Biographies Of Film Directors BUT-FIT

BUTLER, David. B. San Francisco,

California, 1S95. Black hair, blue одгсз.

Ht. 6 ft. Wt. 13 st. 3 lb. Ed.

Leland Stanford Jr. University.

Was stage manager at a Los Angeles theatre for three years, and then went into motion pictures. Has directed Janet Gaynor and Charles Farrell in several of their most successful pictures.

Directed : The Quarter-back (Para),

The Rush Hour (Pathd), Should Husbands Come First ? (Pathe), Prep and Pep (Fox), The News Parade (Fox), High School Hero (Fox), Chasing Through Europe (Fox), Sunny Side Up (Fox), Movietone Follies of 1929 (Fox), High Society Blues (Fox), just Imagine (Fox), A Yankee at King Arthur’s Court (Fox), Business and Pleasure (Fox), Plutocrat (Fox), Delicious (Fox), Down to Earth (Fox).

Played in : Salute (Fox).

CABANNE, Christy. B. St. Louis, Missouri, 1888. Ed. St. Rose Academy ; Culver Military Academy; Annapolis Naval Academy.

(CAL-CRO) Biographies of Film Directors

After a short career in the Navy he entered pictures in 1910 and directed the first film that Douglas Fairbanks ever made. For some time after that he was with Fine Arts as Griffith’s chief assistant, lie has at various times run his own company and worked for Goldwyn, F.B.O., Associated Exhibitors, M.G.M., Tiffany-Stahl, De Mille-Path6, Columbia.

Directed : Annapolis (Pathe), Drift

wood (Col), Conspiracy (Radio), Dawn Trail (Col), Sky Raiders (Col), Graft (Univ), Convicted (Artclass), Hotel Continental (Tiffany), Midnight Patrol (Mono), Redhaired Alibi (Tiffany).

CALVERT, E. H. Director and Actor.

(See Players’ Biographies)

CAPRA, Frank. B. Palermo, Italy.

May, 1897. Brown hair, brown eyes,

Ht. 5 ft. 5-J- in. Wt. 9 st. 9 lb. Ed.

Los Angeles Manual Art High School ;

California Technical College of Pasadena.

His first screen job was making shorts for Columbia in 1921. He then became assistant director for the Paul Gerson company and a gagman for Hal Roach comedies. His reputation was made by the comedian, Harry Langdon, who persuaded him to direct longer comedies. He is now engaged with much more serious work and frequently writes his own stories for the screen. His best example of writing and direction is Forbidden (Col,


Also Directed : Strong Man (F.N.), Long Pants (F.N.), For the Love of Alike (F.N.), That Certain Thing (Col), So This is Love (Col), Matinee Idol (Col), Way of the Strong (Col), Say it with Sables (Col), Submarine (Col), Flight (Col), Power of the Press (Col), Younger Generation (Col), Donovan Affair (Col), Ladies of Leisure (Col), Rain or Shme (Col), The Miracle Woman (Col), Dirigible (Col), Platinum Blonde (Col), American Madness (Col), Bitter Tea of General Yen (Col).

CLAIR, Rene.

Began life as a journalist in Paris. Later went on the stage and finally became assistant to Jacques de Baroncelli. Began directing in 1922, his first film being Pans Qui Dort, shown in England as The Crazy Ray. For the next few years Clair studied every resource that came to his hand. In 1925 he was offered a contract with Albatross-Sequana, the French producers. For this company he directed one of his bestrknown works, The Italian Straw Hat, a brilliant satire on French middle class life. Is world famous for his individuality, for his genius in achieving dramatic effect by

the use of unusual camera angles, and also for his unique style of comedy.

Also Directed : Entr'acte (Ballet

Su6dois de Rolf Mar6), Le Fantome du Aloulin Rouge, Le Tour, Le Voyage Imaginaire, Les Deux Timides, A Nous la Liberte (Tobis), Sous les Toils de Paris, Le Million (Tobis).

CONWAY, Jack. B. Graceville, Minn., July 17, 1S87. Ed. at Graceville.

M. Virginia Bushman.

Began his stage career at the age of twenty with the old Belasco company. After four or five years started in motion-pictures. He has worked for Universal, Bosworth, Selig, Fine-Arts, Bluebird, Triangle, Federal, РаШё, Export & Import, and Paramount. Most of his best work, however, has been for M.G.M.

