Biographies Of The Players LAY-LUP

(LAY-LEE) Biographies of the Players

screen version of this play that he made his film debut in 1930.

Also Played In : Birds of Prey

(A.R.P.), The Outsider (Cinema House), The Skin Game (B.I.P.), Michael and Mary (Gains), After Office Hours (B.I.P.), Cavalcade (Fox).

LAYE, Evelyn. B. London, July 10, 1900. Fair hair, blue eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 5 in. Ed. Folkestone College ; Brighton. M. Sonnie Hale ; div.

A favourite on the London stage for many years. Made her screen debut with Henry Edwards in The Luck of the Navy (Graham Wilcox, 1927), and later followed this up with tremendous success in One Heavenly Night (U.A., 1930), her first American picture.

LEASE, Rex. B. Central City, West Virginia, Feb. 11, 1903. Brown hair, green eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 10 in. Ed. Columbus, Ohio.

Studied for the ministry at Delaware, Ohio ; also took up journalism. Seized with a desire for acting. Went to Hollywood, where he started work as an extra. Screen debut, A Woman Who Sinned (Fox, 1924).

Also Played in : Moulders of Men

(Radio), The Law of the Range (M.G.M.), The Younger Generation (Col), Troopers Three (Tiffany), Sunny Skies (Tiffany), Hot Curves (Tiffany), So This is Mexico, Why Marry? (Pathe), Two Sisters (Rayart), When Dreams Come True (Rayart), Girls Who Dare (Trinity), Chinatown After Dark (Mayfair), Monster Walks (Mayfair), Cannonball Express (WAV.), Is There Justice? (Gau), In Old Cheyenne (W.W.), The Lone Trail (Webb), Pretty Ankles (Like).

LEBEDEFF, Ivan. B. Uspolial, Lithuania, June 18, 1899. Black hair, dark eyes Ht. 6 ft. 1 in. Wt. 10 st. 8 lb. Ed. High School; University of St. Petersburg ; Military Academy, St. Petersburg.

At one time an officer in the Tsar’s Army, became after the revolution a film actor in Germany, making his film debut in a character part in King Frederick (U.F.A., 1922).

Also Played in : Lucky Death

(Alcatros, French), The Soul of an Artist (Cine-France), Six Hundred Thousand Francs per Month (Cine-France), The Charming Prince (Cine-France), Burned Fingers (Patlffi), Sorrows of Satan (Para), The Loves of Sunya (U.A.), The Angel of Broadway (Path6), Forbidden Woman (Pathe), Let ’Er Go, Gallagher (Patlffi),

Sin Town (Pathe), Walking Back (Pathe), The Veiled Woman (Fox), The One Woman Idea (Radio), They Had to See Paris (Fox), Street Girl (Radio), The Cuckoos (Radio), The Midnight Mystery (Radio), The Conspiracy (Radio), Bachelor Apartment (Radio), The Lady Refuses (Radio), The Gay Diplomat (Radio), Deceit (Allied).

LEDERER, Francis. B. Czecho-Slovaka. 1906. Ht. 5 ft. 11 in.

A stage actor who won recognition in the London play Autumn Crocus, and was later signed by Basil Dean to make pictures at the A.R.P. Studios, Ealing.

Played in : Nights are Made for Love (Radio).

LEE, Dorothy. Real name, Marjorie Millsap. B. Los Angeles, Cal., May 23, 1911. Light brown hair, dark brown eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 1 in. Wt. 6 st. 11 lb. Ed. Virgil Junior High School; Los Angeles Coaching School. M. (1) Robert Booth ; (2) James Fidler ; div. Owes her popularity to the success of the Wheeler and Woolsey comedies. Before this had short experience of the stage. Film debut, Syncopation (Radio, 1929).

Also Played in : Rio Rita (Radio), Dixiana (Radio), Half Shot at Sunrise (Radio), Hook, Line and Sinker (Radio), The Cuckoos (Radio), Laugh and Get Rich (Radio), Too Many Cooks (Radio), Cracked Nuts (Radio), Peach o' Reno (Radio), Caught Plastered (Radio), Local Boy Makes Good (F.N.), Girl Crazy (Radio). „

LEE, Lila. Real name, Augusta Appel. B. New York City, July 25, 1903. Black hair, hazel eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 5I in. Wt. 8 st. 6 lb. Ed. private tutors. M. James Kirkwood 1923 ; div.

Started her stage career as a child, and for ten years was known on the vaudeville stage as “ Cuddles.” Made her screen debut in The Cruise of the Make Believe (Para, 1918).

Also Played in : Those Who Dance (F.N.), Blood and Sand (Para), New Klondyke (Para), One Increasing Purpose (Fox), Million Dollar Mystery (Rayart), You Can’t Beat the Law (Rayart), Adorable Cheat (Chesterfield), United States Smith (Gotham), Top Sergeant Mulligan, (Anchor), Just Married (Para), Black Butterflies, Thunder God (Anchor), Bit of Heaven (Express), Man in Hobbles (Tiffany), Queen of Night Clubs (Warner), Little Wild Cat (Warner), Black Pearl,

Biographies of the Players (LEG-LIT)

(Rayart), Hanky Tonk (Warner), Flight (Col), Sacred Flame (Warner), Show of Shows (Warner), Dark Streets, (F.N.), Drag (F.N.), Love, Live and Laugh (Fox), The Argyle Case (Warner), Double Cross Roads (Fox), Murder Will Oat (F.N.), The Unholy Three (M.G.M.), The Gorilla (F.N.), Second Wife (Radio), Queen of Main Street (F.N.), Radio Patrol (Univ), Deceit (Allied), Exposure (Premier), Night of June 13 (Para), False Faces (Tiffany), Iron Master (Allied).

LEGGATT, Alison. B. Kensington, London, Feb. 7, 1904. Brown hair, blue-grey eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 5 in. Wt. Q st. Ed. St. Winifred’s, Eastbourne. M. Lt.-Comm. S. Clarke, R.N., March 19, 1930.

Won the gold medal at the Central School of Dramatic Art, London, in 1924. Made her stage debut the same year at the Scala Theatre, and after many successful appearances on the London stage entered films in 1932, to play in Nine Till Six (A.R.P.).

LEMONNIER, Meg. B. London, 1908.

Blonde hair, brown eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 4 in.

Ed. St. Joseph's Convent, Reading ;

Hampstead Conservatoire, London.

Taken away from school because of ill-health, she insisted on learning ballet dancing, and persuaded her mother to let her go on the stage when her training finished. Stage experience consists of touring with Dennis Neilson-Terry’s Company, and also in London, where she played in Sylvia. At nineteen went to France, her mother’s country, and soon became an actress of note in Paris. Was signed on contract by Paramount (French), for whom she appeared in Rive Gauche (1931). Her first screen appearance in this country was opposite Henry Garat in II Est Charmant (Para-French,


Also Played in : Rien Que Le Verite (Para-French), Une Petite Femme Dans le Train (Para-French).

LEONARD, Barbara. B. San Francisco, Cal. Auburn hair, hazel eyes. Ht. 5 ft. z\ in. Wt. 7 st. 10 lb. Ed. in America ; Lausanne, Switzerland. Studied art in Milan and later made her stage ddbut at the Hollywood Playhouse, 1928, in Pomander Walk, Her fluency as a linguist brought her to the fore in foreign language talking pictures, and in Men of the North (M.G.M., 1930) she plays the heroine of the story

in the English, French, German and Italian versions.

Also Played in : Dimples (Tiffany), Ladies of the Night Club (Tiffany), Surprise (Vita), Pay Off (Vita), Paramount Review (Para), The Swan (U.A.), The Drake Case (Univ), Sleeping Porch (Para), Son of the Gods (F.N.), Monsieur le Fox (M.G.M.), One Romantic Night (U.A.), Scotland Yard (Fox), One Hour with You (Para), Love Affair (Col), Beauty and the Boss (Warner), The Man from Yesterday (Para), The Crash (Warner).

LIGHTNER, Winnie. B. Greenport, Long Island, September 17, 1901.

Brown hair, grey eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 5 in. M. (1) John Patrick; (2) Wm. Harold ; (3) G. Holtry.

Made a film in 1928 called A Song a Minute, but was so depressed on seeing it that she returned to the stage. Was tempted to make a further experiment in Gold Diggers of Broadway (Warner, 1929). This proved such a success that she has now abandoned the stage entirely for a screen career.

Also Played in : She Couldn't Say No (Warner), Hold Everything (Warner), Life of the Party (Warner), Sit Tight (Warner), Why Change Your Husband? (Warner), Side Show (Warner), Song of Songs (Warner), Manhattan Parade (Warner), Gold Dust Gertie (Warner), Play Girl (Warner), Eight to Five •(Warner),

LION, Leon M. B. London, March 12, 1879. Dark brown hair and eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 9 in. Wt. 9 st. Ed. London. M. Kathleen Creighton ; div.

His first appearance on the stage was in True Blue, London, 1896. Went into management, 1918. Was invited by the French Government (1928) to represent Great Britain at the International Festival in Paris. In the same year was made a Chevalier of the Legion of Honour. Following a long career as actor, stage manager, producer and author, he went into pictures. Played in No. 17 and later in the film of the same title (B.I.P., 1932).

Also Played in : Chinese Puzzle

(Twickenham), Chin Chin Chinaman (Real Art).

LITTLEFIELD, Lucien. B. San Antonio, Texas, Aug. 16, 1895. Light brown hair, green eyes. Ht. 5 ft. ioi in. Wt. 10 st. 8 lb. Ed public schools; Staunton Military Academy. Married ; 1 dau., Constance Palmer,

b. 1929.

ii 8

(LIV-LOG) Biographies of the Players

Although in his early days he preferred the stage, it was in films crowds that he received his first opportunity as an actor (1913). After some time he went on the stage and having achieved prominence, returned to films to play feature roles, one of the most notable being as Marie Dress-ler’s husband in Reducing (M.G.M., 1931).

Also Played in -.TheTorrent (Cosmopolitan), Bachelor Brides (Pathё),Tumbleweeds (U.A.), Small Bachelor (Univ), Heart to Heart (F.N.), The Sheik (Para), Charley’s Aunt (Ideal), Uncle Tom's Cabin (Univ) Seven Keys to Baldpate (Radio), Do Your Duty (F.N.), Drag (F.N.), The Girl in the Glass Case (M.G.M.), The Great Divide (F.N.), Saturday's Children (F.N.), Making the Grade (Fox), Mother Knows Best (Fox), This is Heaven (U.A.), Clear the Deck (Univ), Wall Street (Aristocrat Pictures), No, No Nanette (F.N.), High Society Blues (Fox), Queen of Main Street (F.N.), His Big Ambition (Vita), Out for Game (Vita), Getting a Raise (Vita), The Potters at Homs (Vita), The Potters Done in Oil (Vita), Pa Gets a Vacation (Vita), Big Money (Vita). Tom Sawyer (Para), It Pays to Advertise (Para), Scandal Sheet (Para), Young as You Feel (Fox), Shopworn (Col), Twinkletoes (F.N.), Man I Killed (Para), Strangers in Love (Para), Strangers of the Evening (Tiffany), Miss Pinkerton (F.N.), Bitter Tea of General Yen (Col), Rasputin (M.G.M.), Evenings for Sale (Para), Pride of the Legion (Tec-Art).

LIVESEY, Sam. B. Flintshire, Oct. 14,

1873. M. Cassie Edwards.

When nine months of age was carried on to the stage by his father in a play entitled The Sea, and has been on the stage ever since. Among his best-known films is Young Woodley (B.I.P., 1930).

Also Played in : Dreyfus (B.I.P.), Zero (Film Manufacturing Co.), Raise the Roof (B.I.P.), Jealousy (Majestic), Many Waters (B.I.P.), The Wickham Mystery (Samuelson), Mr. Bill the Conqueror (B.I.P.), The Girl in the Night (B.I.P.), Insult (Para-Brit),F/ag Lieutenant^B.&D.).

LLOYD, Doris. B. Liverpool, England-

Fair hair, blue eyes.

Was for six years a member of the Liverpool Repertory Theatre, and afterwards became well known on the London stage. Went to the United States in 1924 and afterwards appeared on the stage in Los Angeles in numerous plays. Her first big screen part was in The Lady with Norma Talmadge (F.N., 1925).

Also Played in : Blackbird (M.G.M.), j7s Zat So ? (Fox), Auctioneer (Fox), Come to My House (Fox), Midnight Kiss (Fox), Charley’s Aunt (Ideal), Trail of '98

(M.G.M.), Lonesome Ladies (F.N.), The Careless Age (F.N.), Drake Case (Univ), Disraeli (Warner), Sarah and Son (Para), Old English (Warner), Way for a Sailor (M.G.M.), Waterloo Bridge (Univ), Bought (Warner), Transgression (Radio), Always a Lady (M.G.M.), Devotion (Radio), Tar-zan the Ape Man (M.G.M.), But the Flesh is Weak (M.G.M.), Once a Lady (Para), Back Street (Univ), Robbers’ Roost (Fox).

LLOYD, Harold. B. Burcliard, Nebraska, April 20, 1893. Brown hair and eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 10 in. Ed. Denver and San Diego High Schools. M. Mildred Davis, Feb., 1923 ; 2 daughters, Mildred Gloria, Marjorie Elizabeth; 1 son, Harold


Made his stage debut at the age of twelve, in Tess of the D’Urbervilles. Screen experience since 1913, starting with Edison Company in San Diego. First important contract was with Plal Roach, with whom he made the Lonesome Luke comedies (M.G.M.).

Also Played in : Sailor Made Man, Grandma’s Boy, Dr. Jack (Pathe), Safety Last (Pdit\\e),WhyWorry? (Pathe), Girl Shy (Pathe), The Freshman (Pathe), The Kid Brother (Para), For Heaven’s Sake (Para), Speedy (Para), Welcome Danger (Para), Feel First (Para), Movie Crazy (U.A.).

LODER, John. Real name, Lowe. B. London. P. Major-General Sir William Lowe and Frances Lowe. Brown hair, hazel eyes. Ht. 6 ft. 3 in. Wt. 12 st. 2 lb. Ed. South Lodge, Enfield ; Eton ; Sandhurst.

While a prisoner of war in Germany he learnt German, which proved invaluable to him when he made his screen debut at the U.F.A. studios. Later he came to Elstree to play a leading role in The First Born (Gains, 1929). Seen by Jesse E. Lasky and offered a contract. In addition to many Hollywood films, playing opposite such well-known stars as Constance Bennett, Ruth Chatterton, and Ann Harding, he has also made many appearances on the American stage.

Also Played in : Doctor’s Secret (Para) Sunset Pass (Para), Racketeer (Pathe), Black Waters (WAV.), Rich People (Pathe), Lilies of the Field (F.N.), Sweethearts and Wives (F.N.), One Night at Susie's (F.N.), The Unholy Night (U.A.), Her Private Affair (Pathe), Second Floor Mystery (Warner), Seas Beneath (Fox), Hot Dogs (M.G.M.), Wedding Rehearsal (London Film Pro), Money Means Nothing (Para-Brit).

LOGAN, Jacoueline. B. Corsicana. Texas. Auburn hair, grey eyes.

Biographies of the Players (LOM-LGU)

Ht. 5ft. 4 J in. Wt. 7 st. 4 lb. Ed. Loretta Heights Academy, Denver ; Colorado College. M. (1) Robert Gillespie; div. ; (2) Larry Winston.

Jumped into fame after the war in the Ziegfeld Follies but quickly graduated to pictures. Played many leading parts in Hollywood and, at the same time, developed her writing and directing talents to a high pitch. Came over to England in 1931 to direct В.I.P.’s comedy, Strictly Business, which she wrote herself.

Played in : The Perfect Crime (Para), White and Unmarried (Para), Salomy Jane (Para), Java Head (Para), Ebb Tide (Para), Burning Sands (Para), The Light that Failed (Para), Man Must Live (Para), Manhattan (Para), T.he House of Youth (Ince), Playing with Souls (Ince), Molly-0 (Sennett), Gay and Devilish (Robertson-Cole), The Blind Bargain (Goldwyn), Peacock Feathers (Univ), The Outsider (Fox), Thank You (Fox), Wages for Wives (Fox), Footloose Widows (Warner), (Gen. Crack) (Warner), Show of Shows (Warner), The Cop (Pathe), Power (Patlie), The Wise Wife (Pathe), The Leopard Lady (Ра№ё), Midnight Madness (Pathe), Stocks and Blondes (Radio), Nothing to Wear (Col), The Lookout Girl (Quality), Stark Mad (Vita), Ships of the "Night (Rayart), The Bachelor Girl (Col), The Faker (Col), King of Kings (De Mille), River Woman (Gotham), The Middle Watch (B.I.P.).

LOMBARD, Carole. Real name, Carole June Peters. B. Fort Wayne, Ind., Oct. 6, 1909. Blonde hair, blue eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 6 in. Wt. 8 st. 7 lb. Ed. Virgil School. M. William Powell. Although she hated comedy, was compelled for a time to be a Mack Sennett bathing beauty. In time, however, was offered a dramatic role in The Perfect Crime (Radio, 1928), and has since achieved great success in similar parts.

Also Played in : Me, Gangster (Fox), Showfolks (РаВаё), Ned McCobb’s Daughter (Ра№ё), Pozver (Patl^), Dynamite (Patlm), Big News (РаВш), High Voltage (Patt^), Racketeer (Patl^), Arizona Kid (Fox), Safety in Numbers (Para), It Pays to Advertise (Para), Up Pops the Devil (Para), Man of the World (Para), I Take This Woman (Para), Ladies’ Man (Para), No One Man (Para), Virtue (Col), No More Orchids (Col).

LONGDEN, John. B. West Indies, Nov. 11. Dark hair. M. Jean Jay. Decided at first to be a mining engineer, and for two years worked at a colliery in Britain. Found this too monotonous and turned to the stage, appearing in repertory at Liverpool and Birmingham.

Made his film debut in England as an extra in 1924, and owes his success largely to his part in the first all-British talkie Blackmail (B.I.P.) produced by Alfred Hitchcock.

Also Played in : Quinneys (Gau-Brit), The Flight Commander (Gau-Brit), Mademoiselle Parlez-vous (Gau-Brit). Palais-de-Dance (Gau-Brit), The Arcadians (Gau-Brit), Flying Squad (B.L.), Atlantic (B.I.P.), Children of Chance (B.I.P.), The Skin Game (B.I.P.), The Wickham Mystery (Samuelson), Two Crowded Hours (Film Engineering), The Ringer (Gains), Murder on the Second Floor (W.B.-F.N.), A Lucky Sweep (National Talkies), Juno and the Paycock (B.I.P.), The Flame of Love (B.I.P.), Two Worlds (B.I.P.), Rynox (Jackson).

LORRE, Peter. B. Carpathia.

Went to Berlin poor and unknown, in search of screen work. He had thirty marks left when he was " signed on,” and made a sensational debut in the gruesome character of the Dusseldorf murderer in the “ horror ” film M. In private life is very shy and retiring, and of a charming disposition, quite the contrary of the role he portrayed in M—one of Fritz Lang’s greatest productions. (Nero, German, 1932).

Also Played in : F.P. 1. (U.F.A., German version).

LOTINGA, Ernie. B. Sunderland. Black hair, dark brown eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 6 in. Wt. 11 st. 7 lb. Ed. Merton House College. M. Kathleen Susie Barbor, July, 1918; 1 son, 6th May, 1919.

Began theatrical career by singing at smoking concerts for half-a-crown a performance. This fee has since been* increased many fold, and he is now a leading B.I.P. comedian, having scored many successes in films produced by that company.

Played in : The Raw Recruit

(B.I.P.), Dr. Josser, K.C. (B.I.P.), Josser Joins the Navy (B.I.P.), P.C. Josser (B.I.P.), Josser in the Army (B.I.P.), Josser on the River (B.I.P.), Stop Me (B.I.P.).

LOUISE, Anita. Real name, Anita Louise Fremault. B. New York City, 1915. Blonde hair, blue eyes. Ed. Professional Children’s School, New York.

Is an accomplished pianist, having won five cups before making her appearance on the screen. This followed soon after a number of parts on the New York stage.

Played in : The Music Master (Fox), Square Shoulders (Patt^), Marriage Play ground (Para), The Life of Franz Schubert

LOV-LOY Biographies of the Players

(in Vienna), Third Alarm (Tiffany), What a Man (W.W.), Just Like Heaven (Tiffany), The Great Meadow (M.G.M.). The Gay Nineties (M.G.M.), Heaven on Earth (Univ), Wonder of Women (M.G.M.), Millie (Radio), Everything’s Rosie (Radio), Madame Julie (Radio), Marriage Interlude. (Univ), Fraternity House (Radio), Pack Up Your Troubles (M.G.M.), Are These our Children ? (Radio), Phantom of Crestwood (Radio).

LOVE, Bessie. Real name, Juanita Horton. B. Midland, Texas. Light brown hair, brown eyes. Wt. 7 st. 2 lb Ed. Los Angeles. M. William Hawks Dec. 1929 ; 1 dau. Patricia, b. Feb., 1932. Began her film career a day after she left school, and has since appeared with Triangle, Vitagraph, Callahan and M.G.M. companies.

Played in : Penny of Top Hill Trail (Federated), Forget Me Not (Metro), Human Wreckage (Bartlett), The Eternal Th\ee (M.G.M.), Slave of Desire (Goldwyn), St. Elmo (Fox), Three Men to Pay (Fox), The Village Blacksmith (Fox), Gentle Julia (Fox), Going Crooked (Fox), The Ghost Patrol (Univ), Torment (F.N.), A Woman on the Jury (F.N.), Those Who Dance (F.N.), The Silent Watcher (F.N.), Sundown (F.N.), The Lost World (F.N.), Soul Fire (F.N.), The Purple Dawn (A.1.). Dynamite Smith (Pathe), Dress Parade (Pathe), A Harp in Hock (Pathe), Tongues of Flame (Para), A Son of His Father (Para), The King of Main Street (Para), New Brooms (Para), Song and Dance Man (Para), Rubber Tyres (Pathe), Young April (Path6), Lovey Mary (M.G.M.), The Matinee Idol (Col), Has Anybody Here Seen Kelly ? (Univ), Sally of the Scandals (Radio), Broadway Melody (M.G.M.), Hollywood Revue of 1929 (M.G.M.), The 'Idle Rich (M.G.M.), The Road Show (M.GM.), The Girl in the Show (M.G.M.), Chasing Rainbows (M.G.M.), Conspiracy (Radio), The Swellhead (Vita), Morals for Women (Tiffany), Good News (M.G.M.).

LOVE, Montagu. B. Portsmouth, 1887. Red hair, blue eyes. Ht. 6 ft. 2 in. Wt. 14 st. 4Ш. Ed. Portsmouth Grammar School ; Cambridge University.

On leaving the university became a newspaper artist in London, but eventually gave it up for the stage. After seven years in the theatre began screen career.

Played in : The Divine Lady (F.N.), The Haunted House (F.N.), Her Private Life (F.N.), A Most Immoral Lady (F.N.), The Eternal City (Fitzmaurice), The Wing (M.G.M.) Son of the Sheik (U.A.) King of Kings (De Mille).

Don Jvan (Warner), The Mysterious Island (M.G.M.), Charming Sinners (Para), Midstream (Tiffany), Bulldog Drummond (U.A.), The Last Warning (Univ), Back Pay (F.N.), A Notorious Affair (F.N.), The Double Crossroads (Fox), Reno (W.W.) Inside the Lines (Radio), Outward Bound (Warner), Character Studies (Vita), Love Comes Along (Radio), Cat Creeps (Univ), Kismet (F.N.), Alexander Hamilton (Warner) Stowaway (Univ), Fighting Tornado (Col), Vanity Fair (Allied), The Silver Lining (Patrician), Dream Mother (Chesterfield), Engineer’s Daughter (Radio), Love Bound (Peerless), Out of Singapore (Goldsmith).

LOWE, Edmund. B. San Jose, Cal., March 3, 1892. Brown hair, blue eyes. Ht. 6 ft. Wt. 13 st. 3 lb. Ed. San Jos6 High School; Santa Clara University I\I. Lilyan Tashman,

Practised at the Bar for two years before abandoning it for the more glamorous career of the stage. At first films did not intrigue him but finally he agreed to appear in Peacocok Alley (Metro, 1922) and soon after made The Silent Command (Fox 1923)

Also Played in : The Fool (Fox,)

What Price Glory? (Vox), East Lynne (Fox), An Increasing Purpose (Fox), Is Zat So? (Fox), Publicity Madness (Fox), Dressed to Kill (Fox), Happiness Ahead (F.N.), In Old Arizona (Fox), The Cock-Eyed World (Fox), This Thing Called Love (Radio), The Painted Angel (F.N.), Through Different Eyes (Fox), The Bad One (U.A.), Born Reckless (Fox), Good Intentions (Fox), Happy Days (Fox), Men on Call (Fox), More Than a Kiss, The Spreading Dawn (Goldwyn), Women of All Nations (Fox), Transatlantic (Fox), The Spider (Fox), The ’Cisco Kid (Fox), Misleading Lady (Para), Attorney for the Defence (Col), Guilty as Charged (Para), Chandu the Magician (Fox).

LOY, Myrna. Real name, Myrna Williams. B. Helena, Montana, Aug. 2, 1905. Red hair, green eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 6 in. Wt. 7 st. 12 lb. Ed. Los Angeles; Westlake School for Girls.

Was given her first screen role by Mrs. Rudolph Valentino in What Price Beauty ? (Pathe).

Also Played in : Yankee at King

Arthur’s Court (Fox), Body and Soul (Fox), Rebound (Radio), King of the Khyber Rifles (Fox), Don Juan (Warner), The Desert Song (Warner) The Climbers (Warner), Noah’s Ark (Warner) Trans-Atlantic (Fox), Arrowsmith (U.A.), Emma (M.G.M.), Wet Parade

Biographies of the Players (LOY-LUP)

(M.G.M.), The Woman in Room 13 (Fox), Vanity Fair (Allied), New JMcrals for Old (M.G.M.), Love Me To-night (Para), Thirteen Women (Radio), Mask of Fu Man-chit (M.G.M.), Animal Kingdom (Radio).

LOYD, Alison. See TODD, Thelma.

LUGOSI, Bela. Real name, Bela Lugosi Biasko. B. Lugos, Hungary, Oct. 20, 18S8. Brown hair, grey eyes. Ht. 6 ft. 1 in. Wt. 11 st. 13 lb. Ed. Lugos; Academy of Theatrical Arts, Budapest. Married three times.

Achieved great success in Hungary, but was compelled by the Bela Kun uprising to flee to New York, where he formed his own company of Hungarian players and began his career again. His screen debut occurred in 1915, in Budapest, but he owes his success to the play Dracula, in which he played the name-part on the New York stage, and in the talkie version produced by Universal, 1931.

Also Played in : Last of the Mohicans (Luna), Silent Command (Fox), Rejected Woman (M.G.M.), Daughters Who Pay (Banner), Midnight Girl (Chadwick), Prisoners (F.N.), Thirteenth Chair (M.G.M.), Wild Company (Fox), Women of All Nations (Fox), Broadminded (F.N.), Black Camel (Fox), Murders in the Rue Morgue (Univ), White Zombie (Halperin), Chandu the Magician (Fox).

LUKAS, Paul. B. Budapest, Hungary, May 26, 1895. Brown hair, brown eyes. Ht. 6 ft. 2 in. Wt. 13 st. Ed. Preparatory School and College at Budapest ; Actors Academy of Hungary. Married.

Stage debut 1916 in the title-role of Franz Molar's Liliom. Remained in Budapest for nine years, playing every conceivable character in the works of Shakespeare, Shaw, Wilde, etc. Screen Idebut with U.F.A. in the role of Samson 'in Samson and Delilah (1926).

Also Played in : Loves of an Actress (Para), Three Sinners (Para), The Woman from Moscow (Para), Hot News (Para), Manhattan Cocktail (Para), The Shopworn Angel (Para), Two Lovers (U.A.), The Night Watch (F.N.), The Wolf of Wall Street (Para), Halfway to Heaven (Para), Behind the Make-up (Para), The Benson Murder Case (Para), The Devil's Holiday (Para), Slightly Scarlet (Para), Young Eagles (Para), Grumpy (Para), Anybody’s Woman (Para), Beloved Bachelor (Para), The Right to Love (Para), Women Love Once (Para), Unfaithful (Para), City Streets (Para), No One Man (Para), To-morrow and

To-morrow (Para), Working Girls (Para), Strictly Dishonourable (Univ), Thunder Below (Para), Downstairs (M.G.M.). Burnt Offering (Fox), Rockabye (Radio), Nagana (Univ).

LUNT, Alfred. B. Milwaukee, Wisconsin, U.S.A., 1893. Ed. Carroll

College, Waukesha, Wisconsin ; Harvard. M. Lynn Fontanne, 1924.

His first appearance on the stage was at Boston, U.S.A., in 1913. After many years’ experience in stock companies he became a prominent figure of the Theatre Guild, New York. Visited London, 1929, and together with his wife appeared at the St. James’s Theatre in Caprice. His first film wus Backbone (M.G.M., 1923). In 1930 he received the honorary degree of Doctor of Letters from the Carroll College, U.S.A.

Also Played in : The Guardsman


LUPINO, Stanley. B. London, May 13, 1895. Dark brown hair, hazel eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 6 in. Wt. 9 st. 10 lb. Ed. London. M. Connie Emerald, 1914; 2 dau. Ida 1916, Rita 1920.

Is a member of the famous Lupino family which dates back to 1703. Was trained by his father and made his stage debut at Hoxton, London, Christmas 1900, as a monkey in the pantomime King Klondyke. Is famous in musical comedy, variety and pantomime in London. Went to New York in 1926 in Naughty Riquette. Made his film debut in Love Lies (B.I.P.), 1931.

Also Played in : The Love Race

(B.I.P.), Sleepless Nights (B.I.P.).

LUPINO, Wallace. B. Edinburgh, 1897. Fair hair, grey eyes. Ht. 5 ft 8 in. Wt. I2st. 7 lb. Ed. South London Grammar School. M. Rose Winona Keaton, 1927 (niece of Buster Keaton). 1 son, Harry Richard, 1929.

Another member of the famous Lupino family ; cousin to Stanley Lupino. Made his stage debut in Babes in the Wood, 1904, and his film debut fourteen years later in Mr. Butterburn (1918). Has been for four years with Educational Comedies in Hollywood. Now playing in British films.

Also Played, in : Children of Chance (B.IP), Yellow MaAi (B.I.P.), No Lady (Gau-Brit), Never Trouble Trouble (Stoll), Love Lies (B.I.P.), Love Race (B.I.P.) Bad Companions (B.I.P.), Pyjamas

Preferred (B.I.P.) Innocents of Chicago (B.I.P.), Bull Rushes (B.I.P.), Stop Me (B.I.P.), Old Spanish Customers (B.I.P.), Maid of the Mountains (B.I.P.).

The world film encyclopedia, 1933

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