Biographies Of Film Directors FLE-HUN

FLEMING, Y ictor. B. Pasadena, Cal.

Brown hair, dark grey eyes. Ht. 6 ft.

1 in. Wt. 12 st. 1 lb. ' Ed. Los Angeles.

M. Joan Blair, 1931.

Started his film career with the American studios at Santa Barbara. Had a considerable pre-war experience of camera and directorial work with nearly all the well known companies of that time. During the war he served in the United States Intelligence Department and accompanied President Wilson to Europe as chief photographer. He returned to Hollywood as motion picture director in 1919.

Directed : Woman’s Place (F.N.),

Red Hot Romance (F.N.), The Lane that had no Turnings (Para), Anna Ascends (Para), Dark Secrets (Para), Law of the Lawless (Para), To the Last Man (Para), Call of the Canyon (Para), Empty Hands (Para), Gods of the Sea, Son of his Father (Para), Adventure (Para), The Devil's Cargo (Para), Lord Jim (Para), The Blind Goddess (Para), Man Trap (Para), The

Biographies of Film Directors (FLO-GAS)

Rough Riders (Para), The Way of All Flesh (Para), Hula (Para), Abie’s Irish Rose (Para), The Wolf Song (Para), Common Clay (Fox), Renegades (Fox), Around the World in Eighty Minutes with Douglas Fairbanks (U.A.), The Wet Parade (2C.G.M.), Red Dust (M.G.M.).

FLOREY, Robert. B. Paris, France.

Began his career in the motion picture industry, his first post being that of assistant director. Worked in France, Switzerland and Italy before going to Hollywood in 1921. Has since been assistant to Henry King, Louis Gasnier, Joseph von Sternberg, and King Vidor. Received his first directorial experience with Tiffany-Stalil, for whom he directed two-reel comedies. Returned to Europe after a time, where he directed several films in France, Germany and England. Going back to Hollywood was given much better opportunities, and created a sensation with his Murders in the Rue Morgue (Univ, 1932).

Also Directed : Cocoanuts (Para), The Hole in the Wall (Para), The Invisible Man (Univ), The Man Called Bach (Tiffany), Those UTe Love (Tiffany).

FORD, John. B. Portland, Maine. Ed. University of Maine.

Has directed many pictures for Fox but his greatest achievement so far was his handling of Ronald Colman’s masterpiece, Arrowsmith (U.A., 1932). He now has a contract with Universal.

Also Directed : Three Bad Men (Fox), Four Sons (Fox), Napoleon's Barber (Fox), Hangman’s House (Fox), Mother Machrce (Fox), Thank You (Fox), Lightnin’ (Fox), Just Pals (Fox), Little Miss Smiles (Fox), Riley the Cop (Fox), King of the lihybev Rifles (Fox), Salute (Fox), Strong Boy (Fox), Men Without Women (Fox), Born Reckless (Fox), Up the River (Fox), The Seas Beneath (Fox), The Brat (Fox), Air Mail (Univ), Flesh (M.G.M.).

FRANKLIN, Sydney. B. San Francisco, Cal. Dark brown hair, brown eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 6 in. Wt. 9 st. 4 lb. Ed. San Francisco.

After some years as an independent producer he recently signed a contract with M.G.M.

Directed : Beverly of Graustark

(M.G.M.), Duchess of Buffalo (F.N.), The Actress (M.G.M.), Quality Street (M.G.M.), Wild Orchids (M.G.M.), The Last of Mrs. Chcyncy (M.G.M.), Devil May Care (M.G.M.), Trclawney of the Wells (M.G.M.),

The High Road (M.G.M.), Jenny Lind (M.G.M.), Soul Kiss (M.G.M.), The Guardsman (M.G.M.), Smilin’ Through (M.G.M.), Private Lives (M.G.M.).

FREELAND, Thornton. B. Hope, N.D., Feb. 10, 1898. Light brown hair, blue eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 8 in.

Spent his early years playing juvenile roles in a travelling company. At eighteen he joined the Vitagraph Co., to learn the film business. His progress to directorship was via the posts of assistant-cameraman, second-cameraman, cutter, assistant-director, and production-manager. His apprenticeship brought him into contact with such geniuses of the cinema as D. W. Griffith and Ernst Lubitsch.