Directed : Trimmed in Scarlet (Univ), Trouble Shooter (Fox), Brown of Harvard (M.G.M.), Soul Mates (M.G.M.), Understanding Heart (M.G.M.), Twelve Miles Out (M.G.M.), Bringing Up Father (M.G.M.), Alias Jimmy Valentine (M.G.M.), The Smart Set (M.G.M.), While the City Sleeps (M.G.M.), Quick Sands (Para), Our Modern Maidens (M.G.M.), Take it Big (M.G.M.), Jungle (M.G.M.), They Learned about Women (M.G.M.), Unholy Three (M.G.M.), New Moon (M.G.M.), The Easiest Way (M.G.M.), Dancing Partner (M.G.M.), Arsene Lupin (M.G.M.), But the Flesh is Weak (M.G.M.), Red-Headed Woman (M.G.M.).

COOPER, Meriam С. B. Jacksonville. Florida, Oct. 5, 1S93. Brown hair, blue eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 8 in. Wt. 10 st. 9 lb. Ed. Jacksonville ; Lawrence Preparatory School ; Annapolis.

Has had a more adventurous career than most people in motion pictures. Fought in the war and returned to Hollywood just in time to join an expedition which was going round the world. During this trip he became a partner of Ernest D. Schoedsack. Together they made a notable nature film entitled Grass (Pathe, 1925), which was taken on the south-west coast of Arabia. Later they made the never-to-be-forgotten Chang (Para, 1927), which was filmed in Indo-China, and is regarded as the best of all jungle films.

Also Directed : The Four Feathers (Para), Beast (Radio), Kong (Radio).

CROSLAND, Allan. B. New York City, Aug. 10, 1S94. Ed. Orange High School ; England.

After three years as actor and stage-manager, he joined the Edison company in ig 12. Has worked variously in motion

Biographies of Film Directors (CRU-CUT)

pictures ever since, directing for Pomona, Sclznick, Cosmopolitan, Ilodkinson, Warner Bros., and United Artists.

Directed : Don Juan (U.A.), The Jazz Singer (Warner), When a Man Loves (Warner), Beloved Rogue (U.A.), Old San Francisco (Warner), Scarlet Lady (Col), Song of the Flame (F.N.), On with the Show (Warner), General Crack (Warner), Furies (F.N.), Big Boy (Warner), Captain Thunder (Warner), Viennese Nights (Warner), Children of Dreams (Warner), Glorious Betsy (Warner), The Silver Lining (Patrician), Week-Ends Only (Fox).

CRUZE, James. B. Ogden, Utah, 18S4.

Ed. Ogden. M. Betty Compson ;

dissolved, 1920.

For some years played in all sorts of stage productions from musical comedy to Shakespeare ; then took to the screen, playing leading roles with Pathe. Soon became a director for Paramount. In 1926 and 192S he was voted one of the world’s Ten Best Directors. Is President and Chairman of his own company— James Cruze Productions Limited.

Directed : The Old Homestead (Para), One Glorious Day (Para), Ruggles of Red Gap (Para), To the Ladies (Para), The Covered Wagon (Para), Merton of the Movies (Para), Enemy Sex (Para), Fighting Coward (Para), City that never Sleeps (Para), Garden of Weeds (Para), The Goose Hangs High (Para), Marry Me (Para), Pony Express (Para), Welcome Home (Para), Beggar on Horseback (Para), Mannequin (Para), Old Ironsides (Para), We’re All Gamblers (Para), City Gone Wild, (Para), Red Ma>k (Pathe), On to Reno (Pathe), The Great Gabbo (W.W.), Hollywood (Para), Hello Sister (W.W.), Once a Gentleman (W.W.), Duke Steps Out (M.G.M.), She got what She Wanted (James Cruze), Salvation Nell (James Cruze), Race Track (James Cruze).

CUKOR, George-. B. New York City.

Brown hair, brown eyes. lit. 5 ft. 9 in.

Wt. 12 st. 2 lb. Ed. New York City.

The greater part of his career has been spent in the theatre. He is known on Broadway as the producer of some of the most successful plays in the past years, llis first connection with the films was to write the dialogue of River of Romance (Para, 1929), and All Quiet on the Western Front (Univ, 1930). Since going to Hollywood he has had a quick triumph, having already directed Maurice Chevalier and Constance Bennett in important films.

