Biographies Of Film Directors ING-MAS

INGRAM, Rex. B. Dublin, 1892. Ed. St. Columbo’s College ; Trinity College, Dublin ; Yale University. Also studied sculpture. M. Alice Terry.

Ingram went to America in 1911 and spent his first months there studying in the Art School at Yale. It was later that he joined the famous Vitagraph Company and has worked in pictures ever since. His jobs included being the first continuity writer at Fox studios, and he also acted in many Edison pictures. Some years ago he went with his wife to the South of France to make Mare Nostrum (M.G.M., 1926). Since that day, for reasons of health and inclination, they have lived exclusively at Nice, where he has made several films.

Directed : Chalice of Sorrow (Bluebird), Where the Pavement Ends (M.G.), Under Crimson Skies (Univ), Shore Acres (Metro), The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (Metro), The Conquering Power (Metro), Hearts are Trumps (M.G.), The Arab (M.G.), The Prisoner of Zenda (Para), Scaramouche (M.G.M.), The Magician (M.G.M.), The Garden of Allah (M.G.M.).

Directed and Played in : Baroud

(Rex Ingram Pro).

KING, H enry. B. Christiansburg, Virginia. Ed. Riverside School, Virginia. Has served a long apprenticeship in films from the earliest days and is полу an honoured director on the Fox lot.

Directed : ТоГаЫе David (Inspira

tion), Fury (F.N.), The White Sister (Inspiration), The Magic Flame (U.A.), Stella Dallas (U.A.), The Winning of Barbara Worth (U.A.), She Goes to War (U.A.), Hell’s Harbour (U.A.), Eyes of the It 'arid (U.A.), Lightnin’ (Fox), Merely Mary Ann (Fox), A Woman Disputed (U.A.), Over the Hill (Fox), The Woman in Room 13 (Fox), State Fair (Fox).

KING, Louis. B. Christiansburg, Virginia, June 28, 1898. Ed. Unh'ersity of Virginia.

Brother of Henry King. Did not enter the motion picture business until after the л\гаг. Has directed many films, but is notably skilled in the handling of Western subjects.

Directed: The Boy Rider (Radio),

Terror Mountain (Radio), Orphan of the. Sage (Radio), The Young Whirlwind (Radio), The Freckled Rascal (Radio), The Little Savage (Radio), Pals of the Prairie (Radio), The Vagabond Cub (Radio), The Lone Rider (Col), Men Without Law (Col), Unwanted (Col), Tke Deceiver (Col), Desert Vengeance (Col), Fighting Sheriff (Col), Border La,w (Col), County Fair (Mono), Son of Mine (Mono), Ann of the Law (Mono), Drifting Souls (Tower).

KORDA, Alexander. B. Turk eye,

Hungary, Sept. 16, 1893. Ed. Royal

University of Budapest. M. Maria

Corda ; dissolved.

Колу лл’огкту in England for his. олуп film company, London Film Productions, Ltd. Korda learnt his craft in various Hollywood studios. He луаэ brought over to this country by Paramount-British to direct the sound version of The Head Waiter, re-entitled Service for Ladies


Also Directed : Private Life of Helen of Troy (F.N.-Pathe), Yellow Lily (F.N.), The Stolen Bride (F.N.), The Night Watch (F.N.), Love and the Devil (F.N.), The Lilies of the Field (F.N.), The Squall (F.N.), The Princess and the Plumber (Fox), Women Everywhere (Fox), Dance Fever (U.F.A.), A Modern Du Barry (Univ), The Golden Calf (Fox), Her Private Life (F.N.), Dollar Princess, Women Who Play (Para-Brit), Wedding Rehearsal (London Film Pro), Girl from Maxims (London Film Pro), A Gust of Wind (London Film Pro).

KRAEMER, F. W. B. Germany.

А лл'е11-кполуп director in Berlin. Was brought to England in 1930 to co-direct Dreyfus (B.I.P.) луКЬ Milton Rosmer. This луаэ considered one of the most successful films produced up to that date.