Directed : Be Yourself (U.A.), Whoopee (U.A.), Six Cylinder Love (Fox), Three Live Ghosts (U.A.), The Secret Witness (Col), Terror by Night (Col), The Unexpected Father (Univ), Love Affair (Col), Working Wives (Warner), They Call It Sin (Warner).

GARDNER, Cyril. B. Paris, May 30,

1898. Medium brown hair, blue eyes.

Ht. 5 ft. 6 in. Wt. 10 st. 10 lb. Ed.

New York City.

Began in films with a screen appearance at the age of thirteen. Later he became famous as the highest paid cutter in Hollywood, after which he went in for directing. Ilis first work of this kind was a film of the North-West, featuring Strongheart, the police dog.

Directed : Shopworn Angel (Para),

Innocents of Paris (Para), Charming Sinners (Para), River of Romance (Para), Street of Chance (Para), The Benson Murder Case, (Para. Spanish version), Body and Soul, co-directcd with Frank Tuttle (M.G.M.), Grumpy, co-directed with George Cukor (Para), The Royal Family of Broadway, co-directcd with George Cukor (Para), Only Saps Work (Para), The Doomed Battalion (Univ), Reckless Living (Univ), Perfect Understanding (G. Swanson).

GASNIER, Louis. B. Paris, France, 1SS2.

For ten years he was a stage actor in Paris, and later became a theatre manager. His next step was to become general manager of Pathe Freres, winch post he held for fourteen years. In 1916 he organized the Astra Film Company and produced a picture with Fanny Ward

(GER-GRI) Biographies о! Film Directors

and three serials with Mrs. Vernon Castle. Later he went to Hollywood and undertook several supervising and directing tasks for various concerns. Joined the Paramount studios and has frequently worked in conjunction with other directors as well as independently.

Directed : The Dummy, co-directed

with Robert Milton (Para), Darkened Rooms ’(Para), Shadow of the Law (Para), Slightly Scarlet (Para), The Mysterious Mr. Parkes (Para-French), Virtuous Sin (Para), The Lawyer's Secret (Para), Silence, co-directed with Max Marcin (Lara), The Strange Case of Clara Deane, co-directed with Max Marcin (Para), Forgotten Commandments, co-directed with William Schorr (Para).

GERING, Marion. B. Rostoff-On-Don, S. Russia.

Began his association with the stage in Russia, and in 1924 visited America, where he produced numerous plays, among them Gas, at Chicago. Finding that New York producers regarded his slight knowledge of English as a disadvantage, he bought the rights of Skidding and with a partner produced it. Now under contract to Paramount.

Directed : I Take this Woman (Para), Twenty-four Hours (Para), Ladies of the Big House (Para), Through the Window (Para), The Hours Between (Para), The Devil and the Deep (Para).

GERRARD, Gene. Director and Actor. (See Players’ Biographies).

GOODRICH, William. Real name Roscoe “ Fatty ” Arbuckle (See also Players’ Biographies.)

During his enforced absence from the screen, Roscoe Arbuckle has directed comedies for various concerns.

Directed : Keep Laughing (Educ),

Moonlight and Cactus (Educ), Anybody's Goat (Educ), Smart Work (Educ), Hollywood Luck (Educ), Bridge IVives (Educ), Mother’s Holiday (Educ), It’s a Cinch (Educ).

GOULDING, Edmund. B. Great Britain, 1891. Ed. England.

Made his first stage appearance in England at the age of twelve. He acted, produced, and wrote plays until the war, when he served in the Army. Broke into films after the war, first of all as a writer. Became a director for M.G.M. in 1925. His great triumph was his direction of Grand Hotel (M.G.M., 1932).

Also Directed : Sally, Irene, and

Mary (M.G.M.), Sun Up (M.G.M.),

Paris (M.G.M.), Women Love Diamonds (M.G.M.), Love (M.G.M.), The Trespasser (U.A.), The Devil's Holiday (Para), Paramount on Parade (Para), The Grand Parade (Ра^ё), Reaching for the Moon (Col), Night Angel (Para).

GREEN, Alfred E. B. Perris, California.,

Began screen career 1912 with theSelig Polyscope Company, and became very early a director of silent pictures. His later achievements are notably the direction of George Arliss in his first three films. Was transferred from Hollywood to Warner Bros. Teddington Studios in March, 1932.

