Biographies Of The Players WIL-YOU

WILLIAMS, Hugh. Dark hair, blue eyes.

After several years’ stage experience, went on tour to America, and afterwards played in several silent films. Two of his earliest talkies were Charley’s Aunt (Columbia) and A Night in Montmartre (Gains).

Also Played in : A Gentleman of

Paris (Gau-Brit), In a Monastery Garden (Twickenham), White face (Gains), Down Our Street (Para-Brit), Insult (Para-Brit), Rome Express (Gains), After Dark (Fox-Brit).

WILLIAMS, Robert. B. Morgantown,

N.C., Sept. 15, 1899. M. Nina Penn;

1 daughter. D. 1931.

Ran away from home at the age of ten and joined a tent show. Afterwards appeared on the stage in stock companies. Turned down several film offers until invited by Pathe to play opposite Ina Claire in Rebound (1931). He was rehearsing for Reputation (Radio, 1932) with Constance Bennett at the time of his death.

Also Played in : The Common Law (Radio), Devotion (Rogers), Platinum Blonde (Col).

WILSHIN, Sunday. B. London, Feb. 26,

1905. Golden hair, blue eyes. Ht.

5 ft. 4 in. Wt. 8 st. 2 *lb. Ed.


Studied dramatic art with Clive Currie and Ben Greet. Made her first stage appearance in 1915 when ten years of age. Has played in the crowds of numerous British films, one of the earliest bring Pages of Life (Millar).

Also Played in : Champagne (B.I.P.), Honrs of Loneliness (Carlton), Bed-Rock (Piccadilly), The Chance of a Night Time (B. & D.), Dance Pretty Lady (B.I.P.), Collision (Craig-Samuelson), Michael and Mary (Gains), Nine till Six (A.R.P.), The Love Contract (B. & D.), Marry Me (Gains).

WILSON, Dorothy. B. Minneapolis,

Minn. Dark hair. Ed. Minneapolis.

Went to Hollywood as a typist and was given a choice of two posts, one with a wholesale paper house, the other in the Radio studios. She chose the latter and worked there for two years. She was engaged on the typing of Are These Our Children ? (1932). A production executive had an inspiration and gave her a screen and voice test. She awoke next morning to find a contract awaiting her signature, as a featured player in the film she had spent so long in typing and

re-typing. Now known as the “ Cinderella of Hollywood.”

Also Played in : Men of America


WILSON, Lois. B. Pittsburg, Pa., June 28, 1896. Brown hair, hazel

eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 5^ in. Wt. 8 st. 10 lb. Ed. Alabama High School; Alabama Normal School.

Began her career as a school teacher, but resigned to go on the stage. Later, she turned to the screen. Twelve years in films have given her a variety of parts, but the one that will be long remembered was in The Covered Wagon (Para, 1923).

Also Played in : Miss Lulu Belt (Para), What Every Woman Knows (Para), The Thundering Herd (Para), The Vanishing Race (Para), Monsieur Beaucaire(Para), Manslaughter (Para), French Dressing (F.N.), On Trial (Warner), The Gamblers (Warner), Advice to Husbands (Para-Christie), Bird in the Hand (Para-Christie), Object Alimony (Col), Wedding Rings (F.N.), Conquest (Warner), Kid Gloves (Warner), Furies (F.N.), Lovin' the Ladies (Radio), Once a Gentleman (W.W.), For Love or Money (Para-Christie), Law and Order (Univ), Miss Information (Vita), So Like a Woman (Col), Seed (Univ), Age for Love (Col), The Expert (Warner), Rider of Death Valley (Univ), The Crash (Warner), Drifting Souls (Univ), After Divorce (M.G.M).

WINDSOR, Claire. Real name, Claire Viola Cronk. B. Coffee City, Kan. Blonde hair, blue eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 6 in. Wt. 9 st. Ed. Broadway High School, Seattle, Washington ; Washington College, Topeka, Kan. M. (1) William Boweston ; 1 child ; (2) Bert Lytell ;

div. 1927.

Began her career as an extra under her real name and later signed a contract with the First National. Was chosen to play "the leading role in What Do Men Want? (Weber). It was then that she changed her name to Windsor.

Also Played in : To Please One

Woman (Para), Brothers under the Skin (Goldwyn), Son of the Sahara (F.N.), Rupert of Hentzau{M.G.), The Claw (Univ), The White Desert (M.G.), The Lady Who Lied (F.N.), Dance Madness (M.G.M.), Tin Hats (M.G.M.), Foreign Devils (M.G.M.), Satan and the Woman (Excellent), Captain Lash (Fox), Mid Stream (Tiffany), For Sale (F.N).

WINTON, Jane. B. Philadelphia, Pa., Oct. 10, 1905. Auburn hair, green eyes.