Co-directed : Grumpy (Para), Virtuous Sin (Para), The Royal Family of Broadway (Para),

Directed : Tarnished Lady (Гага), Girls

about Town (Para), One Hour with You (Para), Girl in Headlines (Para), What Price Hollywood ; (Radio), Bill of Divorcement (Radio).

CUMMINGS, Irving. B. New York City. Ed. New York City.

Has been in pictures since 1909, though his record as a director starts some time later.

Played in : The Eternal Flame (F.N.), Rupert of Hcntzau (M.G.).

Directed : The Country Beyond (Fox), Dressed to Kill (Fox), Romance of the Underworld (Fox), Behind that Curtain (Fox), In Old Arizona (Fox), Not Quits Decent (Fox), Cameo Kirby (Fox), On the Level (Fox), A Devil with Women (Fox), A Holy Terror (Fox), ’Cisco Kid (Fox), Attorney for the Defense (Col), Sporting Widow (Para), Plain-clothes Man (Col).

CURTIZ, Michael. B. Budapest, Hungary, Dec. 24, 1SS8. Brown hair, blue eyes. Ht. 6 ft. Wt. 11 st. 1 lb. Ed. the Markoczy High School ; the Royal Academy of Theatre and Art, Budapest.

Before the war had established himself as an actor in most of the capitals of Europe, but had to interrupt his career to fight for Austria. Afterwards directed for a time for Sascha Productions in Hungary and then for U.F.A. in Berlin. Worked in most of the larger European countries, including England, finally returning to the U.F.A. studios. Has been associated in Europe with many famous film figures including Ernst Lubitsch, Mauritz Stiller, Victor Seastrom, Greta Garbo, Lya de Putti and Vilma Banky. Went to America as a director for Warner Bros.

Directed : Noah’s Ark (Warner),

Hearts in Exile (Warner), Madonna of AvenueA (Warner), The Gamblers (Warner), Glad Rag Doll (Warner), Mammy (Warner), A Soldier’s Plaything (Warner), Under a Texas Moon (Warner), The Matrimonial Bed (Warner), River’s End (Warner), Bright Lights (F.N.), God’s Gift to Women (Warner), The Woman from Monte Carlo (F.N.), The Strange Love of Molly Louvain (F.N.), The Mad Genius (Warner), Alias the Doctor (F.N.), Doctor X (F.N.). The Wax Museum (Warner).

CUTTS, Graham. Full name, John Henry Graham Cutts. B. Brighton, 1SS7. Having been trained to be an engineer he started in the film trade in 1909, when he became a cinema proprietor at Newcastle-on-Tyne. Entered the production side of the film business in 192 r, and has worked in England, America and Germany.

(DAIJ-DE M) Biographies of Film Directors

Directed : The Wonderful Story

l Wilcox), Flames of Passion (Wilcox), Paddy the Next Best Thing (Wilcox), Woman to Woman (Graham Cutts Production), Eternal Survivor (Balcon, Fred-man & Saville), The Passionate Adventure (Gains), The Blackguard (Gains), The Prude’s Fall (Gains), The Rat (Gains), The Sea Urchin (Gains), The White Shadow, The Rolling Road (Gains), Confetti (F.N.), The Triumph of the Rat (Gains), God’s Clay (F.N.)> Glorious Youth (F.N.), Chance the Idol (Sokal), Return of the Rat (Gains), Temperance Fete (Eric Hakim), Love on the Spot (A.R.P.), The Sign of Four (A.R.P. co-directed), Looking on the Bright Side (A.R.P. co-directedl.

DAURIERY, John. B. Brussels, 1898.

Went into the motion picture business after serving in the Belgian army during the war. His first work was with Metro pictures in America as assistant-director. Thence he went to the South of France and joined Rex Ingram who runs his own independent production there. Later, Daumery went back to America to take up an appointment with Warner Bros. Came to England in 1931 to work at the Warner Bros-First National studios at Teddington.

Directed : Postal Orders (W.B.-F.N.), Help Yourself (W.B.-F.N.), A Letter of Warning (W.B.-F.N.), The Blind Spot (W.B.-F.N.).