Directed : Little Lord Fauntleroy

(U.A.), Through the Back Door (U.A.), Sally (F.N.), Irene (F.N.), Ella Cinders (F.N.), Back Home and Broke (Para), The Bachelor Daddy (Para), Disraeli (Warner), Old English (Warner), The Green Goddess (Warner), The Man from Blankley’s (Warner), Sweet Kitty Bell-airs (Warner), Smart Money (Warner), Men of the Sky (F.N.), The Road to Singapore (Warner), Gentleman for a Day (F.N.), The Rich are Always With Us (F.N.), The Dark Horse (F.N.), It’s Tough to be Famous (F.N.), Silver Dollar (Warner), Parachute (Warner).

GRIFFITH, David Wark. B. La Grange,

Kentucky. Ed. privately.

Known as one of the very greatest and most brilliant silent picture directors, David Griffith saw first motion pictures first in Chicago in 1907. He thought it rather stupid, but realized there was monei’ in it. Already a stage actor he did not refuse the part offered to him in a one-reel film called The Eagle’s Nest, for which he was paid five dollars a day. After a short film-acting experience he became an assistant director to Biograpli, for whom he made his first film, The Adventures of Dollie (190S). He was the first director to make a picture of more than 1,000 feet, an enterprise which led to the break between him and the Biograph Company. Soon afterwards he made a four-reel picture, then of almost incredible length, called Judith of Bethulia. He is now a member of the board of United Artists Film Corporation Limited. His films. The Birth of a Nation (U.A., 1915) and Intolerance (U.A., 1916), will never be forgotten.

Also Directed : Broken Blossoms

(U.A.), Way Down East (U.A.), Dream Street (U.A.), Heart of the World (Comstock),

ERNST LUBITSCH with HERBERT MARSHALL and KAY FRANCIS on the set. Note the various lighting equipment in the background. They include “rifles," “broads," “spots" and “hupes." (See “Dictionary of

Film Terms.")

PLATe 22 ■ Radio

ERICH VON STROHEIM, who is an actor and director, playing the role of a director in The Lost Squadron

Plate 23



ITate 24



Biographies of Film Directors (GRI-HIL)

That Royale Girt (Para), Isn’t Life Wonderful? (National), The Battle of the Sexes U.A.), Lady of the Night (U.A.), Drums of Love (U.A.), Abraham Lincoln (U.A.), Birth of a Nation (U.A. sound version), Abraham Lincoln (U.A. sound version), The Struggle (U.A.).

GRIFFITH, Edward II. B. Lynchburg, Va., Aug. 23, 1894. Ed. Munich and England.

Is one of the early members of the motion picture industry, having begun his association with films in 1915. Considerable stage experience, however, preceded this. Has since worked for Associated Exhibitors, Cosmopolitan, M.G.M., First National, Pathe, Paramount, Vitagraph, and Columbia. Achieved his greatest success with Rebound (Radio, 1930), and Reputation, starring Constance Bennett (Radio, 1932).

Also Directed : One Touch of Nature (Edison), The Garter Girl (Vita), The Go-Getter (Para), White Mice (Path6), Unseeing Eyes (Path6), Headlines (Pathe), Atta Boy (Pathe), Price of Honour (Col), Afraid to Love (Para), Alias the Lone Wolf (Col), Opening Night (Col), Hold ’Em Yale (Pathe), Captain Swagger (Path6), Love Over Night (Pathe), Shady Lady (Pathe), Paris Bound (Pathe), Rich People (Radio), Holiday (Pathe), Animal Kingdom (Radio).

GRINDE, Nicholas. Real name, Harry A. Grinde. B. Madison, Wis., Jan. 12, 1894. Brown hair, blue eyes. Ht. 6 ft. Wt. 13 st. 8 lb. Ed. Madison High School; University of Wisconsin. Has directed many pictures, notably for M.G.M.

Directed : An Equal Chance (M.G.M.), Riders of the Dark (M.G.M.), Beyond the Sierras (M.G.M.), Morgan’s Last Raid (M.G.M.), Desert Law (M.G.M.), The Bishop Murder Case, co-directed with David Burton (M.G.M.), Good News, co-directed with E. Macgregor (M.G.M.), Remote Control (M.G.M.), This Modern Age (M.G.M.), Shopworn (Col).

