.M.), Love in the Rough (M.G.M.), Min and Bill (M.G.M.), Hell Divers (M.G.M.), Wet Parade (M.G.M.), Lost Squadron (Radio), Roadhouse Murder (Radio), Belove-Bachelor (Para), Seventy Thousand Witd nesses (Para), Down to Earth (Fox), Cabin in the Cotton (Warner),That’s My Boy (Col).

(JOY-KAR) Biographies of the Players

JOY, Leatrice. Real name Leatrice Joy Zeidler. B. New Orleans. Black hair, dark brown eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 2 in. Wt. 8 st. 13 lb. Ed. Sacred Heart Academy, New Orleans. M. (1) John Gilbert ; div. Aug. 1924 ; (2) William Spencer Hook, Oct. 1931.

Although she was first seen on the stage, it was not until she made her appearance in motion pictures that fame came her way. Will long be remembered for her fine performance in The Ten Commandments (Para, 1924). Retired from the screen after her second marriage.

Also Played in : Manslaughter (Para), Tale of Two Worlds (Goldwyn), Java Head (Para), The Bine Danube (Pathe), ManMade Woman (Path6), A Most Immoral Lady (F.N.), Strong Boy (Fox), The Bellamy Trial (M.G.M.).

JOYCE, Alice. B. Kansas City, Missouri, Oct. 1, 1890. Dark brown hair, hazel eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 7 in. Wt. 8 st. 10 lb. Ed. public schools at Kansas City ; Annandale, Pa. Married ; 2


Played her first film part in The Lion and the Mouse (1923), for Vitagraph.

Also Played in : Stella Dallas (U.A.), Sorrell and Son (U.A.), Dancing Mothers (Para), Beau Geste (Para), The Ace of Cads (Para), So’s Your Old Man (Para), The Noose (F.N.), 13, Washington Square (Univ), The Squall (F.N.), Song o’ Л1у Heart (Fox), He Knew Women (Radio), Midnight Mystery (Radio), Green Goddess (Warner).

JUDGE, Arline. B. Bridgeport, Conn., Feb. 21. Dark brown hair, brown eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 2 in. M. Wesley Ruggles, Oct., 1931.

A rising young star who promises to do great things in the future. After very brief experience of the stage, was signed up by Radio Pictures and sent to Hollywood.

Played in: Girl Crazy (Radio), Young Brides (Radio), Is My Face Red ? (Radio), Roar of the Dragon (Radio).

KANE, Helen. B. New York City. Aug. 4, 1908. Brown hair, hazel eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 2 in.

Gained her first stage experience with the four Marx brothers’ revue, with which she played for two seasons. Then from one revue to another and eventually in cabarets. While playing at the Paramount Theatre, New York, achieved what

was perhaps her greatest success as a theatre star. Her singing style has won her the nickname throughout America of “ The Boop-a-doop Girl.” Was ultimately signed on contract by Paramount.

Played in : Nothing Bui The Truth (Para), Sweetie (Para), Pointed Heels (Para), Dangerous Dan McGrew (Para), Paramount on Parade (Para).

KARLOFF, Boris. B. London, Nov. 23, 1887. Dark brown hair, brown eyes. Ht. 6 ft. Wt. 12 st. 7 lb. Ed. Uppingham School ; King’s College, London. Married.

Spent several years on the stage in this country and in America. Screen career dates back to 1920, but it was not until the release of Frankenstein (Univ, 1931), in which he played the monster, that cinemagoers became familiar with his name.

Also Played in : Behind That Curtain (Fox), Criminal Code (Col), Five Star Final (F.N.), Donovan’s Kid (Radio), The Public Defender (Radio), Graft (Univ), The Unholy Night (M.G.M.), The Sea Bat (M.G.M.), The Guilty Generation (Col), Cracked Nuts (Radio), The Invisible Man (Univ), To-night or Never (Col), I Like Your Nerve (F.N.), Behind the Mask (Col), The Yellow Passport (Fox), The Mad Genius (F.N.), The Miracle Man (Para), Scarf ace (Col), Alias the Doctor (F.N.), Night World (Univ), Cohens and Kellys in Hollywood (Univ), The Old Dark House (Univ), Mask of Fu Mancha (M.G.M.), Im-ho-tep (Univ).

KARNS, Roscoe. B. San Bernardino, Cal., Sept. 7, 1893. Brown hair, brown eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 10 in. Wt. 11 st. 6 lb. Ed. Santiago High School; University of Southern California. M. Mary M. Fraso.