Also Directed: Tin Gods (B.I.P.),

The Flying Squad (B.L.), McGlusky the Sea Rover (B.I.P.).

LA CAVA, Gregory. B. Toлvanda,

Pennsylvania, March 10, 1892. Ed.

Toлvanda, Rochester, N.Y.

Originally а пелуэрарег cartoonist, he лл'аэ one of the pioneers of cartoon films. He entered the picture business in 1922, лл-riting comedies. Later, лл-ent in the directorial field.

Directed : Womanhandled (Para).

Let’s Get Married (Para), Say It Again (Para), Running Wild (Para), So’s Your

(LAG-LEE) Biographies of Film Directors

x 96

Old Man (Para), The Gay Defender (Para), Feel My Pulse (Para), Half a Bride (Para), Saturday’s Children (F.N.), Big News (Pathe), His First Command (Pathe), Laugh and Get Rich (Radio), Smart Woman (Radio), Melody of Life (Radio), Are These Our Children ? (Radio), Phantom Fame (Radio).

LACHMAN, Harry. B. Illinois, June 29, 1886.

Began his career as a painter and has done exceptionally well in this direction, having had pictures hung at the Luxembourg in Paris. Also held a very successful exhibition in London. His motion picture career began in 1925, when he worked for Rex Ingram at Nice. Leaving there he came to England, returned to the Paramount Studios at Joinville, near Paris, and then came back again to England to direct Gertrude Lawrence’s first starring film, Aren’t We All ? (Para-Brit, 1932).

Also Directed : Week - End Wives (B.I.P.), Under the Greenwood Tree (B.I.P.), The Yellow Mask (B.I.P.), The Love Habit (B.I.P.), The Outsider (Cinema House), The Compulsory Husband (B.I.P.), Song of Soho (B.I.P.), Down Our Street (Para-Brit), Insult (Para-Brit).

LAEMMLE, Edward. B. Chicago, Oct. 24, 1887. Ed. Chicago.

He entered pictures in 1916 and has directed a number of successful films.

Directed : Cheating Cheaters (Univ),

The Thirteenth Juror (Univ), Man, Woman and Wife (Univ), Held by the Law (Univ), The Drake Case (Univ), Lasca of the Rio Grande (Univ), Defiance (Univ), Marked Men (Univ).

LAEMMLE, Ernst. B. Munich, Germany, Sept. 25, 1900. Ed. University of Munich.

Has been only six years in the motion picture business but is now a valued member of the production staff at Universal City, and directs many foreign versions for that company.

Directed : Broncho Buster (Univ),

Prowlers of the Night (Univ), One Man’s Game (Univ), Red Clay (Univ), Grip of the Yukon (Univ), Hands Off (Univ), Range Courage (Univ), Phyllis of the Follies (Univ), What Men Want (Univ), Liebe Auf Befeld (Univ German version).

LANE, Lupino. Director and Actor.

' (See Players’ Biographies.)

LANG, Fritz. B. Vienna, 1890. Dark hair, dark eyes. Ht. 6 ft. M. Thea Von Harbou.

Intended for an architect, but decided on an artist’s career instead. Went to Brussels in 1910, and for a living sold picture postcards, designed by himself, to people in cafes. Studied art in Munich, Success followed, and he went to Paris as a fashion designer. When his war service ended he obtained a contract with the German film company, Decla, as a result of having written several scenarios for them. Rose to be a director but still writes all his scenarios, in collaboration with his wife. Is almost as famous for his monocle as for his directing and is never seen without it. His power of vizualisation and immensity of cinema conception has brought him world-wide recognition. His Doctor Mabuse (Decla, 1922) was the first German film to be shown in this country after the war, but he is better remembered for his production of Metropolis (U.F.A., 1926).

Also Directed : Destiny (Decla),

Between Two Worlds, Nibelung Saga (Decla), Woman in the Moon, The Spy (U.F.A.), “ M ” (Nero).

