Biographies Of The Players TAL-TRA

(TAL-TAS) Biographies of the Players

Mayfair (Para-Brit), IVhiteface (Gains), Mr. Bill the Conqueror (B.I.P.), A Voice Said Good-night (W.B.-F.N.), Perfect Understanding (Swanson).

TALMADGE, Constance. B. Brooklyn, New York, April 19, 1900. Blonde hair, brown eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 7 in. Wt. 8 st. 6 lb. Ed. public and high Schools, Brooklyn, New York. M. (1) John Pialoglou 1920 ; div. 1922 ; (2) Capt. Macintosh, 1926 ; div. 1927 ; (3) Townsend Netcher, May, 1929.

First big film part in Intolerance (U.A., 1916). Was popular in the days of the silent film but has not made many films since the advent of the talkies.

Also Played in : Scandal (Select), The Honeymoon (Select), Up the Road with Sally (Selznick), A Pair of Silk Stockings (Selznick), Mrs. Leffingwell's Boots (Selznick), Sauce for the Goose (Selznick), Romance and Arabella (Select), A Temperamental Wife (F.N.), A Virtuous Vamp (F.N.), Two Weeks (F.N.), The Love Expert (F.N.), In Search of a Sinner (F.N.), The Perfect Woman (F.N.), Good References (F.N.), Dangerous Business (F.N.), Mama’s Affair (F.N.), Lessons in Love (F.N.), Woman’s Place (F.N.), Wedding Bells (F.N.), Polly of the Follies (F.N.), The Primitive Lover (F.N.), The Divorcee (F.N.), East is West (F.N.), Dulcy (F.N.), The Dangerous Maid (F.N.j, The Goldfish (F.N.), Her Night of Romance (F.N.), Her Sister from Paris (F.N.), Learning to Love (F.N.), Duchess of Buffalo (F.N.), Venus of Venice (F.N.), Breakfast at Sunrise (F.N.), Venus (U.A.).

TALMADGE, Norma. B. Niagara Falls, N.Y., May 26, 1897. Brown hair, brown eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 4 in. Wt. 7 st. 10 lb. Ed. public and high schools Brooklyn, N.Y. M. Joseph M. Schenck, executive of United Artists’ Corporation.

Sister to Constance Talmadge. Film debut at the age of fourteen. Has since played over 250 screen roles. Tremendously popular during the war but has not been seen quite so much since the advent of the talkies.

Played in : The Dixie Mother (Vita-graph), In Neighbouring Kingdoms (Vita-graph), A Tale of Two Cities (Vitagraph), Mrs. ‘Enry ’Awkins (Vitagraph), Under the Daisies (Vitagraph), The Doctor’s Secret (Vitagraph), Father’s Hatband (Vitagraph), His Silver Bachelorhood (Vitagraph), An Elopement at Home (Vitagraph), Fanny's Company (Vitagraph). The Honourable

Algernon (Vitagraph), Sawdust (Vitagraph), Salome (Vitagraph), His Little Paige (Vitagraph), Under False Colours (Vitagraph), The Wooing of Myra May (Vitagraph), Officer John Donovan (Vitagraph), The Sacrifice of Kathleen (Vitagraph), Cupid Versus Money (Vitagraph), The Right of Way (Vitagraph), Helpful Sisterhood (Vitagraph), Good-bye Summer (Vitagraph), Sunshine and Shadows (Vitagraph), A Daughter’s Strange Inheritance (Vitagraph), The Criminal (Vitagraph), The Battle Cry of Peace (Vitagraph), Captivating Mary Carstairs (National Pictures), Missing Links (Triangle), The Children in the House (Triangle), Going Straight (Triangle), The Devil’s Needle (Triangle), Panthea (Selznick), Poppy (Selznick), The Moth (Selznick), Ghosts of Yesterday (Selznick), By Right of Purchase (Selznick), De Luxe Annie (Selznick), The Safety Curtain (Selznick), Her Only Way (Selznick), The Forbidden City (Select), The Probation Wife (Select), The Heart of ' Wetona (Select), The Way of a Woman (Select), The New Moon (Select), She Loves and Lies (Select), A Daughter of Two Worlds (F.N.), The Woman Gives (F.N.), Yes or No (F.N.), The Branded Woman (F.N.), The Sign on the Door (F.N.), The Wonderful Thing (F.N.), Love's Redemption (F.N.), Smilin’ Through (F.N.), The Eternal Flame (F.N.), The Voice from the Minaret (F.N.), Within the Law (F.N.), Ashes of Vengeance (F.N.), The Song of Love (F.N.), Secrets (F.N.), The Only Woman (F.N.), The Lady (F.N.), Graustark (F.N.), Kihi (F.N.), Camille (F.N.), The Dove (U.A.), The Woman Disputed (U.A.), New York Nights (U.A.), Du Barry, Woman of Passion (U.A.).

TALMADGE, Richard. Real name, Richard Metzetti. B. Switzerland, Dec. 3, 1S98. Dark brown hair, brown eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 8 in.

Toured the world with his showman father in an act known as “ The Metzetti Brothers.” Douglas Fairbanks, attracted by his athletic ability, advised him to take up a film career. His screen experience includes many daring “ stunt ” films in which he has shown exceptional skill and contempt for danger. Is frequently his own producer.

Played in : The Bachelor’s Club (Oscar Price), The Speed Boy (R. Talmadge), The Blue Streak (R. Talmadge), The Sky’s the Limit (R. Talmadge), The Whirlwind Lover (R. Talmadge), Get that Girl (R. Talmadge), Scarcheads (R. Talmadge).

TASHMAN, Lilyan. B. Brooklyn, New York City, Oct. 23, 1899. Blonde hair.

Biographies of the Players (TAY-TEA)

blue eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 4 in. Wt. 8 st. 4 lb. M. Edmund Lowe, Aug. 1925.

Stage experience with Ziegfeld Follies. Became engaged to Edmund Lowe during stage play. The Garden of Weeds. Screen debut : film of the same title (Para, 1924).

Also Played in : Ports of Call (Fox), Rocking Moon (Pathe), Whispering Smith (Pathd), Camille (F.N.), Prince of Head Waiters (F.N.), The Texas Steer (Univ), French Dressing (F.N.), Phyllis of the Follies (Univ), Marriage Playground, (Para), Trial of Mary Dugan (M.G.M.) New York Nights (U.A.), Bulldog Drummond (U.A.), Playing Around (Fox), On the Level (Fox), No, No, Nanette (F.N.), Puttin’ on the Ritz (U.A.), Manhandled (Para), Gold Diggers of Broadway (Warner), Leathernecking (Radio), Girls About Town (Para), Up Pops the Devil (Para), Finn and Hattie (Para), Millie (Radio), The Mad Parade (Para), Murder by the Clock (Para), One Heavenly Night (U.A.), Wiser Sex (Para), Those We Love (Tiffany), Revolt (Warner).

TAYLOR, Alma. B. London, Jan. 3, 1895. Light brown hair, blue eyes. Played in the Hepworth Film Company when a child and attained popularity in the Tilly Girls series. In 1915 was the winner of nation-wide British screen stars popularity contest, in which she secured 156,800 votes. Made her come-back in the talkie The Bachelor’s Baby (B.I.P.).

Played in : Oliver Twist (Hepworth), Heart of Midlothian (Hepworth), Helen of Four Gales (Hepworth), Mrs. Erricker’s Reputation (Hepworth),Tansy (Hepworth), Pipes of Pan (Hepworth), IMist in the Valley (Hepworth), Strangling Threads (Hepworth), Coinin’ Thro’ the Rye (Hepworth), The Cloister and the Hearth (Hepworth), Sunken Rocks (Hepworth), Iris (Hepworth), Alf's Button (Hepworth), A Daughter in Revolt (Nettlefold), The Shadow of Egypt (Astra-National), Quinneys (Gau-Brit), The House of Marney (Nettlefold), South Sea Bubble (Gains), Two Little Drummer Boys (Samuel-son), The Train of Destiny, Deadlock (G. King).

TAYLOR, Estelle. Real name, Boylan. B. Wilmington, Delaware, May 20, 1899. Dark brown hair, brown eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 4 in. Wt. 8 st. 13 lb. Ed., Wilmington High School ; Wilmington Business College. M. (1) Kenneth Peacock, 1920; div.; (2) Jack Dempsey, Feb., 1925.

Was a typist with stage ambition. Studied dramatic art at Sargent’s Dramatic School and won prominence on the New York stage. Entered films as a

" double ” for Dorothy Dalton and other artistes. Rose to stardom in silent pictures, and is now making talkies.

Played in : While New York Sleeps

(Fox), Monte Cristo (Fox), Dorothy Vernon of Haddon Hall (U.A.), Ten Commandments (Para), New York (Para), Singapore Mutiny (Radio), Don Juan (Warner), Lady Raffles (Col), Honour Bound (Fox), Bavu (Univ), Whip Woman (F.N.), Where East is East (M.G.M.), Cimarron (Radio), Unholy Garden (U.A.), Street Scene (U.A.), Western Ltd. (Mono), Call Her Savage (Fox).

TEARLE, Conway. Real name, Frederick Tearle. B. New York City, May 17, 1878. Brown hair, brown eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 10^ in. Wt. 11 st. 11 lb. Ed. Carlisle Grammar School, England ; West Point Academy, U.S.A. M. (1) Mrs. Menges Corwin-Hill; (2) Adele Rowland. Made his stage debut in 1892 and achieved fame in the provinces in Shakespearean repertory. Went to Australia, 1902, to play lead in Ben Hur but the theatre was burned and Australians never saw him. Returned to the English stage, and in 1905 went to New York and has since played extensively on the American stage. One of his first films was Helene of the North (Para, 1915).

Also Played in : Bella Donna (Para), Black Oxen (F.N.), Dancing Mothers (Para), My Official Wife (Warner), Dancer of Paris (F.N.), The Greater Glory (F.N.), Eternal Flame (F.N.), Ashes of Vengeance (F.N.), Sporting Lover (F.N.), Altars of Desire (M.G.M.), Isle of Forgotten Women (Col), JMoulders of Men (Radio), Smoke Bellew (First Division), The Lost Zeppelin (Tiffany), Evidence (Warner), Gold Diggers of Broadway (Warner), Truth about Youth (F.N.), The Lady Who Dared (F.N.), Morals for Women (Tiffany), Vanity Fair (Allied), Man about Town (Fox), The False Idol (Para), Captivation (Capitol) Pleasure (Artclass), Her Mad Night (Mayfair).

TEARLE, Godfrey. B. New York, Oct. 12, 1884. Brown hair, brown eyes. Ed. privately; Carlisle Grammar School. M. (1) Mary Malone, 1906 ; div., 1932 ; (2) Stella Freeman, Oct. 22, 1932.

Made his stage debut when nine years of age at Burnley. A prominent figure in the provinces and on the London stage. Equally well known in America. Appeared in leading parts in many British silent films and has since appeared in talkies.

Played in : Sir James Mortimer’s

Wager, Queen’s Evidence (В. & C.), Sinless Sinner (В. & C.), The Shadow Between (B.I.P.), These Charming People (Para-Brit.).

(THA-TOD) Biographies of the Players

THATCHER, Heather. B. London.

Fair hair. Ed. London.

Began her career in silent films and, while playing in the musical show, The Boy, made no fewer than six films with the old London Film Co. and the Gaumont Co. Achieved fame on the musical comedy stage and, finally, made her talkie debut in The Plaything (B.I.P.). Recently, while staying with the famous author, P. G. Wodehouse and his wife, in Hollywood, she played her first American screen role in But the Flesh is Weak (M.G.M. 1932).

Also Played in : The Prisoner of

Zenda (London), Altar Chains (London) Key of the World (Gau), Pallard the Punter (Gau), The Green Terror (Gau), The Little Hour of Peter Wells (Hollandia), The First Men in the Moon (Gau-Brit), Stepping Stones( Benstead),^ Warm Corner (Gains), Perfect Understanding (Swanson).

THOMAS, Jameson. B. London, 1892.

Black hair, brown eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 11 in.

Ed. England.

Began his stage career when a boy ; liis first appearance being in The Squaw Man. Film debut was in an adventure film made by a British company in the South Seas. Was three years with British International. American stage debut with Bebe Daniels in The Last of Mrs. Cheyney. Went to Hollywood to appear with Elissa Landi in Body and Soul (Fox, i93i)-

Also Played in : Pover Over Men

(British Film Craft), Piccadilly (B.I.P.), Cavern Spider, The Farmer’s Wife (B.I.P.), Chu Chin Chow (Wilcox), Roses of Picardy (Gains), Poppies of Flanders (B.I.P.), Blighty (Gains), Tesha (Burlington), White Sheik (B.I.P.), Feather (Strand), Melody of Fate (B.I.P.), High Treason (Gau-Brit), Hate Ship (B.I.P.), Night Birds (B.I.P.), Convicted (Artclass), Extravagance (Tiffany), Lover Come Back (Col), Three Wise Girls (Col), Murdock Affair (Chesterfield), Dangerous Ground (Chesterfield), Trial of Vivienne Ware (Fox), Phantom President (Para).

THORNDIKE, Sybil (Dame). B.

Gainsborough, Oct. 24, 1882. Brown

hair. Ed. High School, Rochester;

Guildhall School of Music, London.

' M. Lewis Casson ; 2 dau., Ann and

Mary ; 2 sons.

Was engaged as a pianist for some time before studying for the stage at Ben Greet’s Academy. Stage debut at Oxford, June, 1904, in My Lord from Town. Toured the United States for four years withBen Greet's Shakespearean Company. Was a leading member of Miss Horniman’s

Company, Manchester. London stage debut, 1908. Is famous with Old Vic audiences, and will long be remembered for her brilliant characterization of Saint Joan in Shaw’s play of that title, and for her splendid acting in the famous Greek tragedies. Received the degree of LL.D. from Manchester and Edinburgh Universities, and the Freedom of the City of Rochester. Made her screen debut iu Moth and Rust (Progress,), 1921.

Also Played in : Dawn (Wilcox),

To What Red Hell} (Strand), Hindis Wakes (Gau), A Gentleman of Paris (Gau-Brit).

TIBBETT, Lawrence. B. Bakersfield, Cal. Son of William E. Tibbett, Sheriff of Kern County, Cal., who was killed in capturing the notorious bandit, McKinney. Dark hair, blue eyes. Ht. 6 ft. 1 in. Wt. 13 st. 5 lb. Ed. Los Angeles schools. M. (1) Grace Mackey Smith, 1919 ; div., Sept., 1931 ; 2 sons, Lawrence and Richard (twins) ; (2) Mrs. J. M. A. Burgard, 1931.

Won fame with his remarkable voice while still a schoolboy. Studied singing in New York and eventually won recognition as one of the gieatest operatic baritones in the world. Best known for his roles in Rigoletto, La Tosca, La Forze Del Destine, and La Boheme. One of the first Grand Opera stars to be heard in talking pictures. His first film was The Rogue Song (M.G.M., 1930).

Also Played in : New Moon (M.G.M.), The Prodigal (M.G.M.), Cuban Love Song (M.G.M.).

TOBIN, Genevieve. B. New York City, Nov. 29, 1904. Golden hair, green eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 3 in. Wt. 7 st. 8 lb. Ed. New York schools ; Institute de l’Etoile, Paris.

Stage debut, 1919, in Palmy Days, in New York City. Appeared in London, in The Trial of Mary Dugan, 1928-9. Screen debut in The Lady Surrenders (Univ, 1930). Visited London, 1932, to play with Gloria Swanson in her first British production, Perfect Understanding.

Also Played in : Free Love (Univ), Up for Murder (Univ), The Gay Diplomat (Radio), Blind Wives (Univ), Seed (Univ), One Hour with You (Para), Hollywood Speaks (Col), Cohens and Kellys in Hollywood (Univ).

TODD, Ann. B. Hartford, Cheshire, 1911. Fair hair, blue eyes. Ht. 5 ft 4 in. Wt. 7 st. 4 lb. Ed. St. Winifred’s School, Eastbourne ; Royal Albert Hall School of Dramatic Art.

Biographies of the Players (TOD-TOR)

Intended to become an elocution teacher, but an unexpected stage offer in London made her change her mind. Has played a succession of leading parts in West End shows. It was her sympathetic personality that secured her her first screen part of Millie in Keepers of Youth (B.I.P., 1931).

Also Played in : The Ghost Train

(Gains), These Charming People (Para-Brit), Water Gypsies (A.R.P.).

TODD, Thelma. B. Lawrence, Mass. Blonde hair, grey eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 4 in. Wt. 8 st. 8 lb. Ed. Lawrence High School ; Lowell (Mass) High School ; Lowell Normal School. M. Pasquala de Cicco, 1932.

School teacher, who won State beauty contest, and was chosen by Paramount for its School of Acting, afterwards taking small parts in Paramount films. Made the film Corsair (U.A., 1931), under the name of “ Alison Loyd.” ~

Also Played in : Vamping Venus

(F.N.), The Crash (F.N.), The Haunted House (F.N.), Heart to Heart (F.N.), Naughty Baby (F.N.), The Bachelor Girl (Col), Trial Marriage (Col), Careers (F.N.), Her Private Life (F.N.), House of Horror (F.N.), Seven Footprints to Satan (F.N.), Look Out Below (Educ), Hell’s A ngels (U.A.), Follow Through (Para), Maltese Falcon (F.N.), Broadminded (F.N.), The Hot Heiress (F.N.), No Limit (Para), Her Man (Pathe), Beyond Victory (Para), Aloha (Tiffany), Swanee River (WAV.), Big Tinier (Col), This is the Night (Para), Horse Feathers (Para), Speak Easily (M.G.M.), No Greater Love (Tiffany), Maltese Falcon (Warner), Monkey Business (Para), Cauliflower Alley (Col), Call Her Savage (Fox).

TOOMEY, Regis. B. Pittsburg, Pa., Aug. 13, 1902. Light brown hair, grey-green eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 11 in. Wt. 11 st. 4 lb. Ed. Peabody High School ; University of Pittsburg. M. Kathryn Scott.

Amateur theatricals inspired him to try his luck on the professional stage, where he remained successfully for five years before going into films. First film, Alibi (U.A., 1929).

Also Played in : The Wheel of Life (Para), Illusion (Para), Rich People (Pathe), The Perfect Alibi (Radio), Crazy That Way (Fox), Good Intentions (Fox), The Light of Western Stars (Para), The Street of Chance (Para), Framed (Radio), The Steel Highway (Warner), Murder by the Clock (Para), Playing the Game (Para), The Hours Between (Гага), Finn and

I(r 9

Hattie (Para), The Finger Points (F.N.), Graft (Univ), Kick In (Para), Shopworn (Col), Midnight Patrol (Mono), Under Eighteen (Warner), Sky Bride (Para), They Never Come Back (Tec-Art).

TORRENCE, David. B. Edinburgh, Scotland. Black hair, hazel eyes. Ht.

6 ft. 1 in. Wt. 14 st. Ed. Edinburgh; England and Germany.

Worked for a time on a cattle ranch in Mexico but the venture was unsuccessful and he turned to the stage. After considerable experience he entered films, playing from time to time in most of the leading studios. The Inside of the Cup (Para, 1921), was his first film.

Also Played in : Tess of the Storm Country (U.A.), The Light that Failed (Para), The Abysmal Brute (Univ), Drums of Jeopardy (Tiffany), Oh, What a Nurse • (Warner), Brown of Harvard (M.G.M.), Annie Laurie (M.G.M.), On the Stroke of Twelve (Ray-Art), The Big Noise (F.N.), Moriarty (Goldwyn), City of Purple Dreams (Trem Carr), King of the Khyber Rifles (Fox), The Auction Block (M.G.), The Cavalier (Tiffany), Undressed (Sterling), City of Dreams (Fox), Silks and Saddles (Fox), Untamed Justice (Fox), The Black Watch (Fox), Strong Boy (Fox), Disraeli (Warner), City Girl (Fox), Raffles (U.A.), River's End (Warner), Scotland Yard (Fox), Five Star Final (F.N.), East Lynne (Fox), The Devil to Pay (U.A.), Bachelor Father (M.G.M.), Successful Calamity (Warner),SmilingThrough (M.G.M.), Mask of Fu Mancliu (M.G.M.)

TORRENCE, Ernest. B. Edinburgh, Scotland, June 26, 1878. Brown hair, brown eyes. Ht. 6 ft. 4 in. Wt. 15 st. Studied music at the Edinburgh Academy of Music ; Conservatorium in Stuttgart, Germany ; Royal Academy of Music, London. M. Elsie Reamer. Played professionally at concerts before he became an actor. In 1900 was awarded the R.A.M. medal for Operatic Singing ; also the Westmorland Scholarship. Achieved fame as a baritone of the Savoy Opera Company. Screen debut Tol’able David (Inspiration, 1921, silent).

Also Played in : Broken Chains

(Goldwyn), The Covered Wagon (Para), The Hunchback of Notre Dame (Univ), Ruggles of Red Gap (Para), Fighting Coward (Para), Peter Pan (Para), Mantrap (Para), King of Kings (De Mille), Twelve hliles Out (M.G.M.), The Cossacks (M.G.M.), Bridge of San Luis Rcy (M.G.M.), Desert Nights (M.G.M.), Speedway (M.G.M.), The Singer of Seville (M.G.M.), Strictly Unconventional (M.G.M.),


Biographies of the Players

New Adventures of Get Rich Quick Wallingford (M.G.M.), Unholy Night (M.G.M.), Call of the Flesh (M.G.M.), Their Own Desire (M.G.M.), Untamed (M.G.M.), Officer O'Brien (Path6), The Great Lover (M.G.M.), Cuban Love Song (M.G.M.), Shipmates (M.G.M.), Fighting Caravans (Para), Sporting Blood (M.G.M.), Hypnotized (Mack Sennett), Sherlock Holmes (Fox).

TORRES, Raquel. Real name, Marie Osterman. B. Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico, Nov. n, 1908. Black hair, dark brown eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 2 in. Wt. 7 st. 12 lb. Ed. Mexico; a convent in Los Angeles.

Raquel made a brilliant entrance into films, going straight from the convent to play the leading role in White Shadows in the South Seas (M.G.M., 1928). Her exceptional beauty and charm have been her biggest assets for success.

Also Played in : The Bridge of San Luis Rey (M.G.M.), The Desert Rider (M.G.M.), The Sea Bat (M.G.M.), Under the Texas Moon (Warner).

TRACY, Lee. Full name, William Lee Tracy. B. Atlanta, Ga., April 14, 1898. Blonde hair, blue eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 10 in. Wt. 10 st. Ed. Western Military Academy, Alton, 111. ; Union College, Schenectady, N.Y.

Gained his stage experience in stock companies and eventually became well known in New York City. Then deserted the stage for the screen. In 1932 he was given a long-term contract by Warner Bros.

Played in : Big Time (Fox), On the Level (Fox), Bom Reckless (Fox), Strange Love of Molly Louvain (F.N.), Blessed Event (F.N.), Love is a Racket (F.N.), Doctor X (F.N.), Night Mayor (Col), Phantom Fame (Radio).

TRACY, Spencer. B. Milwaukee, 1900. Ed. Marquette University. M. Louise Treadwell; 1 son, b. July, 1932. Left the caste of The Last Mile— sensational prison play—to join Fox Film Co. Has since played many outstanding parts in Fox films.

Played in : Six Cylinder Love (Fox), Sky Devils (Col), Disorderly Conduct (Fox), Society Girl (Fox), Up the River (Fox), She Wanted a Millionaire (Fox), We Humans (Fox), After the Rain (Fox), 20,000 Years in Sing Sing (Warner), Goldie (Fox), Quick Millions (Fox), State Fair (Fox), Pier 113 (Fox).

The world film encyclopedia, 1933

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