Biograpbies o£ the Players (WIT-WOO)


Ht. 5 ft. 5¾ in. \Vt. 8 st. 8 lb. Ed. Darlington Seminary, Westchester, Pa. M. (i) Charles Kenyon; div.; (2) Horace Gumbell.

Was for a time in the Fokine Ballet and was also a special show girl in Ziegfeld Follies. Later joined a Providence stock company. Made her screen debut in


Played in : Don Juan (Warner),

The Gay Old Bird (Warner), The Monkey Talks (Fox), Fair Co-Ed (M.G.M.), Sunrise (Fox), The Beloved Rogue (U.A.), The Crystal Cup (F.N.), Nothing to Wear (Col), Scandal (Univ), Captain Lash (Fox), Burning Daylight (F.N.), The Yellow Lily (F.N.), The Lady in the Next Room (F.N.), Furies (F.N.), Bare Knees (Gotham), Melody of Love (Univ), The Patsy (M.G.M.), The Bridge of San Luis Rey (M.G.M.), Hell’s Angels (U.A.).

WITHERS, Grant. B. Pueblo, Colorado, Jan. 17, 1904. Brown hair, blue eyes. Ht. 6 ft. 3 in. Ed. Kemper Military Academy in Boonesville, Missouri. M. (1) ; div. ; (2) Loretta Young, Jan., 1930 ; div.

On leaving school worked as a salesman and afterwards became a reporter on a Los Angeles newspaper, where he worked for a year and a half. His screen career began on the day he was allowed to play as an “ extra ” in a crowd.

Played in : Madonna of Avenue A

(Warner), The Time, the Place and the Girl (Warner), In the Headlines (Warner), Hearts in Exile (Warner), So Long Letty (Warner), Show of Shows (Warner), Saturday’s Children (F.N.), Soldiers and Women (Col), Back Pay (F.N.), Other To-morrows (F.N.), Dancing Sweeties (Warner), The Second Floor Mystery (Warner), Sinners, Holiday (Warner), The Steel Highway (Warner), Other Men’s Women (Warner), Too Young to Marry (F.N.), Swanee River (W.W.), In Strange Company (W.W.), Red Haired Alibi (Tiffany), Gambling Sex (Burton King).

WOLHEIM, Louis. B. New York City, Mar. 28, 1880. Brown hair, brown eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 10 in. Wt. 12 st. 12 lb. Ed. school in New York; Cornell University. D. 1930.

Studied engineering at Cornell. Broke his nose while playing football for the university and the accident led to his face making his fortune on the films. Taught mathematics for six years and was then attracted to the stage. Appeared with John Barrymore in the film Sherlock Holmes (Goldwyn, 1922).

Also Played in : Little Old New York

(Goldwyn), Two Arabian Knights (U.A.), Sorrell and. Son (U.A.), Tempest (U.A.), The Awakening (U.A.), Condemned (U.A.), Frozen Justice (Fox), Shady Lady (Pathe), All Quiet on the Western Front (Univ), The Ship from Shanghai (M.G.M.), Gentleman’s Fate (M.G.M.).

WONG, Anna May. B. California, Jan, 3, 1907. Chinese parents. Blue-black hair, browm eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 4½ in. Wt. S st. 8 lb. Ed. Hollywood. “

Her name in English means “ Frosted Yellow Willow.” Ying Wong, her eldei sister, acts as her business manager. Will be remembered as the Chinese slave-girl in The Thief of Bagdad (U.A., 1924). Visited England in 192S, and played the leading role in the British picture, Piccadilly (B.I.P., 1929).

Also Played in : Toll of the Sea

(Metro), Old San Francisco (Warner), Across to Singapore (M.G.M.), Show Life, Mr. Wu (M.G.M.), Daughter of the Dragon (Para), Flame of Love (B.I.P.), Forty Winks (Para), Chinatown Charlie (F.N.), Peter Pan (Para), Shanghai Express{Para).

WONTNER, Arthur. B. London, Jan. 2i, 1875. Brown hair, brown eyes. M. Rose Pendennis.

Has been a leading personality on the stage for many years, having made his debut in The Sorrows of Satan (1897). Has earned a big reputation among film-goersbyhis impersonations of Sherlock Plolmes. Film debut in The Bigamist (G. Clark, 1915).

Also Played in : Eugene A ram (Davidson), The Sleeping Cardinal (Twickenham), The Message (Gau-Brit), The Missing Rembrandt (Twickenham), Condemned to Death (Twickenham), Gentleman of Paris (Gau-Brit), Sign of Four (A.R.P.).

WOOD, J udith. Real name, Helen Johnson. Blonde hair, brown eyes. Ed. New York City. Studied art at Flushing, Long Island and Paris.