LEDERMAN, D. Ross. B. Lancaster,

Pennsylvania, Dec. 11, 1895. Brown

hair, brown eyes. Ht. 6 ft. Wt.

15 st. 10 lb. Ed. Los Angeles;

Santa Monica.

Screen career began in 1913, when he started as a prop-man in the Mack Sen-nett studios. lie early specialized in making trick scenes and in the filming of the hair-raising chases which were featured in every early comedy. For a year he was under contract to Warner Bros, for the direction of Rin-tin-tin films.

Directed : Texas Ranger (Col),

High Speed (Col), The Fighting Marshall (Col), Texas Cyclone (Col), Branded (Col), Phantom of the West (Warner), Heart of New York (Warner), Manhunter (Warner), Daring Danger (Col), Riding Tornado (Col), Twofisted Law (Col), Range Feud (Col), Riding for Justice (Col), McKenna of the Mounted (Col), Obey the Law (Col).

LEE, Rowland, V. B. Findlay, Ohio.

Ed. South Orange, New Jersey;

DeWitt Clinton College, New York;

Columbia University. M. Eleanor


Spent his early days between the New York Stock Exchange, the stage and pictures. Began his work in films with Thomas Ince. After the war, devoted himself to the screen for two years as an actor and for the remainder of the time as a director. In 1932, came to England as a director at the

Biographies of Film Directors (LEO-LUB)

A.R.P. studios at Ealing. Was to have directed Gloria Swanson’s British production, Perfect Understanding (1932), but instead contracted with Alexander Korda to make three films for London Film Productions.

Directed : Barbed Wire (Para),

Three Sinners (Para), Wolf of Wall Street (Para), The Mysterious Dr. Fit Manchu (Para), Man from Wyoming (Univ), Rolling Down to Rio, Ladies Love Brutes (Para), Paramount on Parade (Para), The Return of Dr. Fu Manchu (Para), Derelict (Para), Upper Underworld (F.N.), The Guilty Generation (Col), The Ruling Voice (F.N.), Bright Lights of London (London Film Pro).

LEONARD, Robert Z. B. Chicago, Oct. 7, 1889. Auburn hair, blue eyes, lit. 6 ft. 1 in. Wt. 13 st. Ed. University of Colorado. M. Gertrude Olm-stead.

Spent much time during his early life on the stage in drama and opera. His earliest venture in films was to play the hero in The Courtship of Miles Stan-disli (Selig.igio). As a director, is noted as having been in charge of most of Mae Murray’s successes. All his more recent work has been for M.G.M., for whom he has directed all their chief stars, including Greta Garbo, Norma Shearer, Marion Davies, Buster Keaton, Robert Montgomery and Joan Crawford.

Directed : The Waning Sex (M.G.M.), Little Journey (M.G.M.), Time the Comedian (M.G.M.), Cheaper to Marry (M.G.M.), Baby Mine (M.G.M.), Adam and Evil (M.G.M.), Tea for Three (M.G.M.), April Folly (M.G.M.), The Restless Sex (M.G.M.), Lady of Chance (M.G.M.), Marianne (M.G.M ), The Divorcee (M.G.M.), In Gay Madrid (M.G.M.), Let Us be Gay (M.G.M.), The Bachelor Father (M.G.M.), It’s a Wise Child (M.G.M.)] Daughter of Luxury (M.G.M.), The Rise of Helga (M.G.M.), Lovers Courageous (M.G.M.), The Passionate Plumber (M.G.M.), Strange Interlude (M.G.M.).

LEROY, Mervyn. B. San Francisco, California. Brown hair, blue eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 7¾ in. Wt. 9 st. 4 lb. M. Edna Murphy.

Before coming to the screen LeRoy spent eight yeais on the vaudeville stage. Had a quick success with motion pictures and has an imposing record as a director, notably of Warner Bros, productions.