HARE, Lumsden. Director and Actor. (See Players’ Biographies.)

HAWKS, Hoavard W. B. Goshen, Ind., May 30, 1896. Grey hair, blue eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 1 in. Wt. 12 st. 7 lb. Ed. Phillips Exeter Academy, New Hampshire ; Cornell University. M. Athole Shearer, sister of Norma Shearer.

Has had no stage experience and went straight into motion pictures. His biggest success so far has been Scarfacc (U.A., 1932). Was voted one of the ten best directors of 1930-31.

Also Directed : Fazil (Fox), Girl in Every Port (Fox), The Air Circus (Fox), Paid to Love (Fox), Cradle Snatchers (Fox), Trent’s Last Case (Fox), Masked Emotion (Fox), Big Time (Fox), Dawn Patrol (F.N.), The Criminal Code (Col), The Crowd Roars (Warner).

HAYNES, Max xixg. B. Lvminster,


Began his stage career in 1906 and was early associated with Sir Herbert Tree. Later took up film acting and became a director in 1921.

Directed : Three Men in a Boat

(Artistic), Ave Maria (Clarendon), The Lost Chord (Clarendon), Lady Tetley’s Decree (London), The Lifegv.ardsman (British Actors), Lady Aadley’s Secret (Ideal), The Hand of Fats (New Ivine), The Trevor Mystery (New Kine), Lead, Kindly Light (Rex Wilson), Linked by Fate (Samuelson), The Monkey’s Paw (Artistic), A Will and a Way (Artistic), Sam’s Boy (Artistic), The Convert (Artistic), The Constable’s I\Iove (Artistic), Lawyer Quince (Artistic), Passion Island (Pathe, All British), Those who Love (F.N.), The Ware Case (Film Manufacturing), Should a Doctor Tell? (B.L.), The Old Man (B.L.), London Love (Bromhead), Mary was Gold, To Oblige a Lady (B.L.).

HENLEY, Hobart. B. Louisville, Kentucky, 1891. Ed. University, Cincinnati.

For five years he was on the legitimate stage and began his screen career in 1910. Quickly won a position as a director.

Directed : His Tiger Lady (Para),

A Certain Young Man (M.G.M.), Wickedness Preferred (M.G.M.), The Lady Lies (Para), Roadhouse Nights (Para), The Big Pond (Para), Mother's Cry (F.N.), Free Love (Univ), Bad Sister (Univ), Captain Apple-Jack (Warner), Expensive Women (Warner), Night World (Univ).

HILL, George William. B. Douglas, Kansas, April 25, 1895. Dark hair, dark eyes. Ht. 6 ft. 3j-in. Wt. 15 st. Ed. Los Angeles. M. Frances Marion ; dissolved 1931.

Began his motion picture career with the Biograph Company as a stage hand under D. W. Griffith. Worked successive^ as a camera-man, writer and director.

(HIL-HUN) Biographies of Film Directors

He and his ex-wife, who is a scenario-writer, used to make a very successful team, working out films together.

Directed : Get Your Man (Para),

While the Devil Laughs (Fox), Hill Billy (Allied), The Barrier (M.G.M.), Zander the Great (M.G.M.), The Midnight Express (Col), The Foolish Virgin (Col), Through the Dark (M.G.M.), The Limited Mail (Warner), The Callahans and the Murphys (M.G.M.), Buttons (M.G.M.), The Cossacks (M.G.M.), Tell it to the Marines (M.G.M.), The Big House (M.G.M.), Flying Fleet (M.GM.),Min and Bill (M.G.M.), The Secret Six (M.G.M.), The Derelicts (M.G.M.), Hell Divers (M.G.M.).

HILL, Sinclair. B. London, June io,

1896. Fair hair, blue eyes. Ht. 5 ft.

8 in. Married ; 1 child.

Began his screen career eighteen years ago and has now become one of the foremost British directors. His earliest film work was at Turin in Northern Italy, then the centre of the film industry throughout the world. Hill was earning only 15s. a week. Later he came back to England and has many first-class films to his credit. Is under contract to Gaumont-British.