DEAN, Basil. B. Croydon, Sept. 27, 1888. M. (1) Esther Van Gruisen ; dissolved, 1925 ; (2) Lady Mercy Greville, 1925 ; dissolved, 1932.

Has had a long and very distinguished connection with the stage in London as actor, producer and also in management. During the war he was head of the entertainment branch of the Navy and Army Canteen Board. Received the O.B.E., 1918. He is now in charge of the A.R.P. Studios at Ealing.

Directed : Birds of Prey (A.T.P.),

Sally in Our Alley (A.R.P.), Nine Till Six (A.R.P.), Impassive Footman (A.R.P.), Looking on the Bright Side (A.R.P.), Escape (Radio-Brit).

Co-Directed : Sign of Fotir (A.R.P.), Constant Nymph (Gains).

DE COURVILLE, Albert. B. London, March 26, 1887. Ed. London and

Lausanne. M. (1) Shirley Kellogg ; dissolved ; (2) Edith Kelly Gould. Regarded as the foremost producer of revues in I.ondon. Won his great fame during the war years when his productions.

being of the lightest sort, were much in demand among soldiers on leave. Has only recently entered the film business.

Directed": The Wolves (B. & D.), 77,

Park Lane (F.P.G.), There Goes the Bride (Gains-B.L.), The Midshipmaid (Gau-Brit).

DEL RUTH, Roy. B. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Ed. Schools of Philadelphia, Williamsport, and Brooklyn. Lived in London for a time, then returned to America and went into journalism. Film career began in 1915 as scenarist to Mack Sennett. In 1917 began directing two-reel comedies, including all Turpin pictures for Sennett, but his rise to fame coincided with that of James Cagney whom he directed in most of his successes.

Directed : Five and Ten Cent Annie (Warner), Powder My Back (Warner), Ham and Eggs at the Front (Warner), If I Were Single (Warner), The First Auto (Warner), Wolf’s Clothing (Warner), Across the Pacific (Warner), Footloose Widows (Warner), The Man Upstairs (Warner), The Terror (Warner), Beware of Bachelors (Warner), The Desert Song (Warner), The Hottentot (Warner), Conquest (Warner), Gold Diggers of Broadway (Warner), Aviator (Warner), Hold Everything (Warner), Second Floor Mystery (Warner), Three Faces East (Warner), Divorce Among Friends (Warner), Life of the Party (Warner), My Past (Warner), Maltese Falcon (Warner), Larceny Lane (Warner), Side Show (Warner), Taxi (Warner), Beauty and the Boss (Warner), Winner Take All (Warner), Blessed Event (Warner), Employees’ Entrance (Warner).

DE MILLE, Cecil. B. Full name, Cecil Blount de Mille. B. Ashfield, Mass., Aug. 12, 1881. Grey hair, brown eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 11 in. Wt. 12 st. 8 lb. Ed. PennsylvaniaMilitary College ; American Academy of Dramatic Arts, New York. M. Constance Adams, 1902.

One of the most famous of all Hollywood’s directors, and especially noted for the lavish scale on which some of his greatest productions have been made. Until 1913, he was on the stage, and had succeeded equally as actor, playwright, and manager. In 1913, he joined another great picture pioneer, Jesse L. Lasky and together the}* formed the company which became known all over the world as Famous-Lasky and which later developed into the Paramount Company. His first film was The Squaw Man (Lasky, 1913), recently re-made as a talkie under the title of The White Man (M.G.M., 1931). It was incidentals the first film to be

Biographies of Film Directors (DEM-EDW)

made actually at Hollywood. In all he has made over sixty films, of which the most important are given below. Lately he has made one or two films for M.G.M.

Directed : Carmen (Para), Joan the Woman (Para), Woman God Forgot (Artcraft), The Whispering Chorus (Art-craft), Old Wives for New (Artcraft), Male and Female (Para), Don't Change Your Husband (Artcraft), Something to Think About (Para), Why Change Your Wife? (Para), Affairs of Anatol (Para), Manslaughter (Para), Adam’s Rib (Para), The Ten Commandments (Para), The Road to Yesterday (Pathe), The Volga Boatman (Pathe), King of Kings (Pathe), The Godless Girl (Pathe), Dynamite (M.G.M.), Madam Satan (M.G.M.), The Admirable Crichton (Lasky), Sign of the Cross (Para).