Directed : No Place to Go (F.N.),

Flying Romeos (F.N.), Harold Teen (F.N.), Oh Kay (F.N.), Naughty Baby (F.N.), Hot Stuff (F.N.), Broadway Daddies (Col),

Little Johnny Jones (F.N.), Playing Around (F.N.), Showgirl in Hollywood (F.N.), Numbered Men (F.N.), Broken Dishes (F.N.), Top Speed (F.N.), Little Ceesar (F.N.), Girls Together (M.G.M.), Broadminded (F.N.), Too Young to Marry (F.N.), Five Star Final (F.N.), Local Boy Makes Good (F.N.), To-night or Never (U.A.), Gentlemen's Fate (M.G.M.), The Dark Horse (Warner), Heart of New York (Warner), High Pressure (Warner), Big City Blues (Warner), Two Seconds (Warner), Three on a Match (Warner), Central Park (Warner), I Am a Fugitive (Warner).

LEWIS, Cecil.

Until 1930 was best known as a wireless star, being an announcer and entertainer at the B.B.C. It was at the suggestion of George Bernard Shaw that he turned to the film world, and his first work was How He Lied to Her Husband (B.I.P.).

Also Directed : Gypsy Blood (B.I.P.), The Indiscretions of Eve (B.I.P.), Arms and the Man (B.I.P.).

LLOYD, Frank. B. Glasgow7, Feb., 1S89.

Started work at the age of fifteen on the stage. Entered films in 1910, first as an actor for Universal. In the early days he directed for nearly all the important producers.

Directed : Adoration (F.N.), Dark

Streets (F.N.), The Divine Lady (F.N.), Weary River (F.N.), Drag (F.N.), Son of the Gods (F.N.), Way of All Men (F.N.), Sin Flood (F.N.), The Right of Way (F.N.), East Lynne (Fox), The Lash (F.N.), The Eternal Flame (F.N.), The Age for Love (Coll, Undesirable Ladv (Fox), Cavalcade (Fox).

LOGAN, Jacqueline. Director and Actress. (See Players’ Biographies.)

LUBITSCH, Ernst. B. Berlin, Jan. 28, 1892. Black hair, brown eyes. Ht. 5 ft. 7 in. Wt. 10 st. 2 lb. Ed. for the stage under Professor Max Reinhardt. Was playing in a stage comedy as low comedian in 1913, when a Berlin company offered him a comic part in a one-reel film. Within a year he was devoting himself entirely to the film wrorld and w7as already a director. Achieved wrorld-wide reputation by his production immediately after the war of Gypsy Blood (F.N., 1921), starring Pola Negri. Went to Hollywood in 1922 and one of his first efforts w7as to direct Mary Piekford. He is regarded as the most skilled, artistically, of all directors at film headquarters and was one of the first directors to be specially noticed by the film public, yet he has

;McG-MAR) Biographies of Film Directors

often modestly disclaimed the praise that has been showered on him. There is no doubt, however, that his handling of Maurice Chevalier in The Love Parade (Para, 1929), made both their reputations secure in the film world.

Also Directed : Passion (F.N.), Deception (Para), The Loves of Pharaoh (Para), The Wild Cat, The Doll, Rosita (U.A.), Montmartre (Para), The Marriage Circle (Warner), Three Women (Warner), Forbidden Paradise (Para), The Oyster Princess, Kiss Me Again (Warner), Lady Windermere’s Fan (Warner), So This is Marriage (M.G.M.), The Student Prince (M.G.M.), The Patriot (Paral, Eternal Love (U.A .), Monte Carlo (Para), The Smiling Lieutenant (Para), Playboy of Paris (Para), One Hour With You (Para), The Man I Killed (Para), The Honest Finder (Para).

McGANN, William. B. Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, April 5, 1898. Brown hair, blue eyes. Ht. 6 ft. 2 in. Wt. 13 st. 8 lb. Ed. La Salle Academy; University of California.