Directed : The Tidal Wave (Stoll), The Place of Honour (Stoll), The Truants (Stoll), Half a Truth (Stoll), The Experiment (Stoll), Expiration (Stoll), The Nonentity (Stoll), Petticoat Loose (Stoll), Open Country (Stoll), Indian Love Lyrics (Stoll), Widow Twan-kee (Stoll), White Slippers (Stoll), The Squire of Long Hadley (Stoll), The Secret Kingdom (Stoll), The Qualified Adventurer (Stoll), Sahara Love (Stoll), Boadicea (Stoll), A Woman Redeemed (New Era), King’s Highway (Stoll), The Price of Divorce (Stoll), Mr. Smith Wakes Up (British Sound Film Production), Unwritten Law (British Sound Film Production),.'ouch is the Law (Stoll), The Guns of Loos (Stoll), Greek Street (Gau-Brit), Dark Red Roses (B.I.F.), Gentleman of Paris (Gau-Brit), The Great Gay Road (Butcher’s), The First Mrs. Fraser (Sterling), The Man from Toronto (Gains).

HITCHCOCK, Alfred. B. London, 1900.

M. Alma Reville.

One of the highest - paid directors in British films. The son of an Essex shopkeeper, he trained as an engineer, but later turned to the study of art. While working as a fifteen-shillings-a-week clerk in an advertising agency he tried to earn extra money by writing titles for silent films. Famous-Players, who were then making films at Islington, gave him a job and from then on he has had a non-stop career. Has become the senior

and most prized-director at the B.I.P. studios at Elstree. His wife was a script-girl and now writes scenarios and collaborates with her husband.

Directed : The Pleasure Garden

(Gains), The Lodger (Gains, silent version), Downhill (Gains), Easy Virtue (Gains), The Ring (B.I.P.), Blackmail (B.I.P.), Murder (B.I.P.), Juno and the Paycock (B.I.P.), The Manxman (B.I.P.), The Farmer’s Wife (B.I.P.), Rich and. Strange (B.I.P.), Number 17 (B.I.P.), Fear 0' God (Gains), Champagne (B.I.P.), The Skin Game (B.I.P.), Case of Lady Camber (B.I.P.).

HOWARD, William К. B. St. Marys’,

Ohio. Ed. St. Marys’ High School ;

Ohio State University.

His early career was spent on the business side of the film trade as a sales and theatre manager. Served in the war and later returned to Hollywood, when he became a director (June, 1924), his first effort being East of Broadway (Ince).

Also Directed -.Thundering Herd (Para), Volcano (Para), White Gold (Pathe), Gigolo (Pathc), River Pirate (Fox), Ship Comes In (Pathdj, Christina (Fox), Valiant (Fox), Love, Live and Laugh (Fox), Good Intentions (Fox), Scotland Yard (Fox), Don’t Bet on Women (Fox), Transatlantic (Fox), Surrender (Fox), The Trial of Vivienne Ware (Fox), The First Year (Fox), Sherlock Holmes (Fox).

HUGHES, Harry. B. Leyton, Essex.

Grew up in the film business on the sales and publicity side. Graduated towards direction by the route of scenario writer and film editor. Joined B.I.P. in 1930 as a director.

Directed : A Daughter in Revolt (Nettlefold), Virginia’s Husband (Nettlefold), Troublesome Wives (Nettlefold), Wild-Cat Hetty (Nettlefold), Little Miss London (B.I.F.), Bachelor’s Baby (B.I.P.), The Man at Six (B.I.P.), His Wife’s Mother (B.I.P.).

HUNTER, T. IIayes. B. Philadelphia,

Dec. 1, 1906.

Now regarded as one of Britain's best directors, Hayes Hunter began his career in the Нелу York theatre world. After three years he joined the Biograph Company, succeeding D. W. Griffith as general director. Made several films in НоПулл-ood before coming to England to work at the Gainsborough studios at Islington.

Directed : Earihbound (Goldwyn),

Desert Gold (Para), One of the Best (Gains), South Sea Bubble (Gains), Triumph of Scarlet Pimpernel (B. & D.),

Biographies of Film Directors (ING-LA C)


The Silver King (Gains), Man They Couldn’t Arrest (Gains), Calendar (Gains-B.L.), Frightened Lady (Gains-B.L.), White Face (Gains), Sally Bishop (B.L.).

The world film encyclopedia, 1933

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