DE M1LLE, William. B. Washington,

D.C., July 25, 1878. Brown and grey hair, brown eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 9J in. Wt. 11 st. 1 lb. Ed. Germany; Columbia University of New York City. M. Clara Beranger.

An elder brother of the better known Cecil de Mille, William also spent liis early life on the stage, following Cecil into motion pictures in 191ц. During his career he has worked as producer and director for Paramount, Pathd and M.G.M.

Directed : Conrad In Quest of His Youth (Para), Tenth Avenue (Pathe), Craig’s Wife (Pathe), The Doctor's Secret (Para), The Idle Rich (M.G.M.), This Mad World (M.G.M.), Passion Flower (M.G.M.), Two Kinds of 1 Vo men (Para).

DIETERLE, William. B. Germany.

M. Charlotte Hagenbrucli, 1921.

Went to Hollywood in the first place to act in and direct German version films for First National. He had made Der Tatis Gcht Werter, Sinflut and Kismet before Hollywood recognized that he had real directional genius. Entered motion pictures in 1921, his first film being directed by E. A. Dupont. Since 1926, he has directed all the pictures in which he has appeared.

Also Directed : Last Flight (F.N.), Her Majesty Love (F.N.), Man Wanted (Warner), Jewel Robbery (Warner), The Crash (F.N.), Six Hours to Live (Fox), Son of Russia (Warner), Lawyer Man (Warner).

Directed and Played In : Those Who Dance (Warner).

DILLON, John Francis. В. Нелу York City, 18S7. Ed. St. Francis Xavier College, New York City.

His career in motion pictures began as an actor with some of the very early companies, such as Kalem, Nestor, Lubin and Keystone. Since then he has had a long contract with First National, and is полу луКЬ Universal.

Directed : Man Crazy (F.N.), Smile Brother Smile (F.N.), The Crystal Cup (F.N.), The Noose (F.N.), Heart of a Follies Girl (F.N.), Out of the Ruins (F.N.), Scarlet Seas (F.N.), Careers (F.N.), Children of the Ritz (F.N.), Fad Life (F.N.), Sally (F.N.), Bride of the Regiment (F.N.), Spring is Here (F.N.), Girl of the Golden West (F.N.), One Night at Susie’s (F.N.), Kismet (F.N.), Millie (Radio), Finger Points (F.N.-Pathe), Reckless Hour (F.N.), Pagan Lady (Col), Behind the Mask (Col), The Cohens and Kellys in Hollywood (Univ), Man About Town (Fox), Call Her Savage (Fox).

EDWARDS, Henry. Full name, Arthur Harold Ethelbert Edrvards. B. Weston-super-Mare, Sept.18, 18S2. Бголуп hair, grey eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 11 in. if. Chrissie White, Jan. 1924.

Screen debut in 1915 луШ1 the old Нерлл-orth Company in The Man Who Stayed at Home. Has recently been directing for B.I.P., one of his productions being Brother Alfred, with Gene Gerrard and Molly Lamont.

Directed and/or Played In : Possession, The Kinsman, City of Beautiful Nonsense, His Dearest Possession, A Temporary Vagabond, The Amazing Quest of Ernest Bliss, John Forrest Finds Himself, Aylwin, A Lunatic at Large, Hanging Judge, The Bargain, Simple Simon,

Tit for Tat, Flag Lieutenant, The World of Wonderful Reality, Boden’s Boy, The Naked Man (НерлуоНЬ), A Welsh

Singer, East is East (Turner), Flag

Lieutenant (B. & D. sound version).

Wrote, Directed and Played In : Doorsteps (Turner), Broken Threads, Towards the Light, Merely Mrs. Stubbs, Dick Carson Wins Through.

Directed : Owd Bob (Atlantic Union) King of the Castle (Stoll), Girl of London (Stoll), Colombo Night (Stoll), The Joker, Further Adventures of the Flag

Lieutenant (Neo-Art), Fear, Three Kings, Vendetta (Jacoby), Ringing the Changes

(ELV-FLE) Biographies of Film Directors

(Strand), Call of the Sea (first talkie— Twickenham), Girl in the Night (B.I.P.), Stranglehold (W.B.-F.N.), Brother Alfred (B.I.P.), The Flag Lieutenant (talkie, B. & D.), The Barton Mystery (Para-Brit).