Entered pictures in 1915 as assistant-cameraman with Hobart Bosworth. Had experience with two other companies before joining the U.S. Air Force during the war. On demobilization he became cameraman for Douglas Fairbanks and it was not for some time later that he began directing. His first effort was as assistant director on Tiger Rose (Warner, 1923). Has done many Spanish versions for Warner Bros, and was sent to England in 1931 to work at the Warner Bros. First National Studios at Teddington, where he has made several films.

Directed : The Desert Song, co-

dire$ted (Warner), Song of the West, codirected (Warner), Niagara Falls, The Pay Off (Radio), On the Border (Warner), El Hombre Malo (F.N., Spanish version of The Bad Man), The Sacred Flame (F.N., Spanish version), 1 Like Your Nerve (F.N.), Impromptu (W.B-F.N.), Murder on the Second Floor (W.B-F.N.), A Voice said Good-Night (W.B-F.N.), Silver Greyhound (W.B-F.N.), On the Air (W.B-F.N.), Alone at Last (W.B-F.N.), Little Fella W.B-F.N.).

MACK, Russell. B. Oueonta, New York, 1892. Ed. Providence, Rhode Island.

Had a long stage experience and eventually owned four stock companies in the New York district. Found his way into films by directing the dialogue

in Rio Rita (Radio, 1929), and Seven Keys to Baldpate (Radio, 1929), in the days when talkies were young.

Directed : The Second Wife (Radio), Big Money (Pathe), Night Work (R.K.O.-Pathe), Lonely Wives (R.K.O.-Pathd), Vigour of Youth (Univ), Heaven on Earth (Univ), Scandal for Sale (Univ).

MacKENNA, Kenneth. B. Canterbury, New Hampshire, Aug. 19, 1899. Ed. Paris; Ethical Culture School, New York ; Columbia University. M. Kay Francis, Jan. 1931.

After some years on the New York stage went to Hollywood for a film test and worked for Fox and other companies. His most recent efforts have been in direction and he is regarded as likely to succeed in this branch of film work.

Directed : Always Goodbye (Fox),

The Spider (Fox), Good Sport (Fox), Careless Lady (Fox).

Played in : Pleasure Crazed (Fox),

Love, Live and Laugh (Fox), Men Without Women (Fox), South Sea Rose (Fox), Temple Tower (Fox), Crazy That Way (Fox), Three Sisters (Fox), For Ever Yours (U.A.), Man Trouble (Fox), Sin Takes a Holiday (Pathe).

MAMOULIAN, Rouben. B. Tiflis, Caucasus, near the South Russian border, Oct. 8, 1898. Dark brown hair, yellow-brown eyes. Ht. 6 ft. £ in. Wt. 12 st. Ed. Lycee-Montaigne, Paris ; University of Moscow.

Came to London in 1920 knowing no word of English, but within two years had produced a play for the West End stage. Shortly after he went to America and spent three years directing grand opera and other stage productions. Went to Hollywood in 1931 and signed a contract to direct films for Paramount. Is a master of clever photographic angles in film making.

Directed : Applause (Para), City

Streets (Para), Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (Para), Love Me To-Night (Para).

MARCIN, Max. B. New York City. Ed. College of the City of New York. Worked for ten years writing fiction and as a newspaper man. Turned his hand to play writing and had many successes on Broadway. Spent a short time in Hollywood writing screen adaptations for Paramount. Went back to New York, but was again called to film headquarters by United Artists to assist in the screening of his own play, Three Live Ghosts (U.A., 1929).

Biographies of Film Directors (MAS-MER)

Wrote : Facing the Law (Para), The Big Fight (James Cruze Pro), Derelict (Para), Scandal Sheet (Para), City Streets (Para), Silence (Para).

Directed : The Lawyer’s Secret (Гага), Shadow of the Law (Para).

Co-Directed : Confessions of a Co-Ed (Para), Silence, with Louis Gasnier (Para), The Strange Case of Clara Deane, with Louis Gasnier (Para).

MASSEY, Raymond. Director and actor. (See Players’ biographies.)

The world film encyclopedia, 1933

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