Following fifteen years’ stage experience made his film debut in Hollywood, one of his earliest parts being in Wanning Up (Para, 1928), with Richard Dix.

Also Played in : Moran of the

Marines (Para), Beggars of Life (Para), Something Always Happens (Para), Win That Girl (Fox), Headlines (Univ), Jazz Mad (Univ), The Flying Ensign (M.G.M.), Dirigible (Col), This Thing Called Love (Pathd), Safety in Numbers (Para), Troopers Three (Tiffany), Man Trouble (Fox), Little \'Accident (Univ), The Gorilla (F.N.), The Stowaway (Univ), Roadhouse Murder (Radio), Working Wives (Warner), Two Against The World (Warner), Pleasure (Artclass), Crooked Circle (Tiffany), Night after Night (Para),

Biographies of the Players (REA-KEL)

tiockabye (Radio), 20,000 Years in Sing Sing (Warner), I am a Fugitive (Warner).

KEATON, Buster. B. Pickway, Ivan., Oct. 4, 1896. Black hair, brown eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 5 in. Wt. 10 st. Ed. at any particular town in which his parents were playing. M. Natalie Talmadge ; 2 sons, Joseph and Robert.

Played for years" with his parents in vaudeville and knockabout act known as The Three Keatons. Began screen career with Roscoe Arbuckle in 1917. Is now knovrn the world over as “ the frozenfaced comedian.”

Played in : The Three Ages (M.G.M.). Our Hospitality (M.G.M.), The Navigator (M.G.M.), Sherlock Holmes, Junior (M.G.M.), Battling Butler (M.G.M.), Steamboat Bill, Junior (M.G.M.), The Camera Man (M.G.M.), His Wedding Night, Fatty at Coney Island, A Country Hero, One Week, Convict 13, The Scarecrow, Neighbours (World), The Butcher Boy, A Rough House, The Bell Boy (F.N.), Moonshine, Good-night Nurse, The Saphead (Metro), Cops, My Wife’s Relations, Seven Chances (M.G.), Go West (M.G.), The General (U.A.), College (U.A.), Spite Marriage (M.G.M.), The Hollywood Review (M.G.M), Romeo in Pyjamas (M.G.M.), Free and Easy (M.G.M.), Dough Boys (M.G.M.), Passionate Plumber (M.G.M.),Speak-Easily (M.G.M.), Forward March (M.G.M.), Sidewalks of New York (M.G.M.).

KEEFE, Cornelius. B. Boston, Mass., July 13, 1902. Black hair, brown eyes. Ht. 6 ft. 1 in. Wt. 11 st. 11 lb. Ed. Brookline High School.

Following three years' stage experience, was sent to California by First National to play the part he created on the stage in the screen version of 1'he Poor Nut (F.N., 1927). Having once had a taste of film work he decided to make motion pictures the medium for his talents.

Also Played in : Hook and Ladder No. 9 (Radio), A Moment of Temptation (Radio), Three’s a Crowd (F.N.), Come to My House (Fox), A Light in the Window (Rayart), Satan and the Woman (Excellent), You CanH Beat the Law (Rayart), The Man from Headquarters (Rayart), Hearts of Men (Crescent), Thunder Guarfl (Crescent), The Adorable Cheat (Chesterfield), Circumstantial Evidence (Chesterfield), The Cohens and Kellys in Atlantic City (Univ), Thanksgiving Day (Warner), The Devil’s Chaplain (Radio), Brothers (Rayart), Hearts and Hoofs (Pathe), Ex Flame (Liberty), Reputation

(Radio), Disorderly Conduct (Fox), Silver Lining (Patrician), Torchy's Vocation (Edur).

KEEN, Malcolm. Real name, Malcolm Knee. B. Bristol, Aug. 8, 1887.

Fair hair. Ht. 5 ft. 10 in. Ed. Clifton, Bristol.

A brilliant stage star who made his first appearance in London, 1902, walking on in Ulysses. Managed the Lyric Theatre, London, 1929. Played in Grangers’ silent version of The Skin Game (1922).

Played in : Wolves (B. & D.), 77, Park Lane (Famous Players’ Guild), Manxman (B.I.P.), Jealousy (Majestic).

KEENE, Tom. Real name, George Duryea. B. New York City, 1904. Brown hair, blue eyes. Ht. 6 ft. Wt. 10 st. 10 lb. M. Grace Stafford.

At one time was a cow-puncher and also drove a government stage coach. Saved money, entered a university, and afterwards went on the stage. Then joined the films where he found his early cowboy experience extremely useful.