On her return from Paris took up commercial art, such as dress designing for department stores, advertising and designing wallpapers and textiles. Was given a screen test in New York by Paramount—and forgot it. Three days later she received a wire (but from M.G.M. this time), telling her to be on the set at Hollywood within three days, to play the part of a bogus duchess. Because she spoke her lines with perfect English and French accents, Hollywood thought her *' high-hat,” and refused to employ her for a long time. At last Paramount

(WOO-YOU) Biographies of the Players

gave her a second chance, when she was almost starving. This was in Working Girls (1931).

Also Played in : The Vice Squad

(Para), Women Love Once (Para), Road to Reno (Para), Girls about Town (Para), The Divorce Racket (Paradise Films).

WOOLSEY, Robert. B. Oakland, Cal.,

Aug. 14, 1889. Brown hair, brown eyes.

Ht. 5 ft. 5½ in. Wt. 8 st. 8 lb. Ed.

Murphysboro High School, Illinois.

M. Mignone Reed.

Started life as a jockey, but a broken « leg put an end to his turf career. Turned to the stage, and after fifteen years’ experience, travelling in musical comedy all over the States, received an offer to play his original stage part in Rio Rita (Radio, 1929) on the screen, together with his partner, Bert Wheeler.

Also Played in : The Cuckoos (Radio), Dixiana (Radio), Half Shot at Sunrise (Radio), Peach 0’ Reno (Radio), Hook, Line and Sinker (Radio), Caught Plastered (Radio), Girl Crazy (Radio), Cracked Nuts (Radio), Everything's Rosie (Radio), Full of Notions (Radio), Hold 'em Jail (Radio).

WRAY, Fay. B. Alberta, Canada, Sept.

16, 1907. Light brown hair, blue eyes.

Ht. 5 ft. 3 in. Wt. 8 st. 2 lb. "Ed.

Hollywood High School. M. John

Monk Saunders, 1928.

After a short stage experience turned to films to play in Hal Roach comedies, afterwards becoming a Western leading-lady for Universal. Was chosen by Erich von Stroheim to play a leading role in The Wedding March (Para, 1928).

Also Played in : Street of Sin (Para), The Legion of the Condemned (Para), The First Kiss (Para), Four Feathers (Para), Thunderbolt (Para), Behind the Make-up (Para), The Border Legion (Para), Pointed Heels (Para), The Texan (Para), The Sea God (Para), Captain Thunder (Warner), The Lawyer’s Secret (Para), The Unholy Garden (U.A.), Dirigible (Col), The Finger Points (F.N.), Stowaway (Univ), The Conquering Horde (Para), Doctor X. (Univ), The Hounds of Zaroff (Radio), Kong (Radio), The Wax JHuseum (Warner).

WRIGHT, Hugh E. B. Cannes, France,

April 13, 1879. Ed. Switzerland;


Was formerly in the Navy, making his first theatrical appearance at Portsmouth, 1902, with The Romantic Knights. Made his film debut in The Better 'Ole (Welsh-Pearson).

Also Played in : Kiddies in the Ruin

(Welsh-Pearson), Victory Derby (Welsh-Pearson), Garry Owen (Welsh-Pearson), Nothing Else Matters (Welsh-Pearson), Squibs Series (Welsh-Pearson), The Sailor Tramp (Welsh-Pearson), Auld Lang Syne (Welsh-Pearson), The Silver King (Gains), Down River (Gau-Brit), East Lynne On the Western Front (Welsh-Pearson), Brother Alfred (B.I.P.), Paris By Night (B.I.P.), Stranglehold (W.B.-F.N.), The Great Gay Road (Butcher’s), In a Monastery Garden (Twickenham), Congress Dances (U.F.A.), The Marriage Bond (Twickenham), Lloyd of the C.I.D. (Univ-Brit).

WYNDHAM, Joan. B. Sept. 2, 1911. Ed.

St. Ursula School; Royal Academy of


Made her theatrical debut in America, 1929, before coming to England to play in Her First Affair, on the stage. Screen debut in Leave it to Me (G. King 1930.).

Also Played in : Indiscretions of Eve (B.I.P.), Dr. Josser, K.C. (B.I.P.), Stop Me (B.I.P.), High Society (W.B.-F.N.), A Kingdom for Five-and-Six (Gains).

WYNYARD, Diana. B. London, Jan.

16. Brown hair, blue eyes. Ht. 5 ft.

6 in. Wt. 9 st. 1 lb. Ed. private

schools, London.

At the age of 14 she organized a dramatic group at her school, producing their performances herself. A j^ear later obtained her first part in London. Later toured the provinces and became a member of the Liverpool Repertory Company. Her great opportunity came as lead in the London production of The Devil. Went to America to play the same part. Went to Hollywood to make Rasputin (M.G.M., 1932). Chosen to play the lead in Cavalcade (Fox) in an all-British Star Cast, 1932.

YARDE, IUargaret. B. Dartmouth, Apr. 2, 1878. Ed. privately.

Made her first professional appearance on the stage at Manchester, 1904, in the chorus of The Duchess of Danzig. London debut in Mrs. Ellison’s Answer 1907, at the New Theatre. Also played in America before turning her attention to the screen.

Played in : Let’s Love and Laugh

(B.I.P.), Michael and Mary (Gains), Only Way (F.N.), Man from Toronto (Gains).

YOUNG, Clara Kimball. B. Chicago, 111., 1891. Dark hair, brown eyes. lit.

Biographies of the Players (YOU) 181

5 ft. 6 iu. Ed. St. Xaviers Academy, Chicago.

Began her stage career at the age of three, appearing in vaudeville and repertory. Her screen experience dates back to the days when Mary Pickford, Charles Chaplin and Douglas Fairbanks were struggling artistes and though she has not attained their heights of success, she has nevertheless established herself as an actress of great talent, and organized her own producing company.

Played in : My Official Wife (Vita-

graph), Cheating Cheaters (Select), The Easiest Way (С. K. Young), Eyes of Youth (С. K. Young), Mid Channel (С. K. Young), Straight from Paris (С. K. Young), Forbidden Woman (С. K. Young), Second Chances (Chesterfield), File Number 113 (Allied), Love Bound (Peerless).

YOUNG, Loretta. Real name, Gretchen Young. B. Salt Lake City, Jan. 13., 1913. Light brown hair, blue eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 5 in. Wt. 7 st. 11 lb. Ed. Ramona Convent, Alhambra, Cal. ; by private tutor. M. Grant Withers ; div.

Appeared with Fanny Ward in a film at the age of four, but her real screen career began accidentally some years later. A phone call came from the studio for her sister, Polly Ann, who was out of town. Loretta answered the call and played the role in Naughty but Nice (F.N., 1927). Was selected a Wampas Baby Star for 1929, together with another sister, Sally Blane.

Played in : Laugh Clown Laugh

(M.G.M.), Scarlet Seas (F.N.), Girl in the Glass Cage (F.N.), Fast Life (F.N.), Careless Age (F.N.), Forward Pass (F.N.), Loose Ankles (F.N.), Right of Way (F.N.), Road to Paradise (F.N.), The Squall (F.N.), Second Floor Mystery (Warner), The Ruling Voice (F.N.), I Like Your Nerve (Univ), Platinum Blonde (Col), Play Girl (Warner), Truth About Youth (F.N.), Beau Ideal (Radio), Three Wise Girls (Col), Devil to Pay (U.A.), Man from Blankley’s (Warner), Kismet (F.N.), Honourable Л/г.

Wong (Warner), Taxi (Warner), Big Business Girl (F.N.), Gallagher (Col), Working Wives (Warner), Eight to Five (Warner), The Way of Life (Warner), Employees’ Entrance (Warner).

YOUNG, Robert. B. Feb. 22, 1907.

Began his career as a bank clerk. Then went into a stockbroker’s office, simultaneously playing in amateur theatricals, which, he confesses, earned much more of his attention than the work on which he was engaged. One evening was asked to remain late at the office, but chose, in preference, to attend the evening performance of his play. This lack of zeal earned for him an immediate dismissal and eventually the opportunity of becoming a film actor.

Played in : The Lullaby (M.G.M.),

The Guilty Generation (Col), Wet Parade (M.G.M.), New Morals for Old (M.G.M.), Unashamed (M.G.M.), Strange Interlude (M.G.M.), Kid from Spain (U.A.).

YOUNG, Roland. B. London, Nov. 11, 1887. Dark hair, blue eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 6 in. Wt. 10 st. Ed. Sherborne School; University College School, London. M. Marjorie Rummer, 1926. Eighteen years on the stage in England and America. Appeared in American films as far back as Moriarty (Goldwyn, 1922). Visited England to appear in the British film, Wedding Rehearsal (London Film Pro, 1932). Unique character comedian.

Also Played in : Unholy Night

(M.G.M.), The Bishop Murder Case (M.G.M.), Her Private Life (F.N.), Wise Girls (M.G.M.), Madam Satan (M.G.M.), The Prodigal (M.G.M.), New Moon (M.G.M.), Don’t Bet on Women (Fox), Annabelle’s Affairs (Fox), One Hour with You (Para),M Woman Commands (Pathe), William and Mary (M.G.M.), Pagan Lady (Col), He Met a French Girl (Para), The White Man (M.G.M.), Lovers Courageous (M.G.M.), The Guardsman (M.G.M.), The Lullaby (M.G.M.), This is the Night (Para), Street of Women (Warner), The New Yorker (U.A.).

The world film encyclopedia, 1933

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