Biographies Of The Players KEN-LAW

KENT, Barbara. B. Gadsby, Alberta, Canada, Dec. 16, 1908. Brown hair, blue eyes. Ht. 5 ft. o£ in. Wt. 7 st. 2 lb. Ed. Hollywood High School.

This promising young star had won no fewer than three beauty prizes before making her film debut with Universal. Was given her first prominent part by Harold Lloyd in Welcome Danger (Para,


Also Played in : Stop That Man

(Univ), Shakedown (Univ), Lonesome (Univ), Flesh and the Devil (M.G.M.), Emma (M.G.M.), Night Ride (Univ), What Men Want (Univ), Dumbbells in Ermine (Warner), Feet First (Para), Indiscreet (U.A.), Stage Whispers (Chesterfield), Freighters of Destiny (Radio), Chinatown After Dark (Mayfair), Vanity Fair (Allied), Beauty Parlour (Chesterfield), Pride of the Legion (Tec-Art), No Living Witness (Mayfair).

KENT, Crauford. B. London. Dark brown hair, dark grey eyes. Ht. 5 ft. io£ in. Wt. 11 st. 6 lb. Ed. London. Married.

At one time he was a marine underwriter, then turned to the stage. Has lived in London, New York, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles. He made his screen debut in 1915.

Played in : Other Men’s Shoes

(Pathe), Silas Marner, Foreign Legion (Univ), Show Folks (Pathd), The Charlatan (Univ), In the Next Room (F.N.), Seven Keys to Baldpate (Para), Blindfold (Fox), The Wolf of Wall Street (Para), Come Across (Univ), Man, Woman, and Wife (Univ), Sweethearts and Wives (F.N.), The Unholy Three (M.G.M.), The Abysmal Brute (Univ), Show People (M.G.M.), The Second Floor Mystery (Warner), The Devil to Pay (U.A.), Body and Soul (Fox), Transatlantic (Fox), Delicious (Fox), Seven Keys to Baldpate (Radio, sound version), His Last Performance (Mono), Sally of the Subway (Mayfair), The Menace (Col), Stage Whispers (Butchers), File No. 113 (Allied), Sinister Hands (Kent), The Death Ray (Pathe), Western Ltd. (Mono), Thirteenth Guest (Mono).

KENYON, Doris. B. Syracuse, N.Y., Blonde hair, blue eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 5 in. Wt. 8 st. 13 lb. Ed. New York City. M. Milton Sills, 1926 ; he d. 1930. .

After brief experience of the stage appeared in Men of Steel (F.N., 1926), Ladies at Play (F.N., 1926), and Valley of Giants (F.N., 1927). Had previously given a fine performance opposite Rudolph

Biographies of the Players (KER-KIR)

Valentino in Monsieur Beaucaire, (Para 1924).

Also Played in : Thief in Paradise

(F.N.), Blonde Saint (F.N.), Burning Daylight (F.N.), Mismates (F.N.), Home Towners (Warner), Hawk's Nest (F.N.), Get Rich Quick Wallingford (Cosmo), Interference (Para), Beau Bandit (Radio), The Bargain (F.N.), Ruling Voice (F.N.), Five Star Final (F.N.), Road to Singapore (Warner), Alexander Hamilton (Warner), Branded (Col), We Humans (Fox), The Man Called Back (Tiffany).

KERR, Frederick. Real name, Frederick Grinham Keen. B. London,

Oct. 11, 1858. Ed. Charterhouse;

Caius College, Cambridge. M. Lucy H.


It was his intention to follow in his father's footsteps and become a solicitor, but changed his mind, and in 1881 went to America. Made his stage debut the following year in New York. The same year he returned to London and went into management in 1895. Is famous on both sides of the Atlantic as a stage and screen star. In England (1932), he made The Man From Toronto (Gains.)

Played in : Born To Love (Pathe), The Devil To Pay (U.A.), Always Good-bye (Fox), Waterloo Bridge (Univ), Friends And Lovers (Radio), Frankenstein (Univ), The High Road (M.G.M.), Raffles (U.A.), Lovers Courageous (M.G.M.), Honour of the Family (F.N.), Beauty And The Boss (Warner), But the Flesh is Weak (M.G.M.), Midshipmaid (Gau-Brit).

