Biographies Of The Players TRE-VOS

TREE, Lady, O.B.E. B. London, Oct. 5, 1S63. White hair, brown eyes.

Ed. Queen’s College. M. Herbert Beerbohm Tree, 1883.

Made her first stage appearance in Sweetheart, London, 1883. Is a prominent figure in the provinces and on the London stage. Is also well known to New York audiences. In 1902 was director of Wynd-ham’s Theatre. Appeared at a special Command performance at Balmoral, Sept., 1894, and at Windsor Castle, Nov., 1909. Has made several silent films and has recently made “ talkies.”

Played in : Still Waters Run Deep,

Such is the Law (Stoll), Early to Bed (Gau-Brit-U.F.A.), Wedding Rehearsal (London Film Pro).

TRENKER, Luis. B. St. Aulricli, Austrian Tyrol, 1896.

Was a First Lieutenant of Engineers during the war and also a pilot in the Air Service. His first film experience was six years ago, when he acted as guide to a production unit in the Alps and eventually took over the leading role in the film. He is now under contract to Universal and will make at least four films for this company.

Played in : The White Hell ofPitz Pain (Univ), Song of the Alps (Arnold Fanck, German), Storm over Mont Blanc (Arnold Fanck, German), Doomed Battalion (Univ), The Rebel (Univ).

TREVOR, Austin. Real name, Schilsky. B. Belfast, Oct. 7, 1897. Dark hair, dark eyes. Ed. St. Bede’s, Eastbourne ; Geneva. M. Violet Clowes.

After studying for the stage at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, and Geneva Conservatoire, made his debut at Richmond, Virginia, 1915, as the ghost in Hamlet. Film debut, At the Villa Rose (Twickenham, 1930).

Also Played in : Black Coffee (Twickenham), Alibi (Twickenham), A Night in Montmarte (Gains), Chinese Puzzle (Twickenham), The “ IV ” Plan (Burlington), The Man from Chicago (B.I.P.), The Crooked Lady (Eric Hakim), Night Work (Twickenham), A Safe Proposition (Fox-Brit).

TRYON, Glenn. B. Julietta, Idaho, Sept. 14, 1899. Black hair, hazel eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 10 in. Wt. 11 st. 11 lb. Ed. Polytechnic High School, Los Angeles. Played juvenile leads in the Old Auditorium Stock Company in Spokane, Washington, and has since appeared in over two hundred plays. Went to Hollywood to appear in Hal Roach comedies (M.G.M.). First appearance in The White Sheep.

Biograpliles of the Players (TUC-VAL)

Also Played in : The Battling

Orioles (Pathe), The Poor Nut (F.N.), Painting the Town (Univ), A Hero for a Night (Univ), How to Handle Women (Univ), It Can be Done (Univ), Broadway (Univ), Kid's Clever (Univ), Barnum was Right (Univ), Skinner Steps Out (Univ), Dames Ahoy (Univ), King of Jazz (Univ), Lonesome (Univ), Daybreak (M.G.M.), Dragnet Patrol (Mayfair), Sky Spider (Mayfair), Neck and Neck (W.W.), For the Love of Fanny (Educ), Love Redeemed (Univ), The Secret Menace (Cardinal), The Widow in Sea) let (Mayfair), Pride of the Legion (Tec-Art).

TUCKER, Richard. B. Brooklyn, New

York. Brownish-grey hair, blue eyes.

Ht. 5 ft. ii£ in. Wt. 12 st. 7 lb. Ed.

New York ; Canadagua Academy.

Specialized in history, then decided to become an actor. On his return from the Avar he resumed his screen work, started just before he enlisted. One of his earliest films was Branding Iron (Goldwyn).

Played in : The Squall (F.N.), Devil’s Island (Chadwick), Girl from Rio (Gotham), Dearie (Warner), Show-girl (F.N.), On Trial (Warner), Daughters of Desire (Excellent), The Dummy (Para), nQings (Para), Captain Swagger (Pathe), Love Overnight (Pathe), Half Marriage (Radio), Lucky Boy (Tiffany), This is Heaven (U.A.), My Man (Warner), Synthetic Sin (F.N.), Painted Faces (Tiffany), The Benson Murder Case (Para), The Man from Blankley’s (Warner), Peacock Alley (Tiffany), Madonna of the Streets (Col), The Bat Whispers (U.A.),Beau Brummel (Warner), Jazz Singer (Warner), Manslaughter (Para),/ws/ffra/iorc(M.G.M ), Unholy Night (M.G.M.), Unwanted (Col), The Deceiver (Col), Working Wives (Warner), Too Young to Marry (F.N.), Maker of Men (Col), A Holy Terror (Fox), Convicted (Pathe), The Murdock Affair (Chesterfield), Seed (Univ), Hell Bound (Educ), X Marks the Spot (Tiffany), Graft (Univ), Up for Murder (Univ), Shadow of the Eagle (Ideal), Pack Up Your Troubles (M.G.M.), The Stoker (Allied), Flames (Mono), Guilty as Charged (Para), The Crash (Warner), Is My Face Red ? (Radio), You Said a Mouthful (Warner), Ironmaster (Allied).

TURPIN, Ben. B. New Orleans, Louisiana, Sept. 17, 1874. Black hair, crossed eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 4 in. Wt. 8 st. 13 lb.

Was connected with the stage for many years, during which time he rose from

property man to vaudeville star. Entered pictures as a slapstick comedian.

Played in : Hogan’s Alley (Warner), Show of Shows (Warner), Steel Preferred (Pathe), The College Hero (Col), The Wife’s Relations (Col), The Love Parade (Para), Swing High (Pathe), A Night Out (Vitagraph), A Blonde’s Revenge, The Prodigal Bridegroom, Carmen (Equity), Make Me a Star (Para), Million Dollar Legs (Para), Hypnotised (Tiffany).

TWELVETREES, Helen. Real name, Helen Marie Jurgens. B. Brooklyn, New York, Dec. 25, 1908. Golden hair, turquoise blue eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 3 in. Wt. 7 st. 12 lb. Ed. Brooklyn Heights Seminary ; Students’ League ; American Academy of Dramatic Arts, New York City. M. (1) Clark Twelve-trees ; div., April, 1931 ; (2) Frank

Woody, 1931.

Had become famous on New York stage when Fox offered her a contract. Talkie debut, The Ghost Talks (Fox, 1929).

Also Played in : True Heart (Fox),

Blue Skies (Fox), The Grand Parade (Pathe), Paris to Bagdad (Fox), Her Man (Path6), Words and Music (Fox), Beyond, Victory (Pathe), Swing High (Pathe), The Painted Desert (Pathe), Panama Flo (Radio), Young Bride (Radio), Millie (Radio), A Woman of Experience (Pathe), Bad Company (Path6), Cardigan’s Last Case (Radio), Unashamed (M.G.M.), Is My Face Red ? (Radio).

VALENTINO, Rudolph. Real name, Rudolph Alfonso Raffaele Pierre Fili-berti Guiglielmi di Valentino d’An-tongueila. B. Italy, May 6, 1S95. Black hair, brown eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 11 in. Ed. Genoa, where he took an agricultural degree. M. (1) Jean Acker ; (2) Natcha Rombova. D. New York, Aug. 23, 1926.

Went to America with the intention of becoming a landscape gardener but unfortunately was reduced to working in the scullery of a New York hotel. Later became professional dancer and in 1919 went to Hollywood, where he made his screen debut as the hero of The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Visited London to make a personal appearance during the run of The Eagle in 1923 when ^5 was offered for single seats at the theatre. At the height of his

(VAL-VEL) Biographies of the Players

success, when he was making ^1,400 per week, he renounced his own nationality and became an American citizen. In 1923 wrote a book of poems entitled “ Daydreams.” His funeral was preceded by a public lying-in-state, and thousands of devoted fans went to see their hero. There is a children’s ward at the Italian hospital in London sponsored by the Valentino Memorial Association.

Also Played in : The Sheik (Para), Blood and Sand (Para), Cobra (Para), Monsieur Beaitcaire (Para), The Sainted Devil (Para), The Eagle (U.A.), Once to Every Woman (Holubar), Conquering Power (Rex Ingram), The Son of the Sheik (U.A.).

VALLI, Virginia. Real name, Virginia McSweeney. B. Chicago, 111., June 10. Dark hair, blue eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 4 in. Wt. 8 st. 8 lb. Ed. Wendell Phillips’ High School, Chicago. M. Charles Farrell.

Following a very brief appearance on the stage made her debut in motion pictures in 1915. Has since played in numerous films and the talkies have added to her reputation as an actress.

Played in : Street of Illusion (Pathe), Isle of Lost Ships (F.N.), Signal Tower (Univ), Wild Oranges (M.G.M.), Escape (Univ), Siege (Univ), Watch Your Wife (Univ), The Family Upstairs (Fox), Flames (Patlm), Stage Madness (Fox), Ladies Must Dress (Fox), Evening Clothes (Para), East Side, West Side (Fox), Marriage (Fox), Paid to Love (Fox), Judgment of the Hills (Radio), Behind Closed Doors (Col), Storm (Univ), Mr. Antonio, (Tiffany), The Lost Zeppelin (Tiffany), Guilty (Col).

VARCONI, Victor. B. Kis-Varda, Hungary, March 31, 1896. Brown hair and eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 10 in. Wt. 12 st. 12 lb. Ed. Grammar School, Budapest ; Commercial College ; Actors’ Art High School (Sfinmyveszeti Academi).

Was a Shakespearean actor at the TransylvaniaNational Theatre, Roumania, and secured an engagement with the National Theatre, Budapest, which is the highest success an Hungarian actor can achieve. Made films in Budapest ; then joined U.F.A., Berlin, and later went to Vienna to make Sodom and Gomorrah. His first American film was Triumph (Para, 1924).

Also Played in : Changing Husbands (Para), Feet of Clay (Para), The Dancers, Last Days of Pompeii (S.I.G.F.), The Volga Boatmen (РаВаё), The Angel of Broadway (Pathd), Chicago (Pathe), King of Kings (De Mille), Tenth Avenue (Path6), Sinners Parade (Col), The Divine Lady

(F.N.), Eternal Love (U.A.), Captain Thunder (Warner), Doctors’ Wives (Fox,) The Black Camel (Fox), Men in Her Life (Col), Lost Lady (F.N.), Doomed Battalion (Univ) The Rebel (Univ).

VAUGHN, Alberta. B. Ashland, Kentucky, June 27, 1908. Auburn hair, brown eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 2 in. Wt. 7 st. 5 lb. Ed. local schools, Ashland.

Made her screen debut in 1925, and rose to be leading lady in Mack Sennett’s comedies. Also played the leading role in H. C. Whitworth’s series for Radio— Fighting Blood, Adventures of Mazie, Telephone Girl, and others.

Also Played in : Skyscraper (Patlm), Forbidden Hours (M.G.M.), The Record Breaker (Darmour), Noisy Neighbours (Pathe), Molly and Me (Tiffany), Points West (Univ), As You Make It (Radio), Meet the Quince (Radio), Love’s Labour Found (Radio), They Shall Not Pass Out (Radio), Captain of the Roll (Radio), Eventually, but not Now (Radio), The Sleeping Cutie (Radio),Lose and Foundered (Radio), Old Vamps for New (Radio), The Setting Son (Radio), The Dear Slayer (Radio), Cash and ISIarry (Radio), Land of Sky Blue Daughters (Radio), Spell of the Circus (Univ), Speed (Sennett), Wild Horses (Tec-Art), Bargain Day (Educ), Show of Shows (Warner), Working Girl (Para), Wild Horse (Allied), Dancers in the Dark (Para),Love in High Gear{Action), Pretty Ankles (Like).

VEIDT, Conrad. B. Berlin, Germany, Jan. 22, 1S93. Brown hair, blue eyes. Ht. 6 ft. 2 in. Wt. 11 st. 11 lb. Ed. Berlin High School. Married; 1 son. Was a pupil of Max Reinhardt and played on the stage with Emil Jannings. Famous for film work in Germany, Great Britain and America.

Played in : The Cabinet of Dr.

Caligari (Decla), Waxworks (Viking), Lady Hamilton (Lubitsch German), Lucrezia Borgia (Lubitsch German), Brothers Schellenberg (U.F.A.), Prince Cuckoo (Viking), Henry IV. (German), The Student of Prague (Sokal), The Beloved Rogue (U.A.), A Man’s Past (Univ), Magic Flame (U.A.), The Man Who Laughs (Univ), Erik the Great (German), In Dalarna and Jerusalem (German), Last Performance (Univ), Black Hussar (U.F.A.), Nju (Rimax), Hands of Orlac (Para), The Last Company (U.F.A.), Congress Dances (U.F.A.), Rome Express (Gains), F. P. I. (Gau-U.F.A.), Cape Forlorn (U.F.A.-B.I.P., German version).

VELEZ, Lupe. Real name, Lupe Velez de Villalobos. B. San Louis Potosi,

Biographies of the Players (VEN-VON)

Mexico, July 18, 1910. Black hair, brown eyes. Ht. 5 ft. Wt. 8 st. 3 lb. Ed. Our Lady of the Lake Convent, San Antonio, Texas, bather was killed in a revolution and Lupe, in an effort to support her mother, two sisters and young brother, decided to go on the stage. Won recognition in The Gaucho (U.A., 1927), with Douglas Fairbanks. Was a Wampas Baby Star in 1928.

Also Played in : Resurrection (Univ), Stand and Deliver (Pathe), Masquerade (Fox), The Wolf Song (Para), The Lady of the Night (U.A.), Tiger Rose (Warner), Where East is East (M.G.M.), Hell Harbor (U.A.), Storm (Univ), East is West (Univ), Cuban Love Song (M.G.M.), Men in Her Life (Col), The Broken Wing (Para), The White Man (M.G.M.), Kongo (M.G.M.), Phantom Fame (Radio).

VENESS, Amy. Real name, Springett. B. Suffolk, Feb. 26. Fair hair, blue-grey eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 8 in. Ed. privately at home. M. Basil Springett, Dec., 1904; he d. ; 1 dau., Noelle. Notwithstanding the fact that she has spent most of her time on the American stage, it was in London that she made her film debut, having been discovered by John Maxwell while playing in A Murder Has Been Arranged. Other parts quickly followed and she has now established herself as a reliable character actress.

Played in : My Wife’s Family (B.I P.), Hobson's Choice (B.I.P.), To-night's the Night (B.I.P.), Pyjamas Preferred (B.I.P.), Pans by Night (B.I.P.), Let Me Explain, Dear (B.I.P.), Murder on the Second Floor (W.B.-F.N.), Money for Nothing (B.I.P.), Marriage Bond (Twickenham), Self-made Lady (G. King).

VERNO, Jerry. B. London, July 26, 1896. Brown hair, grey eyes. Ht.

5 ft. 5£ in. Wt. 10 st. 10 lb. M. Dora Dolaro, 1920.

Popular musical comedy and variety actor on the English stage. Since making his film debut in My Friend the King (Jackson, 1931), has been very much in demand as a light comedian.

Also Played in : The Beggar Student (B.L.), There Goes the Bride (B.L.), The Right Honorable (Jackson), Two Crowded Hours (Jackson), Hotel Splendide (Jackson), His Lordship (Jackson), His Wife's Mother (B.I.P.).

VICTOR, Henry. B. London. Dark hair, greenish-blue eyes. Ht. 6 ft. 2iin. Wt. 14 st. 1 lb. Ed. Germany. Has travelled a good deal, living from time to time in London, Paris, New

York, Los Angeles and Leipzig. Entered pictures in 1923.

Played in : Picture of Dorian Gray, She (Samuelson), Beyond the Dreams of Avarice (Ideal), Old Wives Tales (Ideal), Diana of the Crossways (Ideal), Bill 0) Divorcement (Ideal), The Royal Oak (Stoll), The Prodigal Son (Stoll), The Scandal (Granger), The Eternal Survivor, Colleen Bawn (Stoll), Love Story of Aliette Brunton (Stoll), His Grace Gives Notice (Stoll), The Luck of the Navy (Wilcox), Tommy Atkins (B.I.P.), The Guns of Loos (Fogwcll), Henry of Navarre (Stoll), The Hate Ship (B.I.P.), Seas Beneath (Fox), Suicide Fleet (Pathe), Freaks (M.G.M. not shown in this country), One Heavenly Night (U.A.).

VIDOR, Florence. Real name, Arto.

B. Houston, Texas, July 23, 1895.

Biown hair, brown eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 4^ in.

Wt. 8 st. 6 lb. Ed. public schools ;

Convent of Sacred Heart, Houston.

M. (1) King Vidor (producer), 1915 ;

dissolved ; (2) Jascha Heifetz (violinist),

1928. -

Was introduced to films by Corinne Griffith and given a small part in a Vitagraph production. Then followed A Tale of Two Cities (Fox, 1915). Played opposite Sessue Hayalrawa with Paramount for twelve months.

Also Played in : Old Wives for New (De Mille), Till I Come Back to You (Artcraft), Lying Lips (Ince), Tong War (Para), Hail the Woman (Para), Are Parents People ? (Para), Grounds for Divorce (Para), Trouble with Wives (Para), You Never Know Women (Para), Grand Duchess and the Waiter (Para), Sea Horses (Para), Eagle of the Sea (Para), The Popular Sin (Para), Afraid to Love (Para), The World at Her Feet (Para), One Woman to Another (Para), Honeymoon Hate (Para), Doomsday (Para), The Patriot (Para), The Magnificent Flirt (Para), Chinatown Nights (Para).

VOLPE, Frederick. B. Liverpool,

July 31. ^65. Ed. Liverpool Institute.

M. Alice Beet. D. March, 1932.

Famous as a character actor on the London stage. Will be remembered for his excellent characterization in the British film, The Middle Watch (B.I.P.,


Also Played in : Captivation (Ideal), Lord Richard in the Pantry (Twickenham), Bed and Breakfast (Gau-Brit).

VON ELTZ, Theodore. B. New Haven,

Connecticut. Brown hair, grey eyes.

Ht. 5 ft. 11 in. Wt. 11st. 6 1b. Ed.

*7 +

(VON-WAL) Biographies of the Players

Hill's School, Pottstown, Pa. M. (i)

Peggy Prior; div. ; 2 children, Lorie

and Teddy; (2) Elizabeth Lorimer,

Sept. 23, 1932.

Has travelled extensively in America, most of the time in theatrical companies, with whom he gained much experience. Entered motion pictures in 1920.

Also Played in : One Woman to Another (Para), Red Kimono (Vita), Way of the Strong (Metro), Paint and Powder (Chadwick), Sea Wolf (Pathe), Fools of Fashion (Tiffany), Life’s Mockery (Chadwick), The Awful Truth (Pathd), The Voice of the Storm (Radio), The Furies (F.N.), Nothing to Wear (Col), Four Feathers (Para), The Very Idea (Radio), Kismet (F.N.), The Rescue (U.A.), Prodigal (M.G.M.), The Secret Six (M.G.M.), No Mom’s Law (Pathd), Bardelys the Magnificent, (F.N.), Beyond Victory (РаОгё), Up Pops the Devil (Para), Arizona Kid (Fox), Once a Lady (Para), Ladies of the Big House (Para), Wicked (Fox), The Cat Creeps (Univ), Hotel Continental (Tiffany), The Divorcee (M.G.M.), A Private Scandal (Headline), Strangers of the Evening (Tiffany), Midnight Lady (Chesterfield), Breach of Promise (WAV.), RedHaired Alibi (Tiffany), Drifting Souls (Univ), Gigolette (Tec-Art).

VON NAGY, Kate. B. Hungary, 190S.

Dark hair, dark eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 5 in.

Ed. Budapest.

On leaving school studied art, then took up commercial training and also tried journalism. Gave up all these ideas in order to join a film school in Budapest, from which she was taken away when her parents discovered her whereabouts. Finally she persuaded them to allow her to go to Berlin for film training. After a year of heart-breaking setbacks she was given a small part. Has now been signed by U.F.A. on a long-term contract.

Played in : Ronny (U.F.A.), Wonderful Adventure (U.F.A.), Early to Bed (U.F.A. French and German versions), My Wife The Adventuress (U.F.A.), Love Is Love (U.F.A.), The Man Within (Tobis), Her Highness Commands (U.F.A.).


Vienna, Austria.

Well known for his stage work in Austria and in America. Was a star of the silent films, and has since played in many talkie productions.

Played in : Goose Woman (Univ),

Moriarty (Goldwyn), Magic Flame (U.A.), Woman Disputed (U.A.), Student Prince (M.G.M.), Sparrows (U.A.), The Gaucho (U.A.), The Bells (Chadwick),

The Wizard (Fox), The Yellow Lily (F.N.), The Vamping Venus (F.N.), The Mysterious Lady (M.G.M.), Chasing Through Europe (Fox), Me, Gangster (Fox), His Glorious Night (M.G.M.), The Canary Murder Case (Para), The Case of Lena Smith (Para), Come Across (Univ), Seven Faces (Fox), Dangerous Paradise (Para), The Bat Whispers (U.A.), Dishonoured (Para), The Lost Lady (F.N.), Shanghai Express (Para), Doomed Battalion (Univ), Roadhouse Murder (Radio), Ambassador Bill (Fox).

VON STROHEIM, Erich. Actor and Director. (See Directors’ Biographies.)

VOSPER, Frank. B. London, Dec. 15, 1899. Ed. Haileybury.

Stage debut, London, 1919, in Jtdius Ccesar. Is author of the successful stage play Murder on the Second Floor, in which he played the principal part.

Played in : Blinkeyes (Welsh-Pearson), Rome Express (Gains).

The world film encyclopedia, 1933

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