ELVEY, Maurice. Real name, William

Seward Folkard. B. Yorkshire, Nov.

11, 1887. M. (1) Philippa Preston;

dissolved ; (2) Isobel Elsom.

Had eight years on the stage after making his first appearance in Dick Whittington at Nottingham, 1905. Since 1913 he has devoted the whole of his time to production for the cinema and has made more films than any other British director. Joining the Stoll Film

• Company in 1918 he made more than 100 films for that company alone. His best work up to date is regarded as Roses of Picardy (Gaumont 1927), although Sally In Our Alley (A.R.P., 1931) was probably the most successful.

. Also Directed : Henry King of

Navarre (Stoll), The Royal Oak (Stoll), Don Quixote (Stoll), Guy Fawkes (Stoll), Wandering Jew (Stoll), Sign of Four (Stoll), A Debt of Honour (Stoll), Dick Turpin's Ride to York (Stoll), Running Waters (Stoll), Original Sherlock Holmes Series of 15 Films (Stoll), The Passionate Friends (Stoll), A Romance of Wastdale (Stoll), The Fruitful Vine (Stoll), Hound of the Baskervilles (Stoll), A Gentleman of France (Stoll), Innocent (Stoll), The Tavern Knight (Stoll), At the Villa Rose (Stoll), The Amateur Gentleman (Stoll), A Question of Trust (Stoll), Elusive Pimpernel (Stoll), God's Good Man (Stoll), The Rocks of Valpre (Stoll), The Keeper of the Door (Stoll), Comradeship (Stoll), Mr. Wu (Stoll), The Life of David Lloyd George (Ideal), Life of Nelson (International Exclusives), Gay Lord Quex (Ideal), Justice (Hepwortli), Bleak House (Ideal), Dombey <S- Son (Ideal), Hindle Wakes (Elvey), The Life of Florence Nightingale, Flames, When Knights Were Bold (Ideal), The Suicide Club, The Woman Who Was Nothing (London), Good-bye, The Grit of a Jew, A Honeymoon for Three, Mother Love, Money for Nothing, Trouble for Nothing, The Princess of Happy Chance (Elvey), Vice Versa, The King’s Daughter, Charity Ann, Driven, Esther, Her Luck in London, Her Nameless Child, Grip Home, A Long, Long Way to Tipperary, The Bells of Rhcvrns, Beautiful Jim, The Wreck of the Birkenhead, Blackeyed Susan, The Cup Final Mystery, The Great Gold Robbery, Murder in the Red Barn (Gau-Brit), The Fallen Idol (Fox), Sally Bishop (Stoll), Millie, from Armen-

tiercs (Gau-Brit), Roses of Picardy (Gau), Flag Lieutenant (Astra-National), Quinneys (Gau-Brit), Rough Seas (Gau-Brit), Palais de Danse (Gau-Brit), Mademoiselle Parley -Voo (Gau-Brit), Balaclava (Gains), High Treason (Paramount), School for Scandal (Albion), Potiphar's Wife (B.I.P.), Frail Women (Twickenham), In a Monastery Garden (Twickenham), The Marriage Bond (Twickenham), A Honeymoon Adventure (A.R.P.), The Water Gypsies (A.R.P.), Diamond Cut Diamond (Eric Hakim).

FITZMAURICE, George. B. Paris, Feb.

13, *895. Ed. private schools and


Started life as a painter but eventually became interested in the theatre and later in films. Has directed several Ronald Colman films and was in charge of Garbo’s last film, As You Desire Me (M.G.JI. 1932). *

Also Directed : On With the Dance (F.N.).Dark Angel (F.N.),Love Mart(F.N.). Man and the Moment (F.N.), Tiger Rose (Warner), The Barker (F.N.), Lilac Time (F.N.), Sailor Beware (U.A.), The Locked Door (U.A.), Raffles (U.A.), The Bad One (U.A.), The Devil to Pay (U.A.), Queen of Scandal (U.A.), One Heavenly Night (U.A.), The Unholy Garden (U.A.). Strangers May Kiss (M.G.Jil.), Mata Hari (M.G.M.), Rockabyc (Radio).

The world film encyclopedia, 1933

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