Biographies Of The Players ROL-SIM

ROLAND, Gilbert. Real name, Luis Antonio Damaso de Alonso. B. Juarez, Mexico, Dec. 11, 1905. Son of Francisco Alonso, a toreador. Black hair, brown eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 11 in. Wt. 11 st. 11 lb. Ed. in Mexico.

Made his screen debut rvithout any stage experience, one of his earliest films being The Plastic Age (Schulberg, 1925).

Also Played in : The College Flirt

(Para), The Blonde Saint (F.N.), Camille (F.N.), The Dove (U.A.), The Woman Disputed (U.A.), New York Nights (U.A.), Monsieur le Fox (M.G.M.), Resurrection, Spanish r'crsion (Univ), Men in Her Life (Col), Men of the North (M.G.M.), Passionate Plumber (M.G.M.), Woman in Room 13 (Fox), A Parisian Romance (Allied), Gigoletle (Tec-Art), No Living Witness (Mayfair), Call Her Savage (Fox).

Biographies of the Players (ROL-RUB)

ROLLINS, David. B. Kansas City, Missouri, Sept. 2, 1909. Brown hair, blue eyes. Ht. 5 ft. io£ in. Wt. 9 st. 9 lb. Ed. Northeast High School, Kansas City ; Glendale High, California ; Culver College, Indiana.

It was by chance that he became a film star, appearing as an extra in a Universal picture while on holiday from the bank. Fascinated by the work, he left his job and took up acting in earnest.

Played in : High School Hero (Fox), Love is Blonde (Fox), Thanks for the Buggy Ride (Fox), Win that Girl (Fox), Air Circus (Fox), Prep and Pep (Fox), Riley the Cop (Fox), Forget-Me-Not (Fox), Our Daily Bread (Fox), Kick Off (Excellent), Fox Movietone Follies (Fox), Love, Live and Laugh (Fox), Black Watch (Fox), Why Leave Home ? (Fox), Happy Days (Fox), Big Trail (Fox), Young Sinners (Fox), Girls Demand Excitement (Fox), Morals for Women (Tiffany), Papa Loves Mama, King of the Khyber Rifles (Fox), The Seas Beneath (Fox), Second Chances (Chesterfield), Phantom Express (Tec-Art).

ROME, Stewart. Real name, Septimus Ryott. B. Newbury, Jan. 30, 1886. Brown-grey hair, blue eyes. Ht. 6 ft. 1 in. Wt. 12 st. Ed. Newbury Grammar School.

Worked for four years as civil engineer before making his debut in a chorus in musical comedy. Toured Great Britain, India and Australia. For a time tried his hand at sheep-farming but was glad to return to the stage. Made his film debut in Justice with the Hepworth company in 1913 and, for many years, was one of their leading stars. A few years ago he visited Los Angeles and acted in several American films.

Also Played in : Coming Thro' the Rye (Hepworth), Iris (Hepworth), The Touch of a Child (Hepworth), Sweet Lavender (Hepworth), Trelawney of the Wells (Hepworth), The White Hope (Hepworth), Annie Laurie (Hepworth), Molly Bawn (Hepworth), A Daughter of Eve (Broadwest), A Gentleman Rider (Broadwest), Her Son (Broadwest), Snow in the Desert (Broadwest), A Great Coup (Broadwest), Christie Johnstone (Broadwest), Prodigal Son (Stoll), The Woman Who Obeyed (Astra-National), Colleen Bawn (Stoll), Eleventh Commandment (Gau), Somehow Good (F.N.), The Ware Case (Film Manufacturing), Zero (Film Manufacturing), The Man who Changed His Name (B.L.), Dark Red Roses (International), The Last Hour (Nettlefold), The Price of Things (Elinor Glyn Pro),

Kissing Cup's Race (Butcher), Deadlock (G. King), The Great Gay Road (Butcher), Betrayal (Univ-Brit), Rynox (Ideal), The Marriage Bond (Twickenham), The Stirrup Cup Sensation (Butcher).

ROONEY, Mickey. (See Mickey McGuire.)

A brilliant child actor, familiar in many Universal Western pictures. As Mickey McGuire, has made many child films with great success. Recently his name was changed by Universal. (Full biography on page 124.)

Played in : High Speed (Col), Sin’s Pay Day (Mayfair), Fast Companions (Univ), My Pal the King (Univ).

ROSMER, Milton. B. Southport, Nov.

4, 1881. Ed. Manchester Grammar

School. M. Irene Rooke.

Spent many years on the legitimate stage, making his stage debut in 1899, eventually becoming a director at the famous Everyman Theatre, London. Also starred in many British films, and finally turned to directing.

Played in : Mystery of a Hansom Cab Ideal), Still Waters Run Deep, Whoso Is Without Sin, Lady Windermere’s Fan, Man Without a Soul (London), Greater Need (London), Wuthering Heights (Ideal), Torn Sails (Ideal), Diamond Necklace (Ideal), Twelve Pound Look (Ideal), The Will (Ideal), Belphegor (Ideal), Demos (Ideal), A Woman Of No Importance (Ideal), The Pointing Finger (Stoll), General John Regan (Stoll), A Romance of Wastdale (Stoll), The Passionate Friends (Stoll).

Directed : The Perfect Lady (B.I.P.), Many Waters (B.I.P.), After the Ball (Gau-Brit), Dreyfus (co-directed with F. W. Ivraemer, B.I.P.).

ROTK, Lillian. B. Boston, Mass., Dec. 11, 1910. Brown hair, blue eyes. M. William Scott 1931 ; div. 1932. Film debut occurred at the age of five for the Fort Lee Studios, New Jersey. One year later made her stage debut and having achieved prominence in theatricals, returned to the screen and made her talkie debut in Illusion (Para, 1929). .

Also Played in : Love Parade (Para), Vagabond King (Para), Animal Crackers (Para), Sea Legs (Para), Paramount On Parade (Para), Madame Satan (M.G.M.),

RUBENS, Alma. B. San Francisco, 1897. Black hair, black eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 7 in. Ed. Convent, San Francisco.

(RUG-SAN) Biographies of the Players

M. (1) Franklyn Famum. div; (2)

Dr. D. C. Goodman ; div; (3) Ricardo Cortez, 1926. D. Jan. 21, 1931.

Began her career on the musical comedy stage, and made her screen debut in The Half Breed (Fine Arts-Triangle, 1916). Was a prominent figure of the silent screen.

Also Played in : Humoresque (Para), The Gilded Butterfly (Fox), Siberia (Fox), The Pelican (Fox), East Lynne (Fox), The Heart of Salome (Fox), The Show Boat (Univ), She Goes to War (U.A.).

RUGGLES, Charles. B. Los Angeles, Cal. Light brown hair, light grey eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 6 in. Wt. 10 st. 5 lb. Was intended for a chemist, but had other views, and had already gained extensive experience of the stage when the Morosco Co. gave him his opportunity. His first talkie was Gentlemen of the Press (Para, 1929).

Also Played in : The Lady Lies (Para), Road House Nights (Para), Young Man of Manhattan (Para), Queen High (Para), Her Wedding Night (Para), Charley’s Aunt (Col), Honour Among Lovers (Para), The Smiling Lieutenant (Para), The Girl Habit (Para), The Beloved Bachelor (Para), LIusband’s Holiday (Para), One Hour with You (Para), This is the Night (Para), This Reckless Age (Para), Love Me Tonight (Para), Seventy Thousand Witnesses (Rogers-Рага), The Night of June 13 (Para), Honest Finder (Para), Evenings for Sale (Para), The Lawyer’s Secret (Para), If I Had a Million (Para).

SAINPOLIS, John. В. Нелу Orleans,

Louisiana. Grey hair, Ьголуп eyes.

Ht. 5 ft. io£ in. Wt. 12 st. 2 lb. Ed.

New Orleans.

FolloAving long stage experience, during which he had appeared in For the Defence, The Tailor-Made Man, and other л\ге11-knorvn plays, turned his attention to motion pictures and has since лл-orked with almost every company in Hollywood.

Played in : Green Grass Widows (Tiffany), Romance of a Queen (M.G.), Phantom of the Opera (Univ), The Bad One (U.A.), Coquette (U.A.), In the Next Room (F.N.), Guilty (Col), Three Sisters (Fox), Party Girl (Tiffany), The Melody Man (Col), Captain Thunder (Warner), Kismet (F.N.), Doctors’ Wives (Fox), The Criminal Code (Col), Men of the Sky (F.N.), Transgression (Radio), Heartbreak (Fox), Lena Rivers (Tiffany), Melody of Life (Radio),

Alias the Doctor (F.N.), Forbidden Company (Chesterfield), Gambling Sex (Burton King).

SALE, Charles, " Chic.” B. Huron, S. Dakota. Ed. Illinois University. Was for some years on the stage before his first screen opportunity came his way. Noted for the cle\^er make-up Avhieh transforms his youth into extreme but pleasant age. Was first seen in films in a number of shorts, his first big part occurring in The Star Witness (Warner, 193т).

Also Played in : The Expert (Warner). When a Fellow Needs a Friend (M.G.M.), Stranger in Town (Warner), Men of America (Radio).

SALE, Virginia. B. Urbana, 111. Вголуп hair and eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 5 in. Wt. 8 st. 8 lb. Ed. Urbana High School ; University of Illinois.

F'ive years on the stage preceded her entry into motion pictures in 1927, \vhieh лл-as made possible by King Vidor, \vho ga\^e her a small part in The Crowd (1VI.G.M.), Leads in Christie Comedies followed soon after, and then her first big part in Cohens and Kellys in Atlantic City (Univ., 1930).

Also Played in : Legionnaires in

Paris (Radio), Harold Teen (F.N.), Midnight Gladness (Pathe), Fancy Baggage (Warner), Why Be Good? (F.N.). This is Heaven (U.A.), The Dude Wrangler (WAV.), Embarrassing Moments (Univ), Stewed, Fried, Boiled; Floating College (Tiffany), Below the Deadline (Chesterfield), The Kid’s Clever (Univ), Bright Lights (F.N.), Show Girl in Hollywood (F.N.), Moby Dick (Warner), Loving the Ladies (Radio), Viennese Nights (Warner), Too Young to Marry (F.N.), My Past (Warner), The Great Meadow (M.G.M.), Many a Slip (Uni\d, Big Business Girl (F.N.), Gold Dust Gertie (Warner), Sob Sister (Fox), Broken Lullaby (M.G.M.), Selling Shorts (Pathd), Her Majesty Love (Warner), Secret Service (Radio), Fireman Save my Child (F.N.), Gentleman for a Day (Warner), Man Wanted (F.N.). Ironmaster (Allied).

SANTLEY, Frederic. B. Salt Lake City, Utah, No\-. 20. Blond hair, blue eyes. Ht. 5 ft. ioi in. Wt. 10 st. 8 lb. Ed. prh'ately. M. Marion Simpson.

First appeared on the stage at the age of four in a girl’s part in The Silver King. Played extensively in juvenile roles and when he grew up became а лл'е11-кполуп

Biographies of the Players (SAX-SEB)

figure in vaudeville and musical comedy Following three years in motion pictures' he again returned to the stage, only to reappear on the screen again in 1930 in Leathernecking (Radio).

Also Played in : A Dangerous Affair (Col).

SAXON-SNELL, H. B. London, Aug. 7» 18S9. Light brown hair, hazel eyes-Ht. 5 ft. 11 in. Wt. 13 st. 4 lb. Ed. Surrey County School, Sutton. M. Kathleen Bontaill.

Is related to the late Henry Saxon-Snell, the famous architect, and is a first cousin of Iris Hoey, the actress. Was intended by his father to become an architect, and, though Snell did for a while obey his father it was not long before he broke away and began his stage career. Has toured extensively in South Africa. Is now devoting his time to both stage and screen and finds that he can do this without over-burdening himself. Two of his notable stage successes were in Where the Rainbow Ends and Twelve Nights.

Played in : Josser Joins the Navy

(B.I.P.), Red Pearls (Nettlefold), The Clue of the New Pin (B.L.), Luck of the Navy (Wilcox), The Bondman (B.I.P.), My Friend the King (Film Engineering), The “ W ” Plan (B.I.P.), The Verdict of the Sea (B.I.P.), Loves of Robert Burns (B. & D.), Return of Raffles (Nettlefold).

SAYERS, Loretta. B. Seattle, Washington, Blonde hair, blue eyes. Ht. 5 ft- 3 in.

IMade her debut in motion pictures without previously having served an apprenticeship on the stage. Was seen in a small part in Lover Come Back (Col, 1931) and not long after played the lead opposite Jack Holt in Fifty Fathoms Deep (Col, 1931).

Also Played in : The Fighting Sheriff (Col), Deadline (Col), The Virtuous Wife (Col), High Speed (Col).

SCHILBKRAUT, J oseph. B. Vienna, Austria, March 22, 1898. Black hair, black eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 10 in. Wt. 10 st. 6 lb. Ed. Vienna; Berlin High School and College. M. (1) Elise Bartlett, ig22 ; div ; (2) Lillian Mary McKay, 1932.

Is a fluent linguist and during his long career on the stage has played parts in numerous languages. Went to America, 1921, under contract to the New York Theatre Guild, making his first appearance there in Liliom, which ran into 768 performances. Screen debut with Lillian Gish in Orphans of the Storm (U.A.,‘ 1922).

Also Played in : Road to Yesterday (Pathe), King of Kings (De Mille), Shipwrecked (Pathe), His Dog (РаНю),

Forbidden Woman (Pathd), Tenth Avenue (Path6), Show Boat (Univ),

Mississippi Gambler (Univ), Cock of the Walk (WAV.), Night Ride (Univ), Carnival (B. & D.), Blue Danube (B. & D.).

SCHILLING, Marion. B. Denver, Col. 1911. Brown hair, brown eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 4 in. Ed. at Denver; Central High School of St. Louis.

After leaving school joined her father’s stock company and toured America. A test for M.G.M. resulted in her first screen role in Wise Girls, 1929.

Also Played in : Lord Byron of

Broadway (M.G.M.), Free and Easy (M.G.M.), Shadow of the Law (Para), Swellhead (Tiffany), On Your Back (Fox), Beyond Victory (Pathd), Donovan’s Kid (Radio), The Common Law (РаШё), Sundown Trail (Radio), What Price Melody ? (M.G.M.), County Fair (Mono), A Man’s Land (Allied), Shop Angel (Pathe), A Parisian Romance (Allied).

SCOTT, Randolph. Real name, Randolph Crane. B. Orange County, Virginia, Jan. 23. 1903. Fair hair, hazel eyes. Ht. 6 ft. 2 in. Wt. 13 st. 8 lb. Ed. private School ; Woodberry Forest School. Two years’ stage experience on the Avest coast of America preceded his film debut with Paramount in 1931.

Played in : Sky Bride (Para), A

Successful Calamity (Warner), The Lone Cowboy (Para), Heritage of the Desert (Para) Hot Saturday (Para), Wild Horse Mesa (Para).

SEARL, Jackie. B. California 1920. Brown hair, blue eyes.

When three years of age was heard reciting by one of the Los Angeles Radio Station officials, who was instrumental in getting him a weekly engagement in the Children’s Hour. When Paramount were casting Tom Sawyer, they decided to include him in the cast with Mitzi Green and Jackie Coogan.

Also Played in : Skippy (Para),

Finn and Hattie (Para), Forbidden Adventure (Para), Daybreak (M.G.M.), Sooky (Para), Huckleberry Finn (Para), The Miracle Man (Para), Lovers Courageous (M.G.M.), Hearts of Humanity (Majestic).

SEBASTIAN, Dorothy. B. Birmingham, Alabama, April 26, 1904. Brown hair, hazel eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 3 in. Wt. 8 st. 3 lb. Ed. University of Alabama. M. Bill Boyd.

(SEE-SHE) Biographies of the Players

After a few months' experience of the stage made her first screen appearance in Sackcloth and Scarlet (Lasky, 1924).

Also Played in : Wings of Chance

(F.N.), Bluebeard’s Seven Wives (F.N.), The Show (M.G.M.), The Demi-Bride (M.G.M.), Love (M.G.M.), The Gallant Gringo (M.G.M.), Our Dancing Daughters (M.GAI.), Spite Marriage (M.GAI.), Morgan’s Last Raid (M.G.M.), The Single Standard (M.G.M.), Montana Moon (M.G.M.), Our Blushing Brides (M.GAI.), His First Command (Pa the), Officer O’Brien (Pathe), The Deceiver (Col), Blood Brothers (Col), The Lightning Flyer (Col), Free and Easy (M.GAI.), Unwanted (Col), The Big Gamble (Radio), They Never Come Back (Tee-Art).

SEEGAR, Miriam. B. Greentown, Indiana, Sept, i, 1909. Blonde hair, blue eyes. Ht. 5 ft.

Was sent by A1 Woods, theatrical producer, to London, to play the leading feminine role in Crime. Three years in England followed this, during which time she appeared in a number of British films, one of which -was When Knights were Bold (Ideal), opposite Nelson Keys. Later returned to America and took part in Adolphe Menjou’s first all-talking picture, Fashions in Love (Para, 1929), in which she co-starred with Fay Compton. A Paramount contract followed.

Also Played in : The Love Doctor

(Para), Movietone Follies of 1930 (Fox), Seven Keys to Baldpate (Radio), W’hat a Man (WAV.), Big Money (Path6), The Lion and the Lamb (Col), Dawn Trail (Col), Madame Julie (Radio), Famous Ferguson Case (Warner), Strangers of the Evening (Tiffany), Out of Singapore (Goldsmith), Valley of Ghosts (INI.GAI.).

SEGAL, Vivienne. B. Philadelphia., Blonde hair, brown eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 2 in. Ed. Academy of the Sisters of Mercy in Philadelphia. M. Robert Ames ; dissolved.

Created a sensation by taking the part of Carmen in the Opera at the age of sixteen. Was heard by a representative of the Schuberts and promptly given the leading part in Blue Paradise. Screen debut, Golden Dawn (Warner, 1930).

Also Played in : Song of the I Vest (Warner), Bride of the Regiment (F.N.), The Lady of the Rose (F.N.), Viennese Nigh ts (Warn er).

SELTEN, Morton. Real name, Morton Richard Stubbs. B. Jan 6, i860. Ed. Marlborough. M. Kate Pattison.

A very recent acquisition to the British film wrorld. Achieved no little success in the West End plays, Cat and the Fiddle and Counsel’s Opinion, and though he appears on the stage at nights, devotes his talents to motion pictures during the daytime.

Played in : Service for Ladies (Para-Brit), The Shadow Between (B.I.P.), Wedding Rehearsal (London Film Pro).

SHANNON, Peggy. Real name, Winona Shannon. B. Pine Bluff, Ark. Red hair, gre}r-blue eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 4 in. Ed. Sacred Heart Convent, Pine Bluff. M. Allan Davies, 1928.

During a short stage career she was seen by a Paramount “scout” and given a screen test. This was successful and she was finally signed by them as a substitute for Clara Bow. Later was given a contract by Fox.

Played in : The Secret Call (Para),

Silence (Para), The Road to Reno (Para), Hotel Continental (Tiffany), This Reckless Age (Para), Playing the Game (Para), Society Girl (Fox), After the Rain (Fox), False Faces (Tiffany).

SHEARER, Norma. B. Montreal, Canada* Aug 10, 1904. Brown hair, blue-grey eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 1 in. Wt. 8 st. 6 lb. Ed. public school, Montreal. M. Irving Thalberg; 1 son, b. 1930. Displayed almost unbelievable tenacity in the early days of films by endeavouring to achieve a motion picture career when she first arrived in America. Gradually she has won through and she is to-day one of the leading personalities in Hollywood. One of her earliest films was The Stealers (Robertson Cole, 1920).

Also Played in : The Snob (M.G.), He Who Gets Slapped (M.G.), Tower of Lies (M.G.), His Secretary (M.G.), Upstage (M.G.M.), The Student Prince (M.GAI.), Trelawney of the Wells (M.G.M.), The Actress (M.G.M.), The Hollywood Review (M.G.M.), A Lady of Chance (M.G.M.), The Last of Mrs. Cheyney (M.GAI.), Trial of Mary Dugan (M.GAI.), Their Oivn Desire (M.GAI.), The Divorcee (M.G.M.), Let Us be Gay (M.GAI.), Strangers Лlay Kiss (M.G.M.), A Free Soul (M.GAI.), Private Lives (M.GAI.), Strange Interlude (M.G.M.), Smiling Through (M.GAI.).

SHEFFIELD, Leo. B. Malton, Yorks., Nov. 15, 1S73. _

Made his stage debut with the D’Oyly Carte Opera Company in London 1906, and remained with them for

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Biographies of the Players (SHE-SKE)

twenty-two seasons. Was invited to turn liis attention to British films and was so delighted with his first experiment in Lord Richard in the Pantry (Twickenham, 1931), that he will be seen a good deal in future productions.

Also Played in : Compromising Daphne (B.I.P.), High Society (W.B.-F.N.).

SHERMAN, Lowell. B. San Francisco, Cal., Oct. ii, 18S5. Brown hair, brown eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 11 in. Wt. 10 st. 10 lb. Ed. New York public school. M. (1) Evelyn Booth ; div ; (2) Pauline Garon, Feb., 1926 ; div. 1929 ; (3) Helene Costello, 1930.

Is as well known for his masterly direction of films as for his suave impersonation of villains. Began his screen career in the early daj'S of motion pictures, getting his first big part in D. W. Griffith’s Way Down East (1920).

Also Played in : The Whip Woman (F.N.), Monsieur Beaucaire (Para), The Divine Woman (F.N.), A Lady of Chance (M.G.M.), The Garden of Eden (U.A.), The Scarlet- Dove (Tiffany), The Girl from Gay Paree (Tiffany), The Whip (F.N.), General Crack (Warner), Nearly Divorced (M.G.M.), Evidence (Warner), Mammy (Warner), О Sailor, Behave l (Warner), He Knew Women (Radio), What Price Hollywood ? (Radio), False Faces (Tiffany). Directed : Ladies of the fury (Radio). Directed and Played in : Lawful

Larceny (Radio), Losing Game (Radio), Royal Bed (Radio), Bachelor Apartment (Radio), High Stakes (Radio). The Greeks had a Word for Them (U.A.j.

SHOTTER, Winifred. B. London, Nov. 5, 1904. Brown hair, brown eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 2^ in. Wt. 7 st. 5 lb. Ed. Maidenhead. M. Capt. M. A.Green, 1931. Stage debut, Soldier's Boy, London, 1918. Joined “ Aldwych Team,” 1926, in Rookery Nook. Film debut, 1929, in a talkie version of her first Aldwych play. While honeymooning on the Gold Coast of Africa was offered a part in Jack's the Boy (Gains, 1932), and raced back by air, sea and land in order to be on time for her contract.

Also Played in : On Approval (B. & D.), Plunder (B. & D.), Chance of a Night Time (B. & D.), A Night Like This (B. & D.), Mischief (B. & D.), Love Contract (B. & D.).

SHUFORD, Andy. B. America, 1920.

A boy actor who plays “ villain ” parts in child films very successfully. Has already a good number of productions to his credit.

Played in : Dugan of the Bad Land (Mono), Montana Kid (Mono), Oklahoma Jim (Mono), Great Meadow (M.G.M.), Big Trail (Fox), Land of Wanted Men (Mono), Ghost City (Mono), Blood Brother (Mono), When a Fellow Needs, a Friend (M.G.M.), JHason of the Mounted (Mono), Law of the North (Mono).

SIDNEY, Sylvia. B. New York, 1910.

Dark brown hair, blue-green eyes. Ht.

5 ft. 4 in. Wt. 7 st. 6 lb.

When talkies were introduced and good elocution became an artiste’s most desirable quality, Sylvia Sidney was taken from the stage and given a part in Through Different Eyes (Fox, 1930). It was a failure and she left the film city determined never again to trust her reputation to the films. The offer of a contract with Paramount, however, brought her back. In City Streets (1931), her next production, she achieved tremendous success.

Also Played in : Five Minutes from the Station (Vita), An American Tragedy (Para, not shown in this country). Street Scene (U.A.), Ladies of the Big House (Para), Her Dilemma (Para), The Miracle

Man (Para), Merrily we go to---/

(Para), If I Had a Million (Para).

SIMPSON, Ivan. B. Glasgow, 1873.

Travelled to America, 1905, and made his film debut with John Barrymore in The Dictator (Famous Players Laslcy, 1915)-

Also Played in : Out of the Drifts (Para), Lovers in Quarantine (Para), A Kiss for Cinderella (Para), Way of all Men (F.N.), Manslaughter (Para), Millionaire (Warner), The Sea God (Para), Inside the Lines (Radio), The Green Goddess (Warner), Ol-d English (Warner), Disraeli (Warner), The Silent Voice (Warner), The Lost Lady (Fox), Burnt Offering (Fox), The Crash (Warner), The Reckless Hour (F.N.), Phantom oj Crestwood (Radio), Sherlock Holmes (Fox), Monkey’s Paw (Radio).

The world film encyclopedia, 1933

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