Played in : Sundown Trail (Radio), Partners (Radio), Freighters of Destiny (Radio), The Saddle Buster (Radio), Beyond the Rockies (Radio), Gun Law (Radio), The Law Rides (Radio), Renegades of the West (Radio).

KEITH, Ian. Real name, Keith Ross. B. Boston, Mass., Feb. 27, 1899. Brown hair, grey-blue eyes. Ht. 6 ft. 2 in. Wt. 12 st. 12 lb. Ed. Trinity School, New York City ; Francis Parker College, Chicago ; Sargeant School of Drama, New York. M. (1) Blanche Yorka, 1922 ; div. 1925 ; (2) Ethel Clayton ; div. 1932.

Has had a successful career on the stage, during which he has played with Doris Keane, Marjorie Rambeau, Lionel Barrymore, Nazimova. Film debut, Manhandled (Para, 1924).

Also Played in : Love’s Wilderness (F.N.), The Divine Lady (F.N.), Prisoners (F.N.), Enticement (F.N.), Prince of Tempters (F.N.), Convoy (F.N.), The Loves of Sunya (U.A.), Man’s Past (Univ), The Illusion (Para), The Great Divide (M.G.M.), Light Fingers (Col), Prince of Diamonds (Col), Abraham Lincoln (U.A.), The Deceiver (Col), Tailor Made Man (M.G.M.), Phantom of Paris (M.G.M.), Unwanted (Col), Rise of Helga (M.G.M.), Sign of the Cross (Para).

KELLY, Kitty. B. New York City. AdH1 27. Blonde hair, blue eyes.

(KEN) Biographies of the Players

Ht. 5 it. 5 in. Ed. public schools ; St.

Agnes Academy, New York.

A fortner Ziegfeld Follies girl who was given a screen test which resulted in a contract with Radio.

Played in : Behind Office Doors (Radio), White Shoulders (Radio), Bachelor 'Apartments (Radio), Men of Chance (Radio), Ladies of the fury (Radio), Girl Crazy (Radio).

KENDALL, Henry. B. London, May 28,

1S98. Brown hair, blue eyes. Ht.

6 ft. Wt. 13 st. Ed. City of London


Stage debut Tommy Atkins (1914). Served in R.F.C. 1916-19. Composer of several songs and one musical comedy. Film debut Flying Fool (B.I.P., 1931).

Also Played in : The House Opposite (В.Г.Р.), Innocents of Chicago (B.I.P.), Mr. Bill the Conqueror (B.I.P.), Rich and Strange (B.I.P.), Timbuctoo (B.I.P.)., Watch Beverley (Sound City), French Leave (Sterling).

KENNEDY, Merna. Real name, Ivahler.

B. Kankakee, 111., 1908. Bronze titian

hair, green eyes. Ht. 5 ft. in.

Wt. 7 st. 9 lb. Ed. Houston, Texas.

At the age of nine she was singing, dancing and playing small parts on the stage. While playing at the Mason Theatre, Los Angeles, she was given a screen test by Charles Chaplin, who engaged her to play the leading role in The Circus (U.A., 1928). She was then sixteen, with no previous film experience.

Also Played in : Broadway (Univ), Barman Was Right (Univ), Skinner Steps Out (Univ), Embarrassing Moments (Univ), King of Jazz (Univ), The Gay Buckaroo (Allied), Reputation (Radio), Come On, Tarzan (Tiffany), Red-haired Alibi (Tiffany), Laughter in Hell (Univ).

KENNEDY, Том. B. New York City.

Black hair, blue eyes. Ht. 6 ft. 2^ in.

Wt. 14 st. 9 lb. Ed. New York.

Married ; 1 dau. Madeleine, 2 sons,

Don and Jack.

Was first attracted by a boxing career, but joined motion pictures, which he began making in 1915. One of his earliest films was Alimony Annie (Warner).

Also Played in : Hold ’Em, Yale

(Pathe), Cop (Pathd), Glad Rag Doll (Warner), Post Mortons (Christie), Big News (Pathe), Lover Over Night (Pathe), Madonna of the Streets (F.N.), Big House (M.G.M.), Cohens and Kellys in Atlantic City (Univ), Shannons of Broadway (Univ), The Gang Buster (Para), It Pays to Advertise (Para), Monkey Business (Para),

,Caught (Para), Pack Up Your Troubles (M.G.M.), Lady and Gent (Гага).

The world film encyclopedia, 1933

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