KIBBEE, Guy. B. El Paso, March 6, 1886.

Refused to enter the newspaper business in which his father and six brothers were engaged, and decided to become an actor. Of his twenty-eight years on the stage he has appeared on Broadway only during the last two years. He made his screen debut in Laughing Sinners (M.G.M., 1931).

Also Played in : Stolen Heaven

(Para), Man of the World (Para), City Streets (Para), Happy Landing (M.G.M.), Larceny Lane (Warner), New Adventures of Get Rich Quick Wallingford (M.G.M.), Play Girl (Warner), So Big (Warner), The Mouthpiece (Warner), The Crowd Roars (Warner), Gentleman for a Day (F.N.), High Pressure (Warner), Fireman, Save My Child (F.N.), Side Show (Warner), Winner Take All (Warner), Man Wanted (Warner), Taxi (Warner), Strange Love of Molly Louvain (Warner), Dark Horse (Warner), New York Town (Warner), The Crooner

(Warner), Week-End Marriage (Warner), Two Seconds (Warner), Rain (Col), Conquerors (Radio), Central Park (Warner), Forty-Second Street (Warner).

KING, Charles. B. New York City, Oct. 31, 1894. Ed. Grammar and

High Schools, Fordham, New York. M. Lila Rhodes.

At the age of fifteen he was celebrated as a child genius, owing to his singing voice which had never been trained. He toured in vaudeville, became a member of the Ziegfeld Follies, visited London and, after a successful stage career, entered films, since when he has been featured in no fewer than 420 shorts in ten years.

Played in : Broadway Melody (M.G.M.), The Girl In The Show (M.G.M.), Hollywood Revue (M.G.M.), Merry-go-Round (Univ), Oh, Sailor, Behave (Warner), The Gay Buckaroo (Allied), Alias the Bad Man (Tiffany), The Arizona Terror (Tiffany), Ghost City (Mono). A Man’s Land (Allied), Vanishing Men (Mono), Branded Men (Univ), Alias Panamint fack (West. Star).

KIRKLAND, Alexander.

A tall, handsome newcomer to the film colony who is already a familiar figure to film fans.

Played in : Surrender (Fox), Charlie Chan’s Chance (Fox), Devil’s Lottery (Fox), Strange Interlude (M.G.M.), Burnt Offering (Fox), Tarnished Lady (Para), Hat Check Girl (Fox), Almost Married (Fox).

KIRKWOOD, James. B. Grand Rapids, Mich., Feb. 22, 1883. Blue eyes, brown hair. Ht. 6 ft. M. (1) Gertrude Robinson ; div. ; (2) Lila Lee, 1923 ; div. Aug., 1931 > (З) Beatrice Powers, Sept. 1931. After a long and successful career on the stage was persuaded by D. W. Griffith to take up screen work, which he did, first as a director and later as actor. Directed his first film in 1909. Directed and played opposite Mary Pickford in her earliest films, among them being The Eagle’s Mate (Para, 1913).

Also Played in : Behind the Scenes (Para), Branding Iron (Goldwyn), Under Two Flags (Univ.), Ponjola (F.N.), Gerald Cranston's Lady (Fox), Butterflies in the Rain (Univ), Hearts in Exile (Warner), The Spoilers (M.G.M.), Someone to Love (Para), The Time, Place, and Girl (Warner), Black Waters (W.W.), The Devil's Holiday (Para), Charlie Chan’s Chance (Fox), Over the Hill (Fox), A Holy Terror (Fox), Rainbow Trail (Fox), Lena Rfwrs(Tiffany), Cheaters at Play (Fox), My Pal the King (Univ), She Wanted a Millionaire (Fox).

(KNA-LAK) Biographies of the Players

KNAPP, Evalyn. B. Kansas City, Mo., June 17, 1908. Blonde hair, blue

eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 4 in. Wt. 7 st. 7 lb. Ed. Kansas City High School ; Kansas Junior College.

Was originally a school teacher. Gave this up to go on the stage. Later entered the film world without any fanfare of trumpets. Is reputed to have the smallest waistline in Hollywood—21 inches. One of her best known films was Sinner’s Holiday (Warner, 1930).

Also Played in : River’s End (Warner), Gentlemen of the Evening (Pathd), The Tight Squeeze (Pathe), Hard-Boiled Hampton (Pathd), Big-Time Charlie (Ра^ё), Love, Honour and Oh, Baby (Patlm), The Smooth Guy (РаЛё), All Stuck-Up (Patlui), Beach Babies (Patlm), Haunted (Pattm), Wednesday at the Ritz (Patlm), Chills and Fever (Patlm), Keeping Company (Vita), Smart Money (Warner), Millionaire (Warner), High Pressure (Warner), Mother’s Cry (F.N.), Fifty Million Frenchmen (Warner), Fireman Save My Child (F.N.), Fame (Warner), Side Show (Warner), The Bargain (F.N.), Strange Love of Molly Louvain (F.N.), New York Town (F.N.), The Vanishing Frontier (Para), Sporting Widow (Para), Successful Calamity (Warner), Night Mayor (Col), This Sporting Age (Col), Tess of the Storm Country (Fox), Slightly Married (Invincible).

KOHLER, Fred. B. Kansas City, Missouri, April 20. 18S9. Light brown hair, blue eyes. Ht. 6 ft. Wt. 14 st. 4 lb. Ed. Kansas City High School.

First became known in Western pictures produced by the old Selig Company, one of his earliest pictures for them being The Code of Honour.

Also Played in : A Soldier’s Plaything (Warner), The Thundering Herd (Para), Way of All Flesh (Para), Old Ironsides (Para), City Gone Wild (Para), Underworld (Para), Shooting Irons (Para), Leatherneck (Para), Quitter (Col), Broadway Babies (F.N.), Case of Lena Smith (Para), The Dummy (Para), River of Romance (Para), Stairs of Sand (Para), Thunderbolt (Para), Light of Western Stars (Para), Roadhouse Nights (Para), Right of Way (F.N.), Hell’s Heroes (Univ), Under a Texas Moon (Warner), Steel Highway (Warner), Fighting Caravans (Para), The Lash (F.N.), The Challenge (F.N.), Corsair (U.A.), X Marks the Spot (Tiffany), Carnival Boat (Rogers), Rider of Death Valley (Univ), Defiance (Univ.).

KONSTAM, Phyllis. B. Hampstead, London, April 14, 1907. Dark brown

hair, blue eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 6 in. Wt. 9 st. Ed. Godstow School; Bayford House School. M. H. W. Austin (the famous tennis player), 1931. Began her stage career at the Comedie Francaise in Paris; coming to this country was engaged to play Abigail in The Duke of Malta (1925). Was seen by Alfred Hitchcock when playing in the crowd in Champagne (B.I.P., 1928), and given a part in Murder (B.I.P., 1930).

Also Played in : Escape (A.T.P.),

Compromising Daphne (B.I.P.), The Skin Game (B.I.P.), Tilly of Bloomsbury (Sterling), Gentleman of Paris (Gau-Brit.), Murder on the Second Floor (W.B.-F.N.).

KOVE, Kenneth. B. London, 1S93. Fair hair, grey eyes. Ed. King’s College. Married; 1 son.

Has won fame on stage and screen in " frozen faced ” comedy roles. Popular with the Aldwych Theatre (London) audiences, and is an outstanding figure in many British films.' Made his screen debut in Murder (B.I.P., 1930).

Also Played in : The Great Game

(Gau-Brit), Down River (Gau-Brit), Fascination (B.I.P.), Chance of a Night Time (B. & D.), Out of the Blue (B.I.P.), Mischief (B. & D.), Pyjamas Preferred (B.I.P.), The Man at Six (B.I.P.), Help Yourself (W.B.-F.N.), No. 17 (B.I.P.), Paris by Night (B.I.P.), Diamond Cut Diamond (Eric Hakim), Bachelor’s Baby (B.I.P.), Two White Arms (Eric Hakim), Man from Toronto (Gains).

KRAUSS, Werner. B. Germany.

Has long been one of the leading stage actors in Germany. His performance in The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari (Decla, 1919), when he played the part of Caligari, will long be remembered. The Viking film, Waxworks (1924), was another fine piece of work, in which Conrad Veidt and Emil Jannings played the other leading characters.

Also Played in : The foyless Street

(Sofar), Student of Prague (Sokal), Tar-tuffe (U.F.A.), The Man Without a Name (U.F.A.L

LAKE, Arthur. Real name, Arthur Silverlake. B. Corbin, Kentucky. Light brown hair, blue eyes. Ht. 6 ft. Wt. 12 st. 11 lb. Ed. Tutored at home. Arthur Lake was one of the brightest of the younger players at the time when talking pictures became an accomplished fact. He has been in the show business from his earliest babyhood, having been

Biographies of the Players (LAM-LAN)

carried on the stage in a performance of Uncle Tom’s Cabin when he was still in arms. At three he was an “ old trouper,” appearing in his father’s vaudeville act, in which he continued until he was thirteen. Started in films in 1924, appearing in When Love Is Young (Univ). Then had a contract with Universal, followed by one with Radio ; in between played for other companies. His progress has been slower since the coming of sound films.

Also Played in ; Harold Teen (F.N.), The Air Circus (Fox), On With the Show (Warner), Dance Hall (Radio), Tanned Legs (Radio), Cheer Up and Smile (Fox), She’s My Weakness (Radio), Indiscreet (U.A.).

LAMONT, Molly. B. Benoni, South

Africa, May 22, 1911. Blonde hair, grey

eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 5 in. Wt. 8 st. 8 lb.

Ed. St. Dunstan’s School, Benoni.

The winner of a beauty competition organized in South Africa, the prize in which was a trip to England, and appearances in British films. Was at first given only small parts, but is полу a contract feature playrer with B.I.P. First important role was in My Wife’s Family

(B.I.P., 1931)-

Also Played in : Shadows (B.I.P.),

Uneasy Virtue (B.I.P.), The Good Old Sergeant-Major (B.I.P.), The House Opposite (B.I.P.), What a Night (B.I.P.), Old Soldiers Never Die (B.I.P.), Dr. Josser, K.C. (B.I.P.), The Strangler (B.I.P.), Brother Alfred (B.I.P.), Stop Me (B.I.P.), Strictly Business (B.I.P.), Lucky Girl (B.I.P.), Black Hand Gang (B.I.P.), The Last Coupon (B.I.P.), My Wife’s Mo/hcr( B.I.P.), Josser on theRiver (B.I.P.).

LANCHESTER, Elsa. Real name,

Sullh'an. B. Lewisham, London, Oct.

28, 1902. Ed. privately. M. Charles


After having managed the Children’s Theatre, and also the “Cave of Harmony,” in London, made her first professional appearance on the stage in 1922, as the second shop girl in Thirty Minutes in a Street. Film debut Bluebottles (Montague,


LANDAU, David.

Is well known for his brilliant characterizations, and will long be remembered for the exceedingly fine performance he gave in Street Scene (U.A., 1931).

Also Played in : Gentleman for a

Day (F.N.), Arrowsmith (U.A.), Amateur Daddy (Fox), Polly of the Circus (M.G.M.), Taxi (Warner), Horse Feathers (Para),

Roadhouse Murder (Radio), Purchase Price (Warner), This Reckless Age (Para), It’s Tough to be Famous (F.N.), 70,000 Witnesses (Para-Rogers), Cabin in the Cotton (Warner), Air Mail (Univ), Revolt (Warner), I am a Fugitive

Warner), Silver Dollar (Warner), Heritage of the Desert (Para).

LANDI, Elissa. Full name, Elizabeth Marie Landi. Daughter of Countess Zanardi-Landi. B. Venice, Dec. 6, 1904. Red-gold hair, green eyes. Ht. 5 ft. in. Wt. 8 st. 8 lb. Ed. privately in London. M. J. C. Lawrence, barrister.

Was discovered for the screen by Anthony Asquith, and given a part in Underground (B.I.F., 1928). She had, however, achieved success on the stage before this, having played leading roles in numerous London plays, among them being the part of Antonia Sanger in The Constant Nymph. Was induced by Fox officials to sign a contract and go to Hollywood in 1930. American film debut Body and Soul (Fox, 1931). Is an accomplished novelist, having written three books, “ Neilson,” “ The Helmers,” and “ House for Sale.”

Also Played in : Bolibar (B.I.F.),

Knowing Men (Talkicolour), The Price of Things (Elinor Glyn Pro), Sin (in Sweden), The Parisian (in France), Children 0} Chance (B.I.P.), Always Good-bye (Fox), Wicked (Fox), The Yellow Passport (Fox), The Devil’s Lottery (Fox), The Woman in Room 13 (Fox), Burnt Offering (Fox), Sign of the Cross (Para).

LANE, Lola. Real name, Dorothy Mulligan. B. Indianola, Iowa. Light hair, violet eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 2 in. Wt. 8 st. 5 lb. Ed. Simpson College. M. Lew Ayres, Dec., 1931.

Before achieving success on the screen, had been in turn cinema pianist, олупег of a hairdressing salon, typist and nursemaid. Appearances on the stage fol^ved. Film debut in Speakeasy (Fox, 1929).

Also Played in : Fox Movietone

Follies (Fox), Girl From Havana (Fox), Let’s Go Places (Fox), After To-Morrow (Fox), Costello Murder Case (W.W.), Hell Bound (Tiffany).

LANE, Lupino. Real name, Henry Lane. B. London, June 16, 1S92.

Dark Ьголуп hair, Ъголлп eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 3¾ in. Wt. 10 st. 2 lb. Ed. at Worthing and London, M. Violet Blythe, 1917; 1 child, Laurie.

Member of a famous theatrical family, which can trace its association with entertainment to 1703, when Chevalier Lupino

(LAN-LA R) Biographies of the Players


Drought over a marionette show to this country. His film career began in 1913, since when he has acted in and directed numerous films in this country and in America. Is now resident in England and producing for B.I.P.

Played in : The Yellow Mask

(B.I.P.), No Lady (Gau-Brit), Never Trouble Trouble (Lupino Lane Pro), The Love Parade (Para).

Directed : The Love Race (B.I.P.),

Love Lies (B.I.P.), Innocents of Chicago (B.I.P.), Old Spanish Customers (B.I.P.), Maid of the Mountains (B.I.P.).

LANE, Nora. B. U.S.A.

Felt the urge for the stage when a child and, as soon as her parents would permit, joined a stock company in St. Louis. Entered motion pictures in 1925, and rose to be leading lady in a number of Francis Thompson’s Western dramas.

Played in : Jesse James (Para).

Kit Carson (Para), The Pioneer Scoif (Para), A Night of Mystery (Para), Marquis Preferred (Para), Sunset Pass (Para), Flying U Ranch (Radio), Texas Tornado (Radio), Gun Runner (Tiffany), The Lawless Legion (F.N.), Masked Emotions (Fox), One Hysterical Night (Univ), Cohens and Kellys in Atlantic City (Univ), Sally (F.N.), Night Work (Pathe), Lucy Larkin’ (Univ), Rain or Shine (Col), Leather Pushers Series (Univ), Madam Satan (M.G.M.), King of the Wild (Serial), That’s News to Me

(Pathe), Young Sinners (Fox), Over the Hill (Fox), Wicked (Fox), 'Cisco Kid (Fox), Dance Team (Fox), Disorderly Conduct (Fox), Trial of Vivienne Ware (Fox), Careless Lady (Fox), After To-morrow (Fox), This Sporting Age (Col), Bullet Trail (Col).

LANG, Matheson. B. Montreal,

Canada, May 15, 1879. Son of Rev. Gavin Lang, and a cousin of the Archbishop of Canterbury. Brown hair, blue eyes. Ht. 6 ft. Ed. Inverness College; St. Andrew’s University. M. Hutin Britton.

Might have used his powers of oratory in the service of the Church, had he followed his father’s wishes. Preferred, however, to become an actor, and made his stage debut in 1897. Film debut in The Merchant of Venice.

Also Played in : Scarlet Devil,

Dick Turpin’s Ride to York (Stoll), The Wandering Jew, Henry, King oj Navarre (Stoll), Triumph of the Scarlet Pimpernel (Gains), The Chinese Bungalow (Welsh-Pearson), Carnival (B. & D.).

LA PLANTE, Laura. B. St. Louis, Mo.,' November 1, 1904. Blonde hair, blue eyes. IIt. 5 ft. 3 in. Wt. 8 st. 6 lb. Ed. San Diego High School. M. Wm. Seiter, Nov., 1926.

Decided at the age of fifteen to become a film actress, and promptly did so, obtaining small parts with the Christie Company in their comedies. Her first big opportunity occurred in Charles Ray’s The Old Swimmin' Hole (F.N., 1921). Scored a success in Show Boat opposite Joseph Schildkraut (Univ, 1929).

Also Played in : Skinner’s Dress

Suit (Essanay), The Teaser (Univ), Dangerous Innocence (Univ), The Midnight Son (Univ), Poker Faces (Univ), Beware of Widows (Univ), The Cat and the Canary (Univ), Love Thrill (Univ), Silk Stockings (Univ), Home James (Univ), Finders Keepers (Univ), Thanks for the Buggy Ride (Univ), Scandal (Univ). The Last Warning (Univ), Hold Your Man (Univ), Captain of the Guard (Univ), King of Jazz (Univ), The Love Trap (Univ), Sea Ghost (Peerless), Meet the Wife (Col), Too Many Women (Warner), Lonely Wives (Pathe), "The Virtuous Wife (Col), Butter-, flies in the Rain (Univ).

LA ROCQUE, Rod. B. Chicago, 111. Nov. 29, 1898. Black hair, brown

eyes. Ht. 6 ft. 3 in. Wt. 12 st. 7 lb. Ed. New York, Chicago and Omaha. M. Vilma Banky, 1927.

Previous to going on the screen was well known in theatrical circles of Chicago, New York, Omaha, London and Paris. Screen debut, 1919. Jazzmania (Metro, 1923) and The French Doll (Metro, 1923) in which he played with Mae Murray, were the two films which set him on the road to fame.

Also Played in : Ten Commandments (Para), Gigolo (Pathe), Resurrection (U.A.), Fighting Eagle (Pathe), Hold ’Em, Yale (Pathe), Stand and Deliver (Radio), Captain Swagger (Radio), Love Pirate (Radio), Man and the Moment (F.N.), The One Woman Idea (Fox), Our Modern Maidens (M.G.M.), Locked Door (U.A.), Cruise of the Jasper В (Pathe), Brave-heart (Pathe) Brigadier Gerard (Pathe), This is Heaven (U.A.), The Delightful Rogue (Radio), Beau Bandit (Radio).

LA ROY, Rita. Real name, Ina Stuart. B. Paris, Oct. 2, 1907. Daughter of Sir James Stuart. Light brown hair, grey eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 7 in. M. Ben Herschfield, 1931.

Spent most of her childhood in Alberta, Canada. Ran away from home at the age of 13, and secured a small part in a

Biographies of the Players (LAU-LAW)


stock company. Toured Canada and the North West for three years, and later appeared on the stage in Portland. Film debut in Dynamite (M.G.M., 1929).

Also Played in : Children of the Ritz (F.N.), The Love Trap (Univ), Fashions in Love (Para), Delightful Rogue (Radio), Lilies of the Field (F.N.), Conspiracy (Radio), Travelling Husbands (Radio), Sin Takes a Holiday (Pathd), Check and Double Check (Radio), Leather, necking (Radio), The Gay Diplomat (Radio), Chisellers of Hollywood (Fox), The Holy Terror (Fox), While Paris Sleeps (Fox), The Yellow Passport (Fox), Amateur Daddy (Fox), Sinners in the Sun (Para), Secret Witness (Col), The Scoop (Royer), Bachelor's Affairs (Fox), Hollywood Speaks (Col), So Big (Warner), Blonde Venus (Para), Hot Saturday (Para).

LAUGHTON, Charles. B. Scarborough, July 1, 1899. Ed. Stonyhurst College. M. Elsa Lanchester.

Won the gold medal at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, and made his stage debut at the Barnes Theatre, in London, 1926, since when he has scored many successes. Screen debut in the British film Piccadilly (B.I.P., 1928).

Also Played in : Wolves (B. & D.), The Old Dark House (Univ), The Devil and the Deep (Para), Payment Deferred (M.G.M.), The Sign of the Cross (Para), Island of Lost Souls (Para).

LAUREL, Stan. Real name, Arthur Stanley Jefferson. B. Ulverston, Lancs, June 16, 1895. Auburn hair, blue eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 9 in. Wt. 10 st. 10 lb. Ed. King James Grammar School, Bishop Auckland. M. Lois Neilson ; 1 daughter, Lois.

Following stage appearances in England as a comedian, toured America in Fred Karno’s company, 1910. Was there seen by Hal Roach and given his first screen opportunity (1917). Starred in fifty comedies, then became a producer for a short time. Owes his present success to the popularity of the team known as Lhurel and Hardy, produced by Hal Roach for M.G.M. In July, 1932, paid a visit to Britain with his partner, and received a great ovation.

.Played in : The Rogue Song (M.G.M.), Berth Marks (M.G.M.), They Go Boom (M.G.M.), Angora Love (M.G.M.), Men O’

I ifar (M.G.M.), Night Owls (M.G.M.), Perfect Day (M.G.M.), Bacon Grabbers (M.G.M.), The Iloosegow (M.G.M.), Blotto (M.G.M.), The Brats (M.G.M.), Below Zero (M.G.M.), Hay Wire (M.G.M.),

The Laurel and Hardy Murder Case (M.G.M.), Another Fine Mess (M.G.M.), Pardon Us (M.G.M.), Be Big (M.G.M.), Chickens Come Home (M.G.M.), Laughing Gravy (M.G.M.), Our Wife (M.G.M.), Jailbirds (M.G,M.),.Come Clean (M.G.M.), One Good Turn (M.G.M.), Beau Chumps (M.G.M.), Any Old Port (M.G.M.), Helpmates (M.G.M.), County Hospital (M.G.M), The Chisellers (M.G.M.), The Chimp (M.G.M.), Pack up Your Troubles (M.G.M.), Their First Mistake (M.G.M.).

LA VERNE, Lucille. B. Nov. 8, 1875.

Appeared on the stage as Juliet at the age of fourteen, and later became famous for her rugged character parts on stage and screen: For fifteen years took her own

company to Richmond, Virginia, and there the La Verne Empire was built and named after her. Well known to London theatre audiences for her characterization of the old Kentucky mountaineer woman in Sun Up. Prior to the days of the talkies she made a screen version of the same play. Also played in D. W. Griffith’s Orphans of the Storm (U.A., 1922).

Also Played in : The White Rose,

(Griffith), America (Griffith), Zaza (Para), Among the Missing (Pathe), His Darker Se(/"(Hodkinson), Abraham Lincoln (U.A.), Sinner's Holiday (Warner), Great Meadow (M.G.M.), Little Ccssar (Warner), Gentleman for a Day (Warner), She Wanted a Millionaire (Fox), American Tragedy (Para, not shown in Britain), The Unholy Garden (U.A.), The Hours Between (Para), Alias the Doctor (Warner), When Paris Sleeps (Fox), Breach of Promise (WAV.).

LAWRENCE, Gertrude. Real name, Klasen. B. London, July 4, 1898.

Ed. Convent of the Sacre Coeur, Streatham. M. Francis Gordon-Howley ; dissolved.

Her first stage appearance was in Dick Whittington, 1908, as a child. Played in The Miracle (1911). After an extensive experience, including variety and drama, both on the English and American stage, she made her screen debut in Aren’t We All ? (Para-Brit,i932), a Lonsdale comedy.

Also Played In : Case of Lady

Camber (B.I.P.).

LAWTON, Frank. B. London, Sept. 30, 1904. Ed. Langley Hall.

First stage appearance. in Andre Chariot’s revue, Yes, at the Vaudeville Theatre, London. Scored a tremendous success in Van Druten’s play, Young Woodley (1928). It was in the B.I.P.

The world film encyclopedia, 1933

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