Biographies Of The Players NOV-OWE

NOVELLO, Ivor. B. Cardiff, Jan. 15, 1893. Black hair, dark brown eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 11 in. Ed. Magdalen College School, Oxford.

Well known on the London stage a? actor, playwright and composer. Among his more notable compositions are Keep the Home Fires Burning, The Laddie in Khaki, Dream Boat, Little Demoiselle, The

Biographies of the Players (NUG-OAK)

Valley and Megan. Achieved success in British silent films, later in talkies. Signed a contract with M.G.M. in 1930 to write and act for them.

PLayed in : The Call of the Blood

(Mercanton-Stoll), Carnival (Alliance), The Bohemian Girl (Harley-Ivnoles Production), The Rat (Gains), Man Without Desire (Atlas-Biocraft), The Lodger (Gains, silent version), The Return of the Rat (Gains), The Triumph of the Rat (Gains), The White Rose (U.A.), Bonny Prince Charlie (Gau), Gallant Hussar (Gains), Downhill (Gains), The Vortex (Gains), The Constant Nymph (Gains), A Southsea Bubble (Gains), A Symphony in Two Flats (Gains), Once a Lady (Para, American), The Lodger (Twickenham, sound).

NUGENT, Eddie. Full name, Edward

J. Nugent. B. New York City, Feb.

7, 1904. Dark brown hair, green eyes.

Ht. 6 ft. £ in. Wt. 10 st. 10 lb. Ed.

New York City. Married ; 1 dau., 1932.

Began his career by singing in the Metropolitan Opera Boys' Chorus. Later danced in Grauman’s Million Dollar Theatre, New York. Made his screen debut with a part in Our Dancing Daughters (M.G.M., 192S). Now owns an antique shop in Hollywood.

Also Played in : Star Witness

(Warner), Bought (Warner), Man in Hobbies (Tiffany), Our Modern Maidens (M.G.M), The Duke Steps Out (M.G.M.), The Flying Fleet (M.G.M), The Bellamy Trial (M.G.M.), The Single Man (M.G.M.), Untamed (M.G.M.), Girl in the Show (M.G.M.), Bright Lights (F.N.), Young Sinners (Fox), Up Pops the Devil (Para), Loose Ankles (F.N.), Local Boy Makes Good (F.N.), The Scoop (W.W.), Second Fiddle (Radio),

NUGENT, Elliott. B. Dover, Ohio,

Sept. 20, 1901. Fair hair, grey eyes.

Ht. 6 ft. Wt. 11 st. 1 lb. Ed. Dover

High School ; Ohio State University.

M. Norma Lee.

Began theatrical career as a child, playing in vaudeville on the Keith-Orpheum circuit. Later in stock with Stuart Walker company. First appearance in New York in Dulcy, 1921. Screen career began with the part of Eddie, So This is College (M.G.M., 1929).

Also Played in : Wise Girls (M.G.M.), Father’s Day (M.G.M.), Not So Dumb (M.G.M.), The Richest Man in the World (M.G.M.), The Single Standard (M.G.M.), The Unholy Three (M.G.M.), Sins of the Children (M.G.M.), Our Modern Maidens (M.G.M.), For the Love of Lil (Col), The

Last Flight (F.N.), Behind Stone Walls (Action Pictures), Romance (M.G.M.).

OAKIE, J ack. Real name, Lewis D’ Offield. B. Sedalia, Mo. Nov. 12, 1903. Light brown hair, blue eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 11 in. Wt. 12 st. 2 lb Ed. De La Salle High School, New York City.

Was cast in a charity show, 1919, which resulted in a partnership between him and Lulu McConnell, another member of the cast. This stage partnership held until 1927. Began his screen career with Universal, one of his earliest appearances being in Finder’s Keepers (Univ, 1928).

Also Played in : The Fleet's In (Para), Someone to Love (Para), Hard to Get .(F.N.), Chinatown Nights (Para), Close Harmony (Para), The Dummy (Para), Fast Company (Para), The Man I Love (Para), Sweetie (Para), The Wild Party (Para), Sin Town (Path6), Street Girl (Radio), Paramount on Parade (Para), Sap from Syracuse (Para), The Social Lion (Para), Hit the Deck (Radio), Lei's Go Native (Para), Sea Legs (Para), June Moon (Para), Dude Ranch (Para), Touchdown (Para), The Gang Buster (Para), Dancers in the Dark (Para), Playing the Game (Para), Sky Bride (Para), Million Dollar Legs (Para), Once in a Lifetime (Univ), Madison Square Garden (Para), If I Had a Million (Para).

OAKMAN, Wheeler. B. Virginia. Brown hair and eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 11 in. Wt. 12 st. 2 lb. Ed. Washington, D.C.

Following a few years’ apprenticeship on the stage, made his debut in silent pictures many years ago. His reputation has been enhanced considerably by his performances in talking films.

’ Played in : The Broken Mask (Anchor), The Half Breed (F.N.), Hey Hey, Cowboy (Univ), The Masked Angel (First Div), The Devil’s Chaplain (Rayart), Handcuffed (Rayart), The Donovan Affair (Col), Hurricane (Col), Father and Son (Col), The Power of the Press (Col), Morgan’s Last Raid (M.G.M.), What a Night (Para), On With the Show (Warner), Girl from Wooi-worth’s (F.N.), In Strange Company (Gau), Little Johnny Jones (F.N.), Roaring Ranch (Univ), Shanghai Lady (Univ), On Your Back (Fox), The Big Fight (WAV.), Costello Murder Case (WAV.), Lawless Woman (Chesterfield), First Aid (W.W.), Devil on Deck (WAV.), Sky Raiders (Col), While the City Sleeps (M.G.M.), Shakedown (Univ), Texas Cyclone (Col), Big Fight (WAV.), The Fighting Tornado (Col), Two-Fisted

(OBE-OLA) Biographies of the Players

Law (Col), The Scoop (WAV.), '1 he Boiling Point (Allied), The Gorilla Ship (Like), The Bullet Trail (Col), The Black Orchid (Seiig), The Sundown Rider (Col), Obey the Law (Col).

OBERON, Merle. Real name Estelle Thompson. B. in Tasmania, Feb. 19, 1911. Brown hair and eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 4 in. Wt. 7 st. 7 lb. Ed. India and France.

Had been playing small parts in British films for some while before Alexander Korda discovered her and gave her a 5 years’ contract. This followed a small part in Service for Ladies (Para-Brit, 1932).

Also Played in : Wedding Rehearsal (London Film Pro), Men of To-Morrow (London Film Pro).

O’BRIEN, George. B. San Francisco, Cal., April, 1900. Dark brown hair, brown eyes. Ht. 6 ft. in. Wt. 13 st. 3 lb. Ed. Polytechnic High School, San Francisco ; Santa Clara College, Cal.

Received his first stage training in amateur theatricals. Enlisted in the American Navy during the war, and became light-heavyweight boxing champion of the Pacific Fleet. After the Armistice a chance meeting with Tom Mix in Hollywood led to a job as assistant-cameraman. His first opportunity came when John Ford required a muscular juvenile lead for the principal role in The Iron Horse (Fox, 1924). He secured the part and made such a success of it that from then onward he was established as a reliable actor.

Also Played in : The Roughneck (Fox), The Painted Lady (Fox), The Dancers (Fox), Thank You (Fox), The Fighting Heart (Fox), Havoc (Fox), Three Bad Men (Fox), Fig Leaves (Fox), The Silver Treasure (Fox), Johnstown Flood (Fox), Rustlin’ for Cupid (Fox), The Blue Eagle (Fox), Is Zat So? (Fox), East Side, West Side (Fox), Paid to Love (Fox), Sunrise (Fox), Honour Bound (Fox), Blindfold (Fox), Sharpshooters (Fox), Noah’s Ark (Warner), Masked Emotions (Fox), Salute (Fox), True Heaven (Fox), The Man Who Came Back (Fox), Lone Star Ranger (Fox), Rough Romance (Col), Last of the Duanes (Fox), The Seas Beneath (Fox), The Holy Terror (Fox), Fair Warning (Fox), Riders of the Purple Sage (Fox), The Rainbow Trail (Fox), Gay Caballero (Fox), Mystery Ranch (Fox), Robber’s Roost (Fox), The Golden West (Fox).

O’BRIEN, Pat. Real name, William O’Brien. B. Milwaukee, Nov. 11, 1S99.

Ed. Jesu Grade School, High School;

University (Marquette). M. Patricia


After an extensive stage career, Pat O’Brien was thoroughly down and out in New York. Pie was on the point of taking on a job as orange-juice salesman, when a phone call from Howard Hughes in California sent him post-haste to Hollywood to play a part in The Front Page (U.A., 1931), This was the beginning of a successful screen career.

Also Played in : Married in Haste (Radio), Happy Landing (M.G.M.), Determination (Col), Personal Maid (Para), Scandal for Sale (Univ), Strange Case of Clara Deane (Para), Hell’s House (Zeid-man), American Madness (Col), Arm of the Law (Mono), Hollywood Speaks (Col), Final Edition (Col), Air Mail (Univ),Virtue (Col), Laughter in Hell (Univ).

O’BRIEN, Том. B. San Diego, Cal.

Dark brown hair, dark blue eyes. Ht.

5 ft. iif in. Wt. 13 st. 13 lb. Ed.

Los Angeles High School ; University of California ; University of

Pennsylvania. M. Ina Mae Morehouse.

For twenty years was a popular figure on the vaudeville and legitimate stage. Entered motion pictures in 1913 and has since worked in most of the leading Hollywood studios.

Played in : Scrap Iron (Charles Ray Productions), The Big Parade (M.G.M.j, Tin Hats (M.G.M.), The Flaming Forest (M.G.M.), The Bugle Call (M.G.M.), Fire Brigade (M.G.M-), The Frontiersman (M.G.M.), San Francisco Nights (Gotham), The Chorus Kid (Gotham), The Private Life of Helen of Troy (F.N.), That’s My Daddy (Univ), Anybody Here Seen Kelly? (Univ), Tne Last Warning (Univ), The Peacock Fan (Chesterfield), Hurricane (Col), Smiling Irish Eyes (F.N.), The Flying Fool (Pathe), His Lucky Day (Univ), It Can Be Done (Univ), Untamed (M.G.M.), Broadway Scandals (M.G.M.), Call of the West (Col), Moby Dick (Warner), The Stowaway (Univ), Scared Stiff (Univ), Sailor Maid Love (Univ), Trapped (Big Four), Hell Bent for ’Frisco (WAV.), Yesterday in Santa Fe (Pioneer), Midnight Express (Chesterfield), The Hawk (Pioneer), Pudge {Univ), It’s a Cinch (Educ), Phantom Express (Tec-Art).

OLAND, Warner. B. Umea. Sweden.

Oct. 3, 1880. Brown hair, brown eyes.

Ht. 5ft. 11 in. Wt. 12 st. 12 lb. Ed.'

Boston, Mass. High School. Theatrical

training : Dr. Curry’s Dramatic School.

M. Edith Shearn.

Will be remembered by many for his'

Biographies of the Players (OLI-O’NE)

impersonation of Chinese villians in serials soon after the Avar. Is an experienced stage actor, having pursued theatricals twenty years prior to his film debut. Has once or twice played sympathetic roles, but it is as a villain that he has achieved his success. One of his early films was Sin (Fox, 1915), with Theda Bara.

Also Played in : The Jazz Smgev (Warner), Love’s Dream, The Scarlet Lady (Col), The Wheel of Chance (F.N.), The Fakir (Col), Dream of Love (M.G.M.), Chinatown Nights (Para), Don Juan (Warner), His Lady (Warner), The Mighty (Para), The Mysterious Dr. Fu Manchu (Para), The Studio Murder Case (Para), Dangerous Paradise (Para), Paramount on Parade (Para), Return of Dr. Fu Manchu (Para), The Vagabond King (Para), Charlie Chan’s Chance (Fox), The Big Gamble (Roger), Shanghai Express (Para), The Black Camel (Fox), Dishonoured (Para), Daughter of the Dragon (Para), Burnt Offering (Fox),

OLIVER, Edna May. Real name, Edna May Nutter. B. Boston, Mass. Brown hair, blue eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 7 in. Wt. 10 st. 5 lb. M. D. W. Pratt ; div. 193г. Experience of stage and screen covering a period of twenty years. Had operatic ambitions when a young girl, but financial difficulties made studies impossible. Joined a stock theatrical company instead, and continued on the stage for some time before tempting film offers came her way.

Played in : Ice Bound (Para), Lucky Devil (Para), Let's Get Married (Para), Saturday Night Kid (Para), Half Shot at Sunrise (Radio), Forbidden Adventure (Para), Fanny Foley Herself (Radio), Cimarron (Radio), Cracked Nuts (Radio), Laugh and Get Rich (Radio), Ladies of the Jury (Radio), The Lost Squadron (Radio), March of a Nation (Radio), Top of the Bill (Radio), Hold ’em Jail (Radio), Hell Bent for Election (Radio), Penguin Pool Mystery (Radio), Conquerors (Radio).

OLIVER, Guy. B. Chicago, 111., 1875. Brown hair, brown eyes. Ht. 5 ft. io£ in. Wt. 11 st. 8 lb. Ed. in Chicago. D. Sept. 1, 1932.

Toured when still a young boy with his father and two sisters in a company known as the Oliver Musical Troupe. He made his screen debut in 1908 in films produced by the old Lubin company. Is one of the few people in Hollywood to have been with the film industry since its infancy, Played in : The Covered Wagon (Para), The Woman with Four Faces (Para), To the Last Man (Para), Old Ironsides

(Para), The Blind Goddess (Para), The Vanishing Pioneers (Para), Avalanche (Para), Beggars of Life (Para), Three Week-ends (Para), Hot News (Para), Stairs of Sand (Para), The Studio Murder Case (Para), Sunset Pass (Para), Woman Trap (Para), Half-way to Heaven (Para), The Devil’s Holiday (Para), Busybody (Para), The Light of Western Stars (Para), Only the Brave (Para), Gun Smoke (Para), Dude Ranch (Para), Skippy (Para), Huckleberry Finn (Para), Beloved Bachelor (Para), Rich Man’s Folly (Para), Sooky (Para).

OLIVIER, Laurence. B. Dorking, Surrey, May 22, 1907. Brown hair and eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 10 in. Ed. St. Edward’s School, Oxford. Studied for the stage under Elsie Fogerty. M. Jill Esmond, 1930-

Stage debut at the age of fifteen at the Shakespeare Festival Theatre, Stratford-on-Avon, April 1922, when he played the part of Katherine in a boys’ performance of The Taming of the Shrew. Began to attract attention to himself by his performance in Journey’s End. Screen debut in Britain in Too Many Crooks (George King). Went to America, 1929 in the stage show of Murder on the Second Floor.

Also Played in : Temporary Widow (U.F.A.), Potiphar’s Wife (B.I.P.), Friends and Lovers (Radio), The Yellow Passport (Fox), Westward Passage (Radio), Perfect Understanding (Swanson).

O’MALLEY, Pat. Full name, Patrick H. O’Malley, Jun. B. Forest City, Pa., Sept. 3, 1S92. Brown hair, blue eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 11 in. Wt. 11 st. 6 lb. Ed. Forest City, Pa. M. Lillian Wilkes, 3 dau.

Entered motion pictures without any previous stage experience and making one of his earliest appearances as Tommie Glindonin The Perfect Alibi (U.A., 1929).

Also Played in : Spangles (Univ), My Old Dutch (Univ), Rose of Kildare (Gotham), TheMan I Love (Para), The Fall Guy (Radio), Average Husband (Educ), The Breaking Point (Frothingham-Hodkinson), High Speed (Col), The Reckoning (Peerless), The Fighting Marshall (Col), Arm of the Law (Mono), Shadow of the Eagle (Ideal), Exposure (Premier), Those We Love (Tiffany), Mother’s Cry (F.N.) Night Life in Reno (Artclass) Sky Spider (Mayfair), Homicide Squad (Univ), Anybody’s Blonde (Mayfair), The Fighting Gentleman (International), The Sundown Rider (Col).

O’NEAL, Zelma. B. Rock Falls, 111. Auburn hair, blue eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 2x in. Wt. 8 st. 4 lb. Ed. public

(O’NE-OWE) Biographies of the Players

schools of Chicago. M. Anthony Bushell.

Began her career as a singer and dancer in small Chicago theatres. After another few appearances on the stage, made her film debut in 1929 in Educational Comedies.

Also Played in : Peach o’ Reno (Radio), Follow Thru (Para).

O’NEIL, Nance. B. Oakland, Cal. October 8, 1874, M. Alfred Hickman; he d. 1932.

Has twenty-five years’ stage experience to her credit, and during the course of her career has travelled throughout the world. Made her theatrical debut at San Francisco, 1893. Added considerably to her reputation by her fine work in talking pictures.

Played in : Resurrection (U.A.), The Rogue Song (M.G.M.), The High Road (M.G.M.), The Queen’s Husband (Radio), The Gay Nineties (M.G.M.), The Lady of Scandal (M.G.M.), The Singer of Seville (M.G.M.), Ladies of Leisure (Col), Eyes of the World (U.A.),Call of the Flesh (M.G.M.), A Worn an of Experience (Radio), Cimarron (Radio), Their Mad Moment (Fox), Transgression (Radio), Secret Service (Radio), Westward Passage (Radio), Penalty of Fame (Univ).

O’NEIL, Sally. Real name, Virginia Louise Noonan. B. Bayonne, N.J., Oct. 23, 1910. Dark brown hair,

dark blue eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 2 in. Wt. 7 st. 4 lb. Ed. Notre Dame Convent, Stratton Island, N.Y.; Loretta Abbey Convent, Toronto, Canada.

Went on the stage immediately after leaving school, and a year later began her screen career. Her first important role was in Mike (M.G.M., 1928).

Also Played in : The Auction Block (M.G.M.), The Callahans and the Murphys (M.G.M.), Slide, Kelly, Slide (M.G.M.), Battle of the Sexes (U.A.), On With the Show (Warner), The Sophomore (Pathe), Hard Boiled (Radio), Broadway Fever (Tiffany), Girl on the Barge (Univ), Broadway Scandals (Col), Salvation Nell (Tiffany), Hold Everything (Warner), Girl of the Port (Radio), The Brat (Fox), Murder by the Clock (Para).

O’REGAN, Kathleen. Real name, Melville. B. Ireland, Nov. 11, 1904. Dark hair, brown eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 5 in. Wt. 8 st. 11 lb. N1. Lt.-Col. K. A. Plimpton, D.S.O., April, 1926.

Made her first stage appearance at Sheffield in 1921, as Paddy in Paddy-the-Next-Best-Thing, subsequently appearing in London, 1925, for the first time. One of her earliest screen opportunities

occurred in Juno and the Paycock (B.f.P., 1929), in which she played Mary Boyle, her own part in the stage version.

Also Played in : The Shadow

Between (B.I.P.), Fires of Fate (B.I.P.)

OSBORNE,, Vivienne. B. Des Moines, U.S.A. Black hair, brown eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 4 ins. M. Francis Worthington Hines.

First appeared on the stage at the age of five as a dancer. Later travelled with a number of stock companies and, in 1919, appeared in New York. Came to London, 1926, to play Aloma in the stage version of Aloma of the South Seas. Played in the silent version of Over the Hill (Fox, 1927).

Also Played in : The Beloved Bachelor (Para), Husband’s Holiday (Para), Two Kinds of Women (Para), Two Seconds (Warner).Famous Ferguson Case (Warner).

O’SULLIVAN, Maureen. B. Boyle, Ireland, May 17, 1911. Dark brown hair, blue eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 3 in. Wt. 8 st. 4 lb. Ed. Dublin and London convents ; finishing school in Paris. Owes her success to the happy chance that sent Frank Borzage to a cafe in Ireland where he saw her, and decided that she was the ideal type for the little girl in Song O' My Heart (Fox, 1930).

Also Played in : The Princess and

the Plumber (Fox), So This is London (Fox), Just Imagine (Fox), Big Shot (Patlie), Yankee at King Arthur’s Court (Fox), Skyline (Fox), Tarzan, The Ape Man (M.G.M.), The Optimist (P.D.C.), Fast Companions (Univ), The Silver Lining (Patrician), Strange Interlude (M.G.M.), Skyscraper Souls (M.G.M.), Penalty of Fame (Univ), Payment Deferred (M.G.M.), Robbers' Roost (Fox).

OWEN, Catherine Dale. B. Louisville, Kentucky, July 28. Blond hair, blue eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 4^ in. Wt. 8 st. 13 lb. Ed. Nashville, Tenn.; Springside School, Chestnut Hill, Pa.; Academy of Dramatic Art, New York City.

Film offers came to her in plenty, but she ignored them, preferring to continue her work on the stage. Apart from this, a brief experiment she had made in motion pictures some years previously had been a failure, and left an impressive mark on her memory. In time, however, the offer of a part opposite John Gilbert in His Glorious Night (M.G.M., 1929) lured her from the stage, and began for her a second career. Was at one time referred to by Anita Loos, author of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, as “ the perfect blonde.”

Also Played in : Forbidden Woman (Path6), The Rogue Song (M.G.M.), Strictly

Biographies of the Players (OWE-PAN)

'Unconventional (M.G.M.), Bom Reckless (Fox), Such Men are Dangerous (Fox), To-day (Majestic), Behind Office Doors (Radio), Defenders of the Law (Continental Pictures Corporation).

The world film encyclopedia